Why Your Bonds With Other Steemians Is A Very Important Factor In Your Success !!

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Hello All Dear Steemit Friends,

So guys many of us are always got confused about the real way to get Success on Steemit bcz we Saw many fellow steemians who are posting almost identical posts and stuffs like we are posting yet they are more successful then us and getting huge upvotes on their posts,

And when i started here i was also very confused with this thing but iam luck that iam a curious nature person and always try to find the main reason of why iam not Successful as compared to others and in all my research i found only one factor that makes them different from me and that is the reason also because of that they are getting more huge upvotes.

So that reason is "Relations or Bond" with other fellow steemians, for example why most of the steemians who joined in 2016 are now became Whale or oraca or Dolphin, not because they were the early joiners but because of their bonds and Relations with other steemians bcz at that time this platform was new and only a few members were here to post and interacting and that's why it was easy to make bond with them but right now they all became Big steempower Holder and now they are not interested in the buttering requests of other new steemians to become their friends,

So guys this is the main reason that why others are more successful then you bcz they got a whole army of supporters and friends here and we are just trying to make some money,so stop thinking about your money and try to make some good friends here bcz no one knows after 1-2 years we all also become a whale too.😉

Thanks For Reading My Post

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hi @thecrytotrader

Very happy to see you! You said right for surviving in the steemit we have to maintain a good relationships like our day to day life. The steemians , who are become now whales, are also maintained a good relationship to each other during the early days of steemit.

Yes you said right one day we will become a whale on steemit if we got a strong relationship to others.

thank you for sharing a valuable stuff

I would agree and then also disagree. Surely success on this platform comes from #1 always producing brilliant content. That's how the internet always has and always will work. I agree that interacting with the community is a great thing to do, but it isn't necessary. Produce something others will find value in and they will impart value back to you.

I like forming bonds and friendship with anyone who is open and ready for it . That is one of the ways to grow on this platform but you do realize that there are many whales that don't like to interact with others, I think they even stopped upvoting or reading posts/comments. Anyway, there are still many other people to interact with, share ideas and grow together:)

I really hope that we all become whales in the future! Thank you for sharing us this post! Have a wonderful day!