“Help!!! I wrote an amazing blog but nobody read it???!!!” Words of encouragement and guidance for newbies.

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It’s really tough when you are starting out. You can write brilliant, well composed, excellent works of art on which you spent many hours. Then nobody reads them.

It’s sickening.

You can’t force people to read your blogs. Advertising a blog will just get you flagged.

I know how tough it is for newbies. I was there.

If you take the time to look at any of my early blogs, I am sure you will agree that they deserved much more than the 7 views and 1 cent.

After months of blogging my breakthrough came when I wrote a humorous, “tongue in cheek”, blog called “Cooking lessons for men. 1. How to make a fried egg sandwich. (Special bonus: how to find the kitchen)”. I had not realised that the cooking section was so popular.

That earned me $5 and 4 followers. Wow! Now I thought was on the way to be the king of blogging!

Don’t be lazy when you blog or comment.

Slap-dash quickly composed blogs and comments will get you nowhere. All of my blogs are long, detailed and hardwork. My comments, are never of the “amazing post bro” type.

If you want to prosper, then you must work to write excellent comments. You need to participate intelligently in the debate on the subject.

Short pointless blogs or low quality comments will lead to followers un-following you, muting you, or worse.

Bad comments - spam comments

The worst thing a beginner can do is write lots of short meaningless replies trying to attract attention. Comments like

“Amazing post about dog poo. Upvoted, followed and resteemed. Please look at my blog”,
reek of insincerity and are more likely to be flagged than attract any follower.

Hard work pays off in the end

My persistence in writing quality content eventually paid off. Slowly the followers came. Then they started to come a little faster.

Steempower gets your blogs looked at.

The next leg-up was when I passed the $1000 in steem power, (having bought some steem and converted it).

If you have reputation and you have steempower then people take you more seriously. They are more likely to follow you, more likely to vote for you, and more likely to comment on your blogs. It’s the same effect as being a film star or the office manager. You get respect. Nobody bullies you.

The steempower gets your blog looked at.

Repeat: “steempower gets your blog looked at”.

Buy some if you can. It’s still very cheap and really good value for money. It’s not going to stay this cheap for long. Owning just $1500 of steempower already puts you in the top 1% of steemians.

Now I have 960 followers and my next few blogs could well increase that to over 1000. Followers follow followers. Steemians with high reputation and lots of followers sometimes re-steem my blogs. That brings more followers.

If you want to prosper on steemit, you can’t expect any fast tracks to success. Only hard work and skill work.

Steemit guides to success.

Everyone should read some of the many excellent steemit guides. Here are some examples:



Finally, if you hope to do more than just make friends, that is, if you want to earn money, I recommend everyone read this:


I encouarage all beginners to keep writing quality blogs for pleasure. You will earn nothing for a long time, but eventually your followers will come. A high quality comment on a popular blog may get others looking at what else you wrote. They want to see high quality interesting blogs, not short things with little substance.

If you make a comment that deserves a wider audience, think about posting it as a blog.

EDIT: As an afterthought, I am adding a photo of the first seven blogs I wrote. Each of them was long, a masterpiece, and each took me more than a day to perfect. Look how much I earned from the first 7 blogs: Just $0.09. Nine cents! How many comments? Less than a dozen across 7 posts. As a newbie, nobody looks at your blogs to start with. Then slowly the people come.

Here is the photo of my first 7 posts:


As you can see from the above, my first seven posts got an average of just 3 votes each, (including my own!!), and earned an average of 1.5 cents. Ignoring my own comments on my own blog, I was lucky to get a single comment per blog.

How’s that as a reward for toiling 12 hours on a single blog?

I repeat the advice to new steemians. “If you write quality, sooner or later they will come”. You just have to be patient and persistant.

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Life teaches us many thing and steemit has also taught me many thing in my short tenure so far.

Everything can not be stretched unnecessarily. For example if steemit is allowing end number of posts per day every 5 mins, then that does not mean that one should post shit post every 5 mins. This I am saying because I had a talk with a fellow steemian and he was showing me a mathematical equation to how we can post 20 articles per day and earn 1000s of USD. Initally I was laughing at him and just tried my best to make him understand that steemit is not created for that.

Very nice and deatiled explaination by your dear @swissclive and this article is a must read for minnows.

I have my own experience in steemit and based on that experience I have emphasized on the following parameters to make my quality post work and gain attention from the mass in this community and let me tell you I have succeed to some extent with this.


Decent SP

We should understand that the most important parameter is the SP size of our account. It influences people to look our blog, follow us and read us. If one cant afford big amount of SP, then I think delegated SP can also fulfill the purpose.

Hard Word

There is no substitute to hard work and this is the truth not just for steemit but for every aspect of our life. So take some time to analyse, read and gather proper information from multiple sources before posting a blog.

Participation in other's blog

This platform is not just about writing own blog only and we should also participate in other's blog based upon the category of interest and make a productive debate by commenting. This way not only the purpose of this platform is fulfilled, but also passively we can bring the attention of others to our own blog. So this way we are making steem friend here.

Quality Content

This is something which can bring unconditional upvotes from potential curators. And this is something like... if you have a Mercedes car, then the people will definitely have a look upon it.

So with all these four pillars, UPVOTE to our blog becomes a natural reality and when something gets natural then the development becomes real and sustainable.

Thank you @swissclive for writing such a phenomenal article and guiding the minnows as a mentor.

These four pillars are great things for all. Everyone on dteemit should understand and respect their importance.

I find it very interesting and I would like to share the content in Spanish, I need your authorization. thanks for sharing

This is a great post that hits plenty of good nerves in the community, while offering a success story and plenty of advice to help people find some inspiration.

  • Your hyperlink at the bottom is broken and needs a quick edit at the end (remove the space).

  • People should also recognize that writing the best posts in the world will likely not get seen until you have a reasonable amount of followers to see them in their feeds. I'm personally saving my best content for when I have 1,000 followers, and will then shower them with longer material they may actually want to see because I've recruited, engaged, upvoted, and retained them with my shorter stuff. I want my effort to be seen, so this is my strategy to not run out of content when I potentially do become popular. In other words, I've earned their respect so they'll hopefully WANT to search for my material. I've seen this in the #punchline and #funny tags in recent weeks, which has a very supportive community that appreciates humor, or by a daily fitness challenge designed to help each other stay healthy and motivated. -- All to keep me actively blogging, but not spending the hours I used to for virtually no views, and a lot of disappointment.

