The New Whales in the waters

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There has been some movement in Steem of late and there has been some massive movement in SBD which is currently riding around 5.60 US with highs around 8. Quite incredible really, especially if you have gone 50/50 on posts and are able to exchange for Steem at 1:3. It seems that the Korean market is hungry for some Steemchain.

I am wondering about what happens if those who have been riding the SBD waves buy into the relatively low Steem prices, do they Whale Up? What does the platform look like when there are all of these new whales in the waters?

I wonder how they will act if they have not been here from the start but instead have bought in heavily. I think it would be very interesting if we were able to track the behaviours of whales who were never minnows but came in as complete newbies.

Would they be asking for follow4follow and vote4vote in chat? What would their voting pattern look like if laid over the top of the experienced whales? Would they spread their vote or concentrate it on a few narrow bands? Would they look to maximise curation return? Maybe they will get heavily involved with site development or onboarding? Will they self-vote their comments? Will they try to be part of the community?

There are so many question as to how a new whale may act on the platform, so many possibilities when it comes to sharing their wealth to protect their investment or if they will remove their gains off site. the potential for a new investor whale right now is massive if one looks at the possible return on investment now, not to mention what happens when the SMTs start rolling out of the garages and spinning their wheels on the Steem blockchain.

Those that are currently here, those that have been collecting and holding may be in fore some very profitable and exciting times considering all of the potential Steem offers.

The next thing I wonder is, how do we as a community treat these new whales? Do we beg them for votes, assault their wallet for patronage, kiss up to them in the hope they will throw a whale bone our way? Will we show them the best, or the worst of us?

How will other whales treat them, will they be welcomed into the pod and brought up to speed on appropriate behaviour or will they roam free to learn like a minnow? Will their investment buy them a seat and open ears at the development table? Will they be treated any differently at all?

We need investors and perhaps the recent pumps are the sign that new money is coming in to take advantage of the warm waters and cool tech. Personally, I am very interested to see how New Whales will act as I have never seen one in the Steemit wild that I know of. The ones I know and have seen mined, bought-in or have been collecting from near the start. Fresh whales are rare.

What I am hoping though is that we can welcome them in, help them understand how they, the platform and other users can benefit and help them to see the gains from their investment in us. This way, it will attract more whales to buy-in and really get the chain working.

Maybe we are entering the phase of the perfect storm where Bitcoin boomers are not only looking to divesting into alts, but looking for a place they can swim and play with a community. Are we that community?

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They will do what they please with the stake they have. I’m guessing they r going to try and make more steem


That is the idea but there are several ways to do it and some add more future value than others.


hi. great post. superb picture. you giving price of SBD But now values increased and now rate of Sbd is 7.73$ on coincapmarket.

I already tell everyone to don't sell SBD. Because its time to hold SBD and i also said that buy steem and SBD in my cryptonews post. That time rate of SBD was 5.59$.

steem is either decreasing or increasing graph. but value of steem will increase and now value of steem is 1.84 $ on coincapmarket.

BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH and other cryptos have minted lots of multimillionaires and at least one billionaire (i.e. Winklevoss twins). BTC being close to its peak (at least for now), struggling with fees and speed, ETH's cryptokitties scandal (e.g. network jam) may inspire some of big investors (BTC, ETH, DASH and LTC hodlers) to find next coin that has potential to grow 20 to 100 times. Recent price rise of STEEM may be due to these reasons. Some of early dogs of cryptos may have found or will find STEEM's potentials: highest transactions per minutes, Proof of Brain is better than energy wasting PoW, Communities/SMT etc. STEEM will lunch its Apollo 11 for moon soon!

It's really interesting to see. I reflect on Your assumptions about the behavior of these new whales. Of course we need investors. But, these new whales will be able to become not just whales-investors but become real Whales - Whales ? They need experience, understanding, and respect and credibility . It all comes with time and experience on the platform. Interesting to see what path they choose. Thank you for Your thoughts , @tarazkp


Yes, I am hoping that as pure investors they may take a long-term approach and develop themselves through developing the platform and other users. Let's see.

They will upvote all there friends and not spread any love at all without a doubt. I am not one of them as my posts have not been doing good as of late. So I will have to figure out why and correct that I guess.


sometimes it cycles, sometimes it is because of activity on the markets, sometimes people tune out. There are many reasons.

This is a good question, i think the condition with which they joined the community will determine what they do, since they are new to the system and got themselves in to a high position, their thinking will be different from that of a minnow because they have a bragging right in the sense that they joined with a big investment, so they dont wander like a typical minnow, they go for the big prizes, that is they invest on whales like them and some profitable projects on steem.
Looking at it critically, someone who comes in with a big investment like that must have drew out a plan to have a great return on his/her investment before joining in.
So to be clear the new whales will never behave like a minnow, and the existing whales have no choice than to accept them and watch them grow.
But then this begs a question, how does a new whale grows?

Hi @tarazkp, i think that new market are pouring more money in the system but they also are creating this SBD rally.
I think that we need to create more SBD and this is possible only by the circle:


upvote mainly of whales who have the capacity to create big quantity of SBD thanks to their SP.
I wrote a post with my considerations to help the growth of steemit:

The fresh ones will definately go for it, just hopefully they will do it for the community benefit AKA the long run, and not just riding their own little wave

I wonder if Korean whales will have subtitles under them like all the movies I download :)


I hope so :)

Thank you, my friend. Always create a effort in the post that counts for you

Very interesting topic. A wild whale would be nice and hopefully we see more of them helping out the community