Monday is here and the Steem Backed Dollar is no fun.

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)

I'm I the only one cringing at the valuation of the steem coin versus the USD? Lately, there has been no major move in the uptrend, so I'm just thinking, is there any value in the contributions we still post here in monetary terms? Will the trend continue and if yes, for how long? Is there any hope for the coin valuation to go back to it's former glory? I'm talking to over $10? Well, we can only wait and see. Team no giving up.


Honestly, alot of people have already given up, its really demoralizing seeing cents after cents, post after post and if there are any rewards, by payout day the value has reduced drastically.

I totally relate, but I will keep posting stuff here whenever I can. Hope to see around on these streets, lol.

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