  • I recommend going easy on major blog posts until you've generated 100+ followers from actively writing engaging comments wherever you genuinely feel inspired. Don't force it and don't forget to upvote to show your appreciation. This will give your material a fighting chance to be seen and rewarded by people who will see it somewhere in their feeds.

  • I also recommend focusing on 2-3 key high-engagement niches so you can be recognized and earn a reputation more effectively. From my experience, spreading yourself all over the place may water down these efforts.


@swissclive and @steemmatt thanks to both of you for an amazing blog and an equally heartening response.

I was feeling pessimistic about this whole thing since today morning as I read a number of blogs about the infighting within the community about self-voting and auto-voting abuse and reading it all made me feel that there's no way a newbie can make any good here on Steemit.

Your words of advice finally gives me some inspiration and motivation to carry on.

@steemmatt A good reward from me for some excellent points I didn’t make:

  • “Don’t force it”

  • “focussing on 2 or 3 key high engagement niches”

Thanks for spotting the broken link (now corrected).

Thanks for the resteem.

You get 100% upvote for this. Newbies could do well to learn from your example. Please help us all in guiding them.

Thank you very much! Yes, Sir.

Pls wat does "2-3 high engagement niches mean?

It means 2-3 topics which already have proven to have high engagement. He's saying we should stick to writing and curating 2-3 niches.

yup, especially like your second point. I am beginning to see the wisdom in 'saving the good stuff'.

Great wisdom, experience teaching, highly impacting indeed.

Thanks for this input.

The funny thing is that, when I started, my most simplistic publications received more than the most elaborate ones, but an initial pair exceeded the $50 barrier and it motivated me enough to stay.

If you want to see exemplified how easy work does not bear fruit in Steemit, you can see the user "a-a-a", he follows you and me too, follows practically all the Steemit accounts, with the goal of following him, but as his followers are not real, despite having 23,000 of them, his publications do not receive much reward.

Nor do I have anything against him, but it shows perfectly how you will not go anywhere using cheap tricks.

I loved this line of yours:

  • you will not go anywhere using cheap tricks.

Hi @swissclive, This is a very useful post, I have to resteem it again.

I've said a number of times that INTERACTION is the secret of steemit community.

If someone write a lot of good posts but no one read them, they may incur in excessive waste of time.

I agree with you, first of all, newcomers may try to write good comments strictly related to posts content. This will help to increase their followers numbers and to take some upvotes.

When the followers number start to grow, they can start to write some interesting posts to see how it's going.

Everyone can find their way on steemit if they write well. It just takes time and effort.

Not everyone wants to work hard to get paid for all their effort. It's easier to ask for upvote but this is the virtue of losers.
Me, you and other thousands of users worked hard to become someone and this is the only way to grow in steemit community.

That's a most useful post. I laughed at first because I thought you were complaining your post didn't get read when I read the title.
I'm working on bringing a whole lot of homeopaths to steemit via a homeopathic practice building group I co-admin. We've maybe got some 20 to come across already. So I've posted them this post so they don't get disheartened and know how to get on.
Thanks for saving me writing it for them! You did a great job! haha.

You can still write your tips. The guides - of which many get written) tend to last a few weeks before everyone fogetes about them so we need new people constantly sharing their tips with newbies. People will enjoy your original thoughts and original opinion.

True. 😄.
I thought what you’d listed made sense though as it’s what I’ve found to work on steemit. It’s kind of easy; just be authentic, comment on what you are interested by, be a bit open minded, be authentic, be yourself. I can’t much be bothered by any tricks that will get you there. Slow and organic is the way forward for me. I get a little miffed by people grabbing bigger shares than they should have but on the other hand the libertarian/anarchist in me says “hey ho, they worked the system out”. Probably ignorance on my part as I’m guessing they can destroy the platform or corrupt it but I don’t see how at this point. It seems to work well with what’s in place and I’m guessing when it doesn’t then the community will find a way to intervene too.

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"If you want to prosper, then you must work to write excellent comments. You need to participate intelligently in the debate on the subject."

I noticed that with you very well, you don't actually post for wrong reasons or pointless post. Your last post was 9days back which was exactly on the 7th of January and i was wondering if you travelled or what, because i do learn one or two things from you when ever you post. Like few post back, when you used the word "finney,"! In one of your posts, immediately, i went online, i just had to, just to have a broad insight of what you were trying to say.

"A finney is half way between a satoshi and a bitcoin. It is equal to ten thousand satoshi, or one ten-thousandth of a bitcoin."

I wouldn't want to say much because you already know what i would say based on the word "finney." I like learning new things every day, not because i should, but because i learned it the hard way that education is the only legacy i can pass unto my sibblings, my love ones, my yet to be married wife and most especially, my unborn kids. So, can a man give out what he doesn't have? Nay! So that is why i'm always opened for corrections and learning because knowledge acquired can't be taken away. I so much enjoy your post each time i read them. I was even going through one of your posts, https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@swissclive/satoshi-the-bitcoin-billionaire-who-never-spent-a-penny. I was just trying to get settled before making a comment on it, with 7 votes, 5 comments and 96 views with no earnings, i just wondered why?
You are such good content creator that get me more motivated to go beyond my present level of understanding that ought to have been part of me, but thank God for steemit meeting a consultants or someone like You for free by just commenting at their pace for free. I will really take hid to your advice @swissclive and i must confess, i have learned enough from this post alone and prepared to go to any length with you when it comes to knowledge, thank you.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Greetings friend, I am very happy that you share this type of publications, there are many new steemianos that have another mentality about how the platform works, and they think that when they enter, they will generate many votes and a lot of money.
Seeing his capture and everything he tells, I live with you all my beginnings, because part of my beginnings was knowing him, I remember very well when I commented on his baby's post, and I apologized saying that he thought I was a woman because of his profile picture , I know this is not worth the case, but I am very happy to be part of its beginnings that were mine as well since I joined steemit in August 2017, and I was lucky that in 3 opportunities as a rookie I voted a whale, it was Something that drives me and my desire to continue working in this network increased, today I thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet you, he is one of those who has supported me greatly and I am very grateful, I remember clearly when he told me a pot, which already had a vote worth $ 1, was very exciting, it was an accomplished achievement, and nowadays it enjoys those benefits since it gains more visibility because of its high sp, and its generosity to vote the comments, is not something that Does anyone, is worthy of admiration, and I hope I can learn a lot from you every day.
Thank you for being as it is, and for helping the new ones to be original, creating quality content, to maintain the spirit, not to be spam.
Thank you friend, God keep blessing you, I hope you have understood this translation!

