Staying Sane in the Midst of the Crypto Crisis

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We’re seeing crypto get killed in the markets. What are we Steemians to do? What can we do to stay sane when we’re seeing red over on CoinMarketCap day after painful day? How can you Stay Sane in the Midst of the Crypto Crisis?

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Well, to help you — and me! — in the midst of this coin carnage, I talked with a man who knows crypto, knows Steemit and has a lot of wisdom. His name on Steemit is @exyle and he is also called Mark by his friends. In this interview he shared what he believes we can and should do now based on some solid facts and evidence.

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We are certainly NOT offering any financial advice here. That is something you want to get from a competent, qualified advisor. However, we’re two fellow Steemians who are going through pain with the market. Just like you, we would like to see different prices. However, in the midst of this painful time, there are many solid bright spots that can turn it around for you.

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Please let us know what you think. Mark and I value your feedback and what you have to say. Please leave a comment and, if you like what you’re seeing here, please upvote and resteem this so others can benefit from it. We have a message of hope for the Steemit community and you are a big part in sharing it and making it better. Thank you VERY much for your support at this difficult time.

Terry Brock


Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
Member, Professional Speaker Hall of Fame
Certified Speaking Professional
+1-407-363-0505 (Orlando, Florida, USA)

Steemit - @terrybrock

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As always, great info, great tips, and a great interview. I really haven't invested in Bitcoin, as a matter of fact, I find this cryptocurrency stuff all very hard to understand. I've read till my eyes and ears bleed, and still my understanding could be put in a thimble, and there'd be room left over.
I started blogging several years ago, it was actually a release for me, my first blog was called Blogs to Unclog... I'll always create content, because not only is blogging/writing a release of sorts, it's fun as well, and I think many people think it's a job, and if I did, that would just suck the fun right out of it for me!


I hear you, @skiponline. It can be overwhelming in cryptoland. However, I'd encourage you to stay with it and ease into the field a bit more. It can be confusing! Yes, I can relate to that. However, there is also an excitement to it.

I likeyour idea of "Blogs to Unclog." Very clever and intriguing. Stay with it and keep going. Always nice to hear from you.

Great work guys! I'm sharing across all of my social media platforms to help quell the ever-prevalent FUD.

Your commitment to Steemit is inspirational @exyle. I share your philosophy about the platform. During these red days is precisely when you want to invest sweat equity in audience-building, and as you said Those who follow this formula will be rewarded!


Thank you very much @ericvancewalton. Great to have you on board with us here at Steemit. Yes, the key is education and that is something we get to do very well here on Steemit.

Always good to hear from you!

Very useful information. I like the idea of being able to create your own token.


Yes, that is something that is going to be a strong plus for Steemit Media Tokens. That is exciting technology and I look forward to seeing it in action.

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I really liked the discussion overall and specifically about the tips for repurposing content.


Thank you very much @johnspalding. Glad you enjoyed it and yes, repurposing is so very important. It reinforces your message and gives you a chance to publicize your message to others.

I appreciate your kindness and comments

@terry, yes, these are tough times. I came in on this exact date last year and it has been a year. Come over here and celebrate with me as I don't know how to contact you as steem chat is down. Come and celebrate with me on my 1st year anniversary


I just went over to your site and posted. Also 100% upvoted! You are doing some wonderful work @rosatravels. Thank you!


Thanks @terrybrock for visiting. We can't get connected via steemchat now.

Ether Binge is the answer!

I plan to come back later to listen and watch video of @exyle. Mark knows his sh@t so i suggest everyone to listen and view this interview with him.

Thanks @terrybrock for this Post


You bet, @robertandrew. Yes, I agree with you that @exyle knows what he is talking about. I really enjoy getting his perspective. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Thank you Terry, this was great,
well, this is the structure of the market, going to a high point, then falling down and make us all sad, but it wont stay down, only if its a (shitcoin) it will just disapear from the market, but something like Steemit which is always in use and we are always creating contents here, I see a bright future for it and also for all of us.
thanks guys!
<3 peace