well, a proposition but it may not be the exact solution tho deep down i think, hashtags will solve this in a fun or perhasp gaming way. basically, i am talking of ways to prevent tangible comments from getting seen or getting almost equal visibility as posts as here on the steemit, the wealth of info is in the comment section. there is no real chat thus the comment section draws discussion and for us newbies we find more explanatory asnswers to questions in the comments. but for instance, if we had a whole lot of tangible com\nverstation here in the comments which will benefit so many steemit users, cos my post on its own doesnt get seen, all the wealth of information in the comments here from different people get lost as well. meanwhile in some cases the very best posts are comments. for instance, @thecryptofiend, i see your comments on many other posts and sometimes your comments are really weighty and shud constituting posts on their own, many times to your comments are more fun and explanatory as comments are impromtu etc, now you are suppose to be able to hashtag your comment in a way that the clickable link you hashtag creates, leads to category containing your comment as a post. now lets say that works and you love comemnting often and you always brand your comment with that hashtag you have chosen and you do it constantly, then it starts to form category on steemit and people can come across it. now this will also fulfill you and you know where all you comments are. and you can organize them fully. moreover more exposure for you as people can follow the hashtag in your comment and go to a libraby of so many other comments that you have made! something like that!