Thanks for the kind words @karlin.

As you spotted, I am indeed a man. Not sure anyone would like to see my legs, hence my wife’s pic.

@karlin, When you write, try to separate topics into paragraphs. It will make it more readable.

I had not noticed the length of my comment, I wrote it directly from the Google translator, for the next I will be more aware of doing it better, we have been working on construction of the house these days, I was very tired, and I edited it before going to bed, today is another day of movement.
Oh, and surely if you put a picture of your legs you will call more curious followers and many hahaha. Greetings, friend!

I looked at your posts and I see that you are giving generous support to your followers - I really appreciate this
You give the right advice that works here. Your posts are direct proof of your advice and that - they really work
I will work on myself - because labor pays off at the end, the main thing is never to give up.
The main thing is to choose your niche and develop it. At the moment I am learning everything and supporting other users.
In the future, I have big plans and I want to implement them.
thank you @swissclive for your wonderful competitions that you periodically conduct (I will participate in them) and thank you for your work

The worst gesture in steemit is to say "Can you upvote my post please"

Just imagine we never used to be so desperate when it comes to facebook or twitter or quora, we just let our post do the same and if our post has that charismatic effect then likes or upvotes will be so natural.

Then why not in steemit.....yes this is a complex question , because there are numbers of attributes to that, because some people see steem as an investment, some people see steemit as a means to earn those steem but somehow in the pursuit of that, they ended up spamming at times and dried up quickly in this platform.

  • Some new users tend to find a short cut, but there is no short cut to success
  • News users tend to be more desperate to earn those reward, no matter whatever ways they adopt and this is really the most dangerous thing for newbies
  • By seeing the earning of other's some new users get frustrated while some others get motivated, and this is upto an individual whether he/she wants to put that hard effort or not.
  • Impatient users dries up quickly
  • Some new users are even dissapointed with the price of SBD at 4 usd, and I have seen this price at 0.8 usd when I entered here in steemit and I was too happy with that even, people need to understand that the main thing to do here is quality blogging and once that happens persistently then at some point of time, the reflection could be seen in the form of good upvotes and earning.

    Everything takes time and one has to give that time and once that period gets matured, then the recognition will be there and that will be first milestone in this community and once that milestone is achieved then the follow through milestones will get achieved very easily.

    Thank you @swissclive for writing this article.....steem on and stay blissful.

    It's absolutely hilarious when people comment vague things like 'This is amazing! Thank you for sharing.' or 'Nice and inspirational post.' I don't know whether to laugh or cry. If you go to their profiles and check out their comment section, it's 95% of the time the same stupidly optimistically written comment on several posts.

    If only people realise that writing a well-thought-out comment that adds something of value is infinitely better than copy-pasting, they might have a better chance at success here.

    This is really a kind of post, the newcomers and minnows who are in a hurry, should look at it.

    (1) When someone joins steemit or even try to get started suddenly the first thing that strike their mind is how much I can earn per day or how much I can make per post and this type of mentality does take the person away from a quilty writing and these mindset generally ends up with shit post and/or flag sometimes if they spam.

    (2) I must say if we put our hard effort in writing quality blog and also the manners and etiquette if we follow in this community then, at some point of time our patience, hard work and consistency will definitely get paid off.

    (3) I still remember my day how happy I was when my post earned little over 1 SBD and not to forget, during those time, SBD was hardly 1 USD and I was still happy and these earning was purely organic earning for me.

    (4) we should not only write blog but also engage with different blogs and their authors and this way we will also be having a healthy engagement in this community which is not only productive for this platform but also be very very useful for our own personal development, during my last 6 months, so many thing I have learned. So value addition is always there.

    (5) To be honest I was also not aware of the etiquettes of this community and at times got flagged by steemcleaners on one or two ocassion, but there after I learned from my mistake and come up so strongly and in an organized way, so it was otherwise a blessing in disguise.

    (6) There is always space for every section of the people in this community. For that just go and search different tags and just analyse what is your area of interest and then just speak your heart and I am sure organic and natural upvotes are very likely.

    (7) People think, we are minnows who will see our post even if we write good articles, but trust me from my experience I can say that, there are number of good curators looking at thousands of posts and curating it and I am sure if the article is good and directed at proper tags, then the votes will definitely come and good earning will also happen.

    (8) Yes SP plays a pivotal role in influencing the reader and followers because this is something which gains the attention of followers and for that reason I have also taken some delegated SP based on my capacity and I am even looking for more SP in near future.

    Thank you so much @swissclive for this informative blog particularly for minnows and Have a a great day.

    Excellent comments. I think we all owe a duty every day to find at least one or two minnow posts that deserve more and to help them advance with the right words of encouragement.

    This also applies to Minnows. The value to them of making a meaningful comment on another minnow’s blog is that the minnow will be much more grateful than the whale who gets 100s of comments.

    Yes mam', absolutely and from my best of experience if a minnow gets even 3 or 4 usd upvote from a whale for his hard work and good blog, then he feels grateful and much more encouragement he gets and this is what I am saying from my own experience. Thanks again and Have a great day.


    This is a great article and I enjoyed reading it. I recently wrote my own article in reference to helping out new and even experienced steemians. Not that I'm claiming to be an expert or anything, but I think I can bring a few things to the table.

    I remember how it was when I first started and it was exactly as you described. I thought by writing an article about some tips, advice and my own opinions on writing articles it may help some new people to not get discouraged so easily. Sadly though, I'm seeing new accounts getting their reputation boosted by bots left and right. I know this can be a touchy subject for many and I'm even thinking about writing an article about it. I'm a little hesitant because it may put a big red bullseye on my back for some that don't share the same views as I do. Thanks again for contributing a great article on the blockchain!

