Random Numbers Game Feb 22, 2018 [closed]

in steemit •  last year

The Random numbers game is simple, All you have to do is guess a number from 1 to 50, the number that is correct for today wins 0.200 Steem. The Game will only be [open] for 24 hours and you will receive Payouts after 24 hours when [closed] .
Time will usually start 10:00 pm EST and end 10:00 pm EST the next day.

Rules to play:

  1. Follow me @tantrum
  2. Guess your number and comment below.
  3. Only one comment per game.
  4. If there are no winners, the next closest number will be selected but earnings will only be half the amount (0.100).
  5. If there is a tie(s), meaning you and another player had guessed the same number, the earnings will be split between players.

~Rules and times are subject to change.

I will use Google's random number generator to get the results. Good luck!

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