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100% Steem Power Post

Sick and tired of seeing your posts get 35 cents for a great article? Sick of seeing those DVDs and unused stuff around your house sitting there not making you any interest? Well, I have found an EASY solution:

Yes, Peerhub! 

I have just listed my first item for sale on this site, and it took me literally only two minutes (5 minutes to register and fool around navigating, but keep in mind, I'm just a dumb hillbilly :). ) 

This site lets you put things up for sale for either cash, PayPal or Steem Dollars! That's right, you heard it, Steem Dollars! So everyone talking about how into they are, let's all take it to the next level and put pressure on all the other big boys to capture this market by throwing support behind a site that allows for the exchange of Steem Dollars for real merchandise! 

First, you will need to register an account. The site gives you a choice to either sign up through your Facebook account, or simply using an email account. 

Once you verify your email address (assuming you don't use Facebook), you can start posting items right away. 

As you can see, the Steem Dollar option, as well as shipping options and ability to add photos are available.

Me personally, I plan on listing all of my excess on this site over the next few weeks and do my part to grow the community, making more than just a social network platform, but rather something much bigger: a community based currency which has velocity and consistent upward growth. 

Let me know all of your stories of success using and share with the rest of us. 

Upvote and resteem if this is a resource you or your friends may feel would be valuable to them. 

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If you are going to list an item on this site, you should also list it on OpenBazaar as well. I believe OpenBazaar down the road will have integration of Shapeshift or something like to to go altcoins, the devs are not against these things, and in fact I am pretty sure some of them have Steemit blogs right now. I would love to see some Peerhub current sales numbers for Steem users.

I'll give it a try. OpenBazaar never worked for me, so I hope this will work.

Wow! Ya man! That's the ticket! So, if you have more steem power, do your posts become more valuable when people vote?

When you vote on things, your vote increases the value of the post you are voting on. If you want your posts to add true value, building community on the platform and adding value and sharing insight on places like Team Speak 3 and steemit chat are the ways to get that done. There are a lot of valuable people on those places that are happy to share ideas and discuss with. But in the end, steem power is the ticket. So sell that used toaster and get some steem power! lol

Thank you. Please follow me, and I will follow you as well.

This post, actually, has helped my Steemit planning quite a bit more than I originally thought! Also, since I am just really starting, and we all need a helping hand, I am going to start, daily, looking at the Blogs of my Followers, finding things I like that are over one day old and less than a month old, then upvoting them and resteeming them. I would ask you to do the same for me. This way, we all get continual exposure. That is what we all need, right? I am staring today. I will look at your Blog and resteem and upvote the ones I like.

Definitely a good sign that steem could grow into something really big.

excellent find thank you very much for sharing congratulations

Thanks, man. I think this is something worth supporting.

When I was younger, I used to go to library book sales and post the items for the lowest available price and make a nice side-gig style income off of that. Just another idea for y'all.

I signed up and listed my front end web design but I haven't had the nerve to try and list any of the drawings/doodles I've done. I'm still finding my confidence there. As for my junk...well after 2 moves in two years, I don't have a lot of junk anymore. But I can craft so hopefully I'll be posting some homemade things soon.

It looks like peerhub will change the world, great article..

Thank you for sharing this!

Just a suggestion - it would be nice if you posted a link to PeerHub!
It's not that we wouldn't find it, but you know... 😉
Otherwise great info and idea. Upvoted!

Good to know