    I have never used a bot for anything. However for the most part their motive is to help themselves to the reward pool. As far as the “pay-for-vote” bots are concerned, you pay them $10 but only get rewarded $3. People just don’t understand that SBD are worth much more than $1, and what you get back is only 75% of the reward number you see. Generally a very poor deal.

    I would love to see a blog on bots. I don’t know if you dare to write it. I would, but it’s neither my passion, nor my expertise. Unless you get into a whale war, bots aren’t interested in downvoting people as that eats into their time and money.

    I struggled a lot in the beginning. There is a misconception that more is more on this forum. In the beginning, less is certainly more. Focusing on building relationships and commenting on other users content helps prepare us for success when we are ready to post our masterpiece blog entry. Unless we have built in followings from other forums, jumping in the deep end of the pool makes life difficult. I found that dipping my toe in and building a small following was far more fruitful in the short term.

    Well done @clivingston. That's the way to do it. Slowly but surely. Most people are in too much of a hurry dreaming of early riches.

    At first I would like to thank you for this beautiful and useful article For beginners As well as individuals who have a great reputation and passed the $1000 in steem power ( Voting Power 100 % = 0.45$ ) When you vote Someone ,He sees your vote = 0.45$ He will not wait for a moment to follow you For upcoming articles to Racing on comments In order to obtain a vote .
    The problem is that comments are limited ,I was doing it hahaha
    So what do you say when you have steem power passed $10000 ???
    I think you answered the question enough
    In conclusion, the most important thing in a society STEEMIT is steempower
    Thank you so much @swissclive (The smallest person in steemit , I've read your introduceyourself ).

    Thank you @hassanben for that useful calculation 1000 steempower = $0.45 per vote at 100%. That’s why it is worth having steempower. Loads of people are going follow you in the hope of getting your approval with a $0.45 vote.

    With hoardes of people coming to steemit, I don’t think the price of steem will stay this low for very long. Those who want to get the power, better buy it now, while it is still cheap.

    It's true what you said
    Who did not buy Steem now He will regret it Because the price of the currency is still cheap
    (1steem =5,75$ ) in steemit
    In the future I think the currency rate will rise incredibly
    Also Facebook will become like MSN .
    Like me when I knew Steemit I left Facebook aside hahaha

        have a good day

    Well,Most of us can easily understand this post,

    Because This is a life of a new minnow on Steemit and I personally experienced even more worse than that,

    When i was new here,I used a lot of ways to attract whales attention for some support on my posts,By doing the same comment that you mentioned in your post,

    “Amazing post about Bro. Upvoted, followed and resteemed. Please look at my blog"

    And instead of doing any good to my posts this will bring me a powerful Downvote on my post and because of that my Reputation got decreased from 43 To 9,

    And trust me that was very terrible experience for me and on that day i decided to gain my Reputation back and never repeat the same mistake again,

    And iam very thankful to all my supporters for helping me to reach 60+ Reputation.

    And From that day iam continuously Powering Up and store 1100+ Steempower and iam still trying to gain more to help back those who support me in my bad time and also those who are currently in that bad time and needs support,

    Thanks for writing this beautiful and real post that i can totally relate with me and iam very happy to Resteem this post because this is awesome amd and true.😇😇

    I agree with you that persistence in high-quality content and steempower accumulation are the keys to success on Steemit.

    Shortly after joining, I understood it's motto "come for the money, stay for the community". I have summarized my thoughts about Steemit like this:

    • I came here for the money
    • Very soon I came to believe that there is no much money for me here
    • I choose to stay anyway because I really enjoyed the opportunity to express my thoughts freely and get a lot of much-appreciated meaningful feedback to them
    • After connecting with some like-minded Steemians, I came to realize that there actually is (and will be more and more) money for me here, too
    • I choose to reinvest everything I earn on Steemit in powering-up my Steemit account
    • I decided to decrease my freelance business plan writing activities (I increased my hourly rate and closed some old contracts in order to get fewer jobs) so that I can have more time for posting, commenting, upvoting, and above-all enjoying Steemit

    I believe that Steem is much more prosperous that other cryptocurrencies because it provides real value - while Bitcoins are mined by powerful computers solving otherwise usefulness algorithms, Steem is mined mostly by people posting enjoyable/informative/thoughtful content and discussing with other people. It is also much more stable since you can't sell everything you have even if you wanted to.

    Cheers! : )

    That's an interesting history of how you came to steemit. I hope that many will follow in your footsteps.

    I'm new in Steemit. For me there are a lot of unknown, from what is next:

    steem power

    I don't understand where the money comes from Steemit. According to theory of Karl Marx, the economic scheme in business is money-product-money. Though earlier would hardly anyone could imagine, that the product can be software code, information, all there are immaterial.

    Frankly, I came here to earn money. While I'm looking around here and trying to understand how you can earn money here. Certainly if also find friends here - it will be a plus.

    I'm looking for any information that can help me understand how to earn money.

    Your post will give me hope, that I will succeed, despite the doubts and mistakes that I made, creating new posts. You write "They want to see high quality interesting blogs, not short things with little substance."

    Short things - that's what I did, creating my post. I am a techincal specialist and hold the opinion of brevity - the sister of talent. After reading you post, I'm understand, That in order to achive a result , such tactics would not work.

    Thank you for your advice.

    I am very pleased that you will be able to try some improved techniques after reading the advice on this blog. Look at the picture I just added at the end of my blog.

    Thank you a lot. I see this picture, you have made actual topics in your first steps for success in Steemit.

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    Thanks for such useful post @swissclive and your encouraging and inspiring words!

    I've been here since July 2017. I spent hours on the first posts, which no one noticed.
    I looked at all your early posts with the narratives on behalf of your son. They were such great, but nobody appreciated them! They deserved much more.

    If you have reputation and you have steempower then people take you more seriously.

    I was one of 10 people winning prize pool in one great selfie contest, which lasted alwost for 2 months,
    I won almost 200 SBD when SBD cost a lot of USD, and although I could transmit this money to a huge amount of dollars for the needs of my large family, but I ALL SBD had transmitted to the Steempower.

