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RE: @ned - are we on the verge of a Steemtrain wreck? Answer NO - BUT THERE ARE STILL VALID CONCERNS

in #steemit3 years ago

Well, I learned a new acronym today, Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt.

This post has earned my measly little upvote for simply bringing up a potential issue and decisively dealing with it within 5 hours.

Good work @benjojo.


You know what, I really appreciate this comment. Thank you.

Thank you.

There's been so much lamenting and weeping lately that it's nice to see someone bring something up and then quickly say, "I looked into this and it's not a problem. Carry on with your lives."

Thank you @the blindsquirl. Now that is a clear concise piece of communication. I hope @sneak and all the other steemit inc types saw your reply. Upvoted (first of the day)


I like to stay concise when I can. I spent too many years watching people in meetings talking for hours without saying anything.

But most times there were donuts.

LOL :) Donuts save the world!

Thank you for posting it, I hadn't gotten around to looking it up yet lol

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