Heading for Lisbon and SteemFest 2 -- Whoo Hoo!

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Heading to Lisbon & SteemFest 2 - a Great Time Ahead


Here's the boarding message we received as we got on the last leg of our multi-city tour to get to Lisbon, Portugal.

SteemFest 2 this year will be in a city that is well-known for its great food, great scenery and hospitable atmosphere. Steemians from around the world will be gathering here for learning, building communities, and having a great time. A rumor has it that alcohol will be involved! 😊


SteemFest 2 is going to be a great time with excited people gathering from many countries around the world. There will be a lot of talk about new developments in the Steemit platform. We'll learn about ways to create more compelling content. My session will emphasize how to create content easier and get better ideas. I'll share a lot of ideas. Gina Carr, my partner and fellow presenter will specifically talk about Facebook groups for building Steemit communities.

If you can't be with us in person watch your Steemit posts to see the link for the live streaming that we are planning to offer on select presentations. This will be something you want to see.


Any questions on this? Please drop me a note here and let me know what you'd like to know. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing many of you here!

See You At SteemFest 2! 1-5 Nov 2017 - Lisbon, Portugal.png

All the best,


Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
Member, Professional Speaker Hall of Fame
Certified Speaking Professional

[email protected]
+1-407-363-0505 (Orlando, Florida, USA)

Linkedin - MarketerTerryBrock
Facebook - MarketerTerryBrock
Twitter - @TerryBrock
Steemit - @terrybrock

P.S. BTW, why the heck do they call it "Lisboa" in Portugal and in the US and other places they call it, "Lisbon?" What's up with that? Shouldn't we call it by what the people who LIVE THERE call it??? Can someone explain that to me?


Have fun @terrybrock 😊 unfortunately I can’t be there, would be awesome to meet other steemians one day

Yes, that is a big part of it all, @fedesox Thank you for stopping by to say hello

Have a fabulous time! I hope to attend next year. All the best :)

Do update us with the Steemfest2 proceedings...Have Fun!!

Thank you, @hms818. We'll plan to give many updates. Watch for them

Thx! Tell Cove bay in Aberdeen Scotland we said "Hey!" and hope you are doing well. I love Scotland!

and would you give a small help to newly arrived steem user that forgot to make a introducemyself post and just did here

? please :)?

I do try to write meaningful posts about crypto and geopolitics :)


Thank you, @petitefrancaise. Don't worry about not doing the introduction post. You can do that later. We'll be glad to have you in the Steemit Community. Come on in! The water's fine! Looking forward to hearing what you'll say about crypto and geopolitics.

Facebook has over 2 billion active users and they receive 0$ daily.
Steemit has only 450000 users but they receive 50000$ daily.

I can't stop laughing when I am writing this.

Pretty danged cool, I'm thinking, @lrd. Yep, Steemit is far better than even Facebook.

By far ;D

it's very improtant post thank you.

Omg, everybody is going to Steemfest these days, have a lot of fun there!

There are going to be a LOT of people at SteemFest 2 and I can hardly wait to see everyone. Thanx @mejustandrew

Give them all greetings from Florida!

You bet. I'm from Orlando so I'll be there to do it. Where are you @tbnfl4sun?

Seminole,I met you and Gina at the "Florida meet up"

Upvoted and also resteemed :]

Thank you, @insiders. I greatly appreciate your upvote and resteem!

very well written and informative post

Thank you, @shohana. That is very kind of you.

Wow this seems incredible!
The community needs more people like you, especially in Latin America.
An admirable job

Nice post looking forward to see more posts

Thank you, @princeshady5. I appreciate your kind words.

Thank you, @merryslamb. You are most kind. I love Latin America, particularly as I'm working on my stumbling Spanish language skills. Nice to hear from you.

Haa..nice one..maybe Lisbon in Porugeese means Lisboa ...different countries and their translations..
Nice one....wish you guys all d best and do remember to get us loads of pictures and video of the events ... @terrtbrock
Wow...d alcohol part will be fun...😋
Wishing you guys all d best in Lisboa 😎

Thank you we'll have to raise at toast to you, @kenhudoy. Cheers from Lisbon, er, I mean Lisboa! 👍

Yeah...cheers from Lisboa👌
🍷 to you too...

Always welcome sir @terrybrock
Keep steeming hot in Lisboa👌

Thanks for the wonderful post @ terrybrock!

You betcha' @mnrdev. Glad you like it.

Good to hear about the livestream, looks like a week to remember!

Yes, it should be good. Watch for it and please let us know how it is coming through for you when you see it.

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Wooo Hoooooo!!!

See you soon!

Full Steem Ahead!

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What a success to be there, to enjoy a lot and get wonderful knowledge about this wonderful community.

have fun! l wanted to go there too...looking forward to see new posts 😊

We'll try to get you some good info @kawaiipower. Thank you for stopping by & the comment.

l started steemit
ast month and before l start, l watched many of your youtube videos.
You are very inspiring!
Enjoy your day in Lisbon✨

Best wishes for the success of steemfest and for @terrybrock!

welcome, sir, you are my favorite trainer and your voice is very familiar with Australian Cricket Commentator Tony Greg!
I Like your Style, Your freshness and voice.

You are most kind, @irfanullah. I haven't heard of Tony Greg, but I like him already! Thank you for the kind compliment.

Hi @terrybrock, was a pleasure to have you as moderator at my speech.

Have a great time in Linbon and enjoy #BeerSaturday

Hi @terrybrock, was a pleasure to have you as moderator at my speech.

Have a great time in Linbon and enjoy #BeerSaturday

Thank you, @detlev. Great to hear your presentation and I like the way you are promoting Steemit. I look forward to connecting more in the future.

Thank you, @detlev! You did a very good job on your presentation at SteemFest2. Thank you for the (surprise!) beer at the end of your presentation. Very nice touch and professionally done. Let's stay in touch!

Hi @terrybrock, thanks for such a wonderful feedback from
A professional speaker.

Let’s stay in touch by email regarding the speaker association. Greetz @detlev

great job at the conference days Terry :)

Thank you very much, @paolobeneforti I appreciate your kind words.

Have a good time!

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