    And yes, the Steempower got my blog looked at, because the more I have, the more I will be looked at.

    Don’t be lazy when you blog or comment.

    Oh, you're right, now I spend much more time writing quality comments than before.

    About blogs: I'm a math tutor, I really like math, especially complex geometric problems.
    Maybe I should organize mathematical contests here on Steemit ? :-)

    I Resteem this your useful post for my followers, particularly for newbies of them.
    They'll be sincerely appreciative for these your words of encouragement and guidance!

    Thanks for the resteem. On maths, I don’t know much, but I know there are some unsolved problems, like finding the next prime number. How about writing about that?

    Thank you. It's an interesting idea to write about some unsolved mathematical problem.

    After months of blogging my breakthrough came when I wrote a humorous, “tongue in cheek”, blog called “Cooking lessons for men. 1. How to make a fried egg sandwich. (Special bonus: how to find the kitchen)”.

    Believe it or not, but my first breakthrough earning came from commenting on a whale's post!! I'm not even kidding. He liked my comment a lot and sent 20SBD to my wallet and gave me a nice $10 upvote on the comment and since I have never underestimated the strength of a good, thoughtful comment. Unfortunately not many people realize this and keep posting lame comments as you mentioned!! Hilariously enough, even this post had a comment like that xD xD

    Resteeming this!! Lot of my followers are still beginners and will definitely benefit from this!!

    Thank you @swissclive..
    This is really helpful, steemit is not for lazy people. Nobody will vote you doing those cheap posts,you need a lot of research,a lot of time to plan and think on what to post. I get pissed seeing people commenting nice posts without reading your post. Smile
    We have so many lazy readers on steemit too as much as we have lazy writers,they will never read your post,all they will do is just to comment nice post.
    I started giving good attentions to my comments on people's post as much as i give to my post. I could remember my first comment on steemit,that comment alone fetched me $18.57. The comment was made under your post @swissclive. That blessing meant so much to me that time,because it was the first time i'm receiving dollars for writing on steemit. I know you @swissclive and some other good people on steemit that value quality over all other thing.
    Nobody can buy your vote,they have to earn it through creativity.
    Never post or comment in hurry,take your time to do both.
    I wrote something on steem power the other time too (you can read from here) https://steemit.com/untalented/@emmakwisequote/your-steem-power-your-real-power . God bless you for the guide!

    Well done, keep up the good writing. Steem power gets your blogs looked at. This blog alone seems to have increased my followers by nearly 30. I guess nobody wolud follow unless they found what I write to be useful or interesting.

    Very sure, at least i have been following you since i joined steemit some 20days a go. I have been finding your post very helpful. At least prior to my time on steemit,i know nothing about cryptocurrency,but most of your posts have impacted me with some knowledge about it.
    Thanks for all the guides and the acts of kindness,i'm not ungrateful.

    In the beginning, you describe my situation that is happening now. My blogs are not popular. When I spend my time creating good posts that do not bring anything, it's insulting.
    The main thing in this situation is not to drop your hands and continue to work. With each post make your messages even better.
    To become more visible, it's not enough just to make a good article - you need time.
    I looked at your first articles - they really appreciated very little.
    Now I completely understand what you are talking about.
    I would like to share my advice with all newcomers:

    • Leave the committers is your key to success. Comments will give you new followers and pay attention to your blog.
    • find your topic - be individual. It is not worth repeating popular blogs - it's not an option. Be a creator - create an image for yourself and do something delicious
      "Find what you can be useful to others."
    • Raise the power of voice. This is a very important point, which says that they are ready to invest in the platform and are ready for development. The power of voice is very important, as it increases your influence and enables you to encourage your readers and help others.
      But the main thing is hard work and be yourself. Your efforts will pay off with a period of time!
      I wish everyone @swissclive good luck!

    I've noticed that investing is the best option available right now. The return on your investment is amazing and Steemit is just getting started. Also, Steemit does not have any competition as such.

    You’ve got it! the only way is to work hard

    A very nice post of encouragement @swissclive. And yes, it IS frustrating to pour your heart into something and get no views and no rewards.

    My own start here went much the same, with ONE small exception: I had the good fortune the have one of the @curie trails pick up my very first post. However, my 3rd post took about 3 hours to create and earned... $0.00.

    One of the things I like to remind people starting out here (and I say this as someone with 20+ years working the "social web") is that it took me eight years to get my 2000 followers on twitter. My primary blog (elsewhere) may get 2000+ views per post, but I've been posting tirelessly since 2002. Point being-- it takes TIME to build a following.

    And, as you say, if you write quality-- and then engage actively with the people who DO visit and comment-- you will build a following!

    Well put. All of us need to look in the new section and find something interesting by a new author. A few words of encouragement go a long way with newbies. Most will not make it to the level where they have an income. A few of the best writers might.

    Unfortunately, the marketing of Steemit has placed far more emphasis on "making money" than on "creating content," so we have hordes of newcomers who arrive here with the (mistaken) impression that Steemit is just a giant cash dispenser. Not only that, but they see a few people making upwards of $500 per post and immediately jump to the conclusion that they can post here "for a living."

    Wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG...

    I try to find and support at least 3-4 authentically promising newcomers every week. And someone "bringing over their 200,000 YouTube Viewers" doesn't count. If someone already has social media dialed in, they don't really need a special plug.

    There are probably about 200 people here who make "real" income. Out of 600,000+ accounts. Anyone can do the math and see it's NOT in their favor. But being able to buy a dinner out once a month is still a lot better than what Farcebook offers!

    It’s amazing to me that people write blogs in other platforms for no reward. Even if you get 1c here it more than you would on any of the mainstream platforms. My suggestion to noobs is to get in and make good comments, ones that are relevant and add to the discussion. Build your followers and circle of influence. Don’t write A masterpiece to be played to an empty hall.

    If you don’t write a masterpiece for an empty hall, then there is nothing for potential followers to see. It’s like zapping the TV. You never stop on the empty channels.

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    @swissclive your tips just answer all the questions that beginners have here.
    The first time for everyone is the time when you learn and enjoy all the functions of the platform.
    But all sooner or later they come to napstsniyu own blog. The overwhelming majority face one single problem - they are not read.
    You can write great blogs, the most intelligent articles and describe what others do not write. But you will have few readers.
    Steemit is hard work for those who want to achieve success and earn.
    You must be more active. The best way is to write comments on popular blogs that many users visit.
    It is thanks to the comments you can get your first readers and the first decent payout.
    The main thing is to take time to read the blog that you are commenting on.
    Never create SPAM! This is not appreciated.
    To achieve success and stand out here, you must give 100% when you write. Put your soul into the text and it will pay off for you.
    And remember nevermore Do not Give Up!

    You wrote:

    • The best way is to write comments on popular blogs that many users visit.

    I would add that when you comment a minnow’s blog, you will like;y get more attention from him as you have less competition. I recommend doing both.

    I remember when u commented something really sensible on my post.. Lol.. I felt honoured tho
    .but then u said something hilarious too, that i should marry a fat ugly bird just to get my revenge on some gurl. Well what i have to say is that i concur to what u have said but its kinda hard for we newbies to adapt quickly to what you have said.. We need guidiance consistently from folks like you in order to get to your level someday.. I dnt knw if u can create something like a group chat or whatever forum that might be helpful to we newbies, so u can carry us along @swissclive

    So will you get your revenge on that girl who showed you no manners? Become a film star or a pop singer, then she will want to marry you, but instead you can dump her at the last minute the fat ugly bird.

    Haha.. @swissclive u have a very tenacious memory.. I never knew you would remember that day.
    I just said that to see if u would remeber and you did. Thats awesome.. Well I would have loved to become a pop singer but i suck at singing. But If i eventually become a film star , i will marry another beautiful lady to take my revenge and not a fat ugly bird pls. Lol

    I wold like to add that at least for me, being here is not only about making money from my posts. Writing articles and comments is more about building social bounds and interactions.

    People coming here are following an illusion of this place in which they will get rich after a few posts. This is because they are seeing the great payments on the Trending page, but they fail to realize that there are new posts added very rarely compared to the userbase that Steem has.

    People should be more patient and relaxed here and be ready to not receive great rewards, at least for the beginning, or most of them will abandon trying to create content here.

    After months of blogging my breakthrough came when I wrote a humorous, “tongue in cheek”, blog called “Cooking lessons for men. 1. How to make a fried egg sandwich. (Special bonus: how to find the kitchen)”. I had not realised that the cooking section was so popular.

    Hehehe @swissclive, the truth is that everyone passes through this stage. I am also passing through this stage at the moment as a minnow, you write a post for hours and all you get is $0.02 for a whole week. It can be frustrating but my theme has been never to give up. I do know that persistence brings excellence so even though no one visits your blog or reads your post all you need do is keep trying and you can agree with me that it worked for you coz from what you wrote, you ventured into the food section and hit you first jackpot. That's how steemit works. Thank God u'v passed that stage now. Wish I will someday. Lolzz...

    good morning

    I just edited my blog. Look at the picture I added at the bottom. You can see how little my first 7 masterpieces were recognised. 1 cent for 12 hours work. Those were my wages.

    Hard work pays off in the end

    My persistence in writing quality content eventually paid off. Slowly the followers came. Then they started to come a little faster.

    I'm really motivated from your advice. It's all I ever needed this morning.
    I'll take the advice and work on myself and my blog.

    As a minnow, it's sometimes frustrating to spend time and come up with good contents and then the post gets little or no attention.
    But then, with time, everything will fall into its places.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post and tips.

    Happy Steeming

    The worst thing a beginner can do is write lots of short meaningless replies trying to attract attention. Comments like

    “Amazing post about dog poo. Upvoted, followed and resteemed. Please look at my blog”,
    reek of insincerity and are more likely to be flagged than attract any follower.

    Exactly what I try to tell every new user I bring into this platform

    • As a new user, you are still yet to have any rep don't spend time creating 20 post per day, rather spend hrs creating one that you are sure would help every person out there, just like your cooking post, that am sure would and still be very helpful till now.

    • Don't go out looking and begging for upvote, I know its not easy but consistency do pays on the longrun

    • Always reply to your comments whenever you have any as it will take you a long way

    • When you do come online don't just browse your feed and go offline but rather go through the tags you love and leave good comments behind

    • Most important join communities, not only steemchat look for other communities on discord and participate, let your voice be known and held

    and I promise you, if not today, your work will surely be visited by someone one day.

    Happy steeming and steem-on

    You are right hard work & persistency is the key the success on steemit. Most of newbies leave steemit because they don't get enough exposer for their post. The one who remains here for more than one month get success here. Hard work always pay off. Thanks for supporting minnow & guiding them , it will be very helpful for growth of steemit.

    Persistence is key. Just had this convo with another Steemian @galenkp.

    There are followers and then they're are followers.

    After reading this fully, and surmising that I do just about everything you mention to do.. read their blogs, interact with meaningful conversation worth, and continue to produce quality content. Sure, i may not always be that interesting to listen to, I am not some poet or literate genius.. just a guy with his free mind. So I trudge on.

    Cheers to Steemit, Brah.

    The best thing is a free mind. Your personal views are always going to be more interesting that regurgitating what everyone else thinks.

    It is about keeping yourself motivated to write better..
    It is about broadening your thinking..
    It is about spending your time productively..
    It is about making you think from a different perspective.

    You know that sometimes I'm tempted to just write the short post and get it over with. I feel like, "who is going to read them afterall"
    Sometimes I'm tempted to go the wrong way, find the shotcut and do the wrong thing. But then, I think of how long I can cope with that.

    Persistence pays, although if hasn't paid me that much but I believe that very soon it will show.
    From this Part of the world, it is good morning to you.

    I do the same thing! The only difference is that I don't post everything I write. I just stick to my niche which is Finance.

    That's great. I hope you become a whale soon.

    Hahaha that's too much to become. Not happening in atleast a year or so. But that isn't my goal here.

    Hahaha that's too much to become.

    I saw an account that join October but already has 5,000sp. No extra investment. He made that through his dedication.

    Not happening in atleast a year or so. But that isn't my goal here.

    Only for that reason... If not, you can be whatever you wanna be.

    Holy shit man that's amazing! Can I get a link to that account?

    This took me a lot of hard work to dig out....

    Thanks for sharing mate!

    Your post is an excellent motivation. I will gladly share it with new users, that he could help those who lose hope. I hope that I will be able to repay you a little for your kindness. You are doing a lot for our community. In the meantime, Resteem. Good luck to you and Good.

    Ваш пост отличная мотивация. Я с радостью буду делиться им из новыми пользователями, что бы он смог помочь тем, кто теряет надежду. Я надеюсь, что так смогу немного отплатить вам за Вашу доброту. Вы делаете очень многое для нашего сообщества. А пока, Рестим. Удачи Вам и Добра.

    Although quality is crucial in the long run, consistency it's even more important at first. Not everybody will write amazing stuff in the beginning. To the contrary. That's why we should encourage new people to post daily. It is what will get the platform growing and also place it better in the search engines ranking.

      ·  last year (edited)

    Thanks for the story of encouragement @swissclive. Been in the platform for months now and not having much steem power, many times I feel like giving up. But stories like this empowers me to still work on my craft here on steemit and one day, hopefully, might hit it!

    I think the most just thing in this case is that these publications are voted in a fair way, if they are old, I think I have a way to share them again. Let me study the case and I'll let you know.

    with respect to the novices, they pay attention when they see that the publication increases, there if they show interest. That's why I think you'll pay more attention. When it comes to that they have to make quality comments and avoid becoming spammers. As you said before, it's a matter of authority.

    Well you are quite accurate self promotion won't work. When we consider that the condenser already got visibility issues . Best way to create your own audience is creating slighlty interesting content in consistensy. I'm pretty sure a lot of people still facing with same problem eventhough they are dolphins. As you said the best way to connect and network with some people is reading articles and commenting them back It is the only way to get some visibility in the platform Using the website not making for money just using it for its purpose reading / learning and blogging

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    I believe we all don't start up having so much in followers and earnings and it's not so good because we are the cause of this and so many troubles we have. I believe it starts with motive, if the motive is right, then all other things will fall in place. No one jumps into a river without knowing what's in there first. There are people who already are having a good stay here, the best any newbie can afford himself or herself is to leverage on reading their posts thoroughly and commenting alongside with reasonable and interactive comments. I also didn't get this initially but the day I got the idea and how much I had missed alot not doing the hardwork of reading and commenting qualitatively, only then did my story started changing.

    You are so right by saying steemit is hardwork. If the motive is just to make money, there are tendencies you might leave in no time because the upvotes won't come as expected but if adding value is the goal, then one can never be tired of impacting other lives with the knowledge one has. It's simple

    Get your motives right

    Follow those who have been here before and leave reasonable comments on their blogs

    Do not spam and most importantly

    Never plagiarize, it's like the greatest offence here

    Growing in this community requires hardwork and one must be ready to give it.

    Final words for newbies: If you want to be read, you have to read others.

    If you don't read through what other people have written, why expect others to long for your materials.

    I agree! It does not really make sense to plagiarise your content because that really goes against the whole concept of writing. I write for myself. There are many things I don't post on Steemit but then writing is a very personal thing for me and if someone copied it to make money, that would be a very sad sight.

    Your last sentence is really the key to success here. I found that when there is interest shown, you should expound on it and use that power. This was a really helpful article. I wish you had written this 30 days ago when I was playing around here confused. Better later than never.

    Your Post Very very infected for us as a beginner. Thank you for sharing this story, hope you are always successful. And also we can succeed like you.
    Once again Thank you the knowledge you have shared with us

    Look above at the end of my blog. I added a photo of my first 7 posts. Barely 1 cent for each 12 hours work. Be motivated to keep going. It only took me 5 months of posting every day.

    This really surprised friend

    I encouarage all beginners to keep writing quality blogs for pleasure. You will earn nothing for a long time, but eventually your followers will come.

    So true all you've said, and I can relate to all you've said. When I started, I spent hours making video tutorials on how to design a resume, and all I got was some few cents, it was frustrating but I did not relent, I kept on going and I'm still keeping on, although I haven't began earning like I would from my blog post, but active commenting has earned me more than I make from writing post and the breakthrough was yours truly @swissclive who upvoted one of my comments generously, ☺

    Next being active in communities on discord, telegram would get you followers and that can lead to you getting some upvotes.

    Finally there are contests one can participate in, which can as well get you some upvotes and followers.


    You remind me my old days. I am still a minnow but i get more attraction now.i feel very underestimated sometime but then i try to connect my some fellow steemians who helps me to stay inspired. They give me confidence to stay here on steemit.
    Steemit has proved that it is a great platform for many people including me. Steemit have a great potential to change and improve the life of peoples not only to steemians also outside this platform because of some very kind steemians who work hard to improve the life of others and never take a step back when got a chance to donate for them.
    I also check for newbies posts and motivate him to do more. This helps me too, to get followers.
    If you are a hard worker or skilled then no one can stop you to get success. It can take time but goes worthy for sure. Never give up and stay focused on your target.

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    thank you @swissclive your post knowledge is very valuable for me as a beginner in steemit. True what you say, as a beginner should make the work as good as possible, commenting on other people's posts with good, long and connect with his post, after we do but there is no steemian who read our post as you have said, annoyed, disappointed, and even despair. here I want to ask you advice as a senior steemit of course. how if there is a steemian who has limitations in writing a work, say my example. What should I do? I can just post pictures and a little description of the image, what should I do ?. please advise and input it from you. thank you

    There's plenty of advice from my blog and the comments, as well as the links in the blog. Have you read these, and what is your opinion?

    new content of your blog that I read, but the contents of his comments I have not read. in my opinion, I just underline the point alone, Increase Steem Power and create quality posts with a particular theme, that I really agree from you, but if you have to write at length on the blog, I disagree with you. why ?, because not all posts we have to make with long posts, for example "post that contains a video / photo" I think the post does not have to write at length, just with the content of the video / photo quality with little information, let alone video post / photos that are in the contest. by the way, thank you @swissclive for teaching me to write at length

    Hey again @swissclive.

    I'm glad i catcht up this blog while scrolling my feed, since it's a bit older, but it seems i scrolled long enough.

    I think you have this in many different kinds in your life. It's about beginning and continuing until it fits. It needs some discipline and a kind of a long term vision. So you are absolutly right.

    Last time we spoke about rusty-deutsch, i watched some yt-video and they gave some example for that kind of 'language'. Honestly, it's pretty strange my friend ^^

    Well said, it’s tough at the beginning but with enough hard work and persistence, people will take notice! Wise words of encouragement.

    Actually everyone wants to make their blog popular. So they adopt other ways. Then they are hunting in Spam. Those who do not really want to work, They are the only victims of spam. Always remember that nothing is possible except to work hard. If you work hard to do any work in life. Thank you!

      ·  last year (edited)

    That's a great guide for a newbie!
    I really like it when you wrote: "I wrote an amazing blog but nobody read it" in the article, You give good, accurate explanations, like spam responses and more.

    Can I Translate this for the Israeli Community and newbie? @swissclive

      ·  last year (edited)

    Go ahead and translate it to share with your friends in Hebrew.

    true its hard been a minnow but i agree work had and do your best, it pays to comment on other people post without spamming.

      ·  last year (edited)

    Hello, @swissclive!
    I read your post for beginners. I am newbie. I try to participate in contests. It seems to me that this is a real chance to make money without having the power of voice. I wrote a post about the winter, which came to our city, but he did not interest anyone. I thought that my photos would like people, but everything is like in your post, I got 1 cent from myself. I'm trying to somehow attract the attention of the steemians: I put first my best photo, but apparently no one had time to see my post. I also try to participate in contests. I think my mistake is that the post was published in an unsuccessful time. People just slept. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm in a hurry to see the result? Could you see my post and comment on what I'm doing wrong?

    I am thrilled to see your persistence @swissclive in starting steemit from scratch. and I also see your contribution to the beginner is very good at thumbs up. I joined in steemit october 2017 at the beginning of my post I am not get a coment anything - what and other rewards so that makes me discouraged and vacuum for several months. then you motivate me to keep fighting, contribute to the beginner, and I get my first $. thank you and keep working.

    Oho! you are preaching to the choir here. I hung my shingle outside my virtual link of the blockchain here in 1 cent city just over a week ago and wrote a couple of, what I believed to be, well crafted wordy type things.

    Here I am today earning a lot more out of the odd quality comment, and growing in reputation slowly and surely. The key is to find a person who actually reads and rewards good comments as many, unfortunately, don't and just concentrate on uploading. Therefore their comment section gets less and less interesting. So I can attest to your useful information above.

    My blogs and pictures still only get a cent or two, but I am seriously thinking of trying to work out how to put a bit of money into steemit now as you recommend above, as that might put my head that little bit higher in the crowd. Thanks for the post!

    Same problem .i write aritical but no one read my artical.many of time wast

    Thank you for this. I have been looking for much of this information. Having to buy Steem Power is kind of a downer, but eventually, I'll make it there . Looking forward to more guides and helpful stuff if you have it.

    Addressing a common theme here - writing good, quality blog posts - I can only say this; writing good content, intelligent writing that engages the reader and makes them want to engage with you on the topic is very hard work. You must not only be able to write, but believe in what you are writing. Belief takes work and it is never easy. But, if done right, writing from a place of conviction will create some of the best content that can be found.

    Reading through your post and few of the comments i really feel apologetic... I most confess am guilty about majority of the points you made. It's actually not motivating having spent over 6hrs writing a close to perfect article and getting 1$ and some cents reward or even less.

    But for the past few days I've picked up myself, thanks to the constant advice and lessons i get from the steemit community i joined on telegram @airhawk-project. I also had to advise myself because i know i am here to stay "if i don't work hard and follow the right path on Steemit I'll eventually get lost... How then can i help prospective newbies am looking to bring in?". I've learned there's no short cuts to success here!!! You need to work to reach the top!!!

    Thank you for taking your time to drop a screenshot of your previous articles... It's really motivating! Initially i thought you've always been up there from the start... Its good to know we both started from the same point. I'll have to tie my shoe laces stronger from here on out... It's going to be a long race!

    I won't forget your message anytime soon @swissclive

    Thank you for your guidance, encouragement and motivation.

    Thanks for this very educative post. I will follow from now, can you update me more?

    @grace234 (28) Be careful with your replies (I looked at your other comments too). It does not seem that you are following the recommendations. Your replies all seem to lack substance. Read this blog and apply what is said if you want followers.

    Wow thanks for the observation, thats why I followed you so that I can learn more. Since am new here and am imperfect I know I will make mistakes, thanks again.

    Yes, I also quickly realized that there will not be fast money here.

    But I earned a good job at various contests on Stem. There were excellent literary contests (alas, they are now less), and meme competitions, and different photo contests.

    With their help, followers are quickly acquired, and sвd come :)

    I know what you stand for and i recently mentioned it in my post talking about the experiences i have so far on Steemit and i included this as well. Those short comments are nothing short of annoying. They don't even read the post. I already joined in the fight to put these annoying habit to rest. Yes, making quality posts helps too. I have seen people post just few lines and make it into a post. Nothing out of tge ordinary. It is obvious what they are after. Depth and participating in comment section with rich comments helps a lot as well as contest even if one doesn't win. I get to pour out my heart. Most of my posts have always been out of the heart messages. I enjoy giving long comments that speaks my heart and address what was spoken and i am not about to stop. Consistency eh? Yes. Been a while you posted. Hope you are good? Thank you for this: "If you make a comment that deserves a wider audience, think about posting it as a blog". I will start doing this too. Never thought too much about it. Thank you.
    Finally, with higher Steem Power comes more visibility. That is what i have been trying to build for a while now. Will be more deliberate about it now than ever. Thank you for making this community better with all you do. I sincerely appreciate you and your kind of person.

    Good for newbies if they know what this platform requires from them but at the same time it pains me when I see some users posting shit and getting huge rewards.

    Thats true. I wrote a kickass introduction and a very thought provoking article as well. i dont know how steemit works. i think it needs more material/blogs from experts on how it works, how are the payouts, Do's amd dont's and most importantly what gets you redflagged!

    Its really not easy when you write quality content and you don't get the attention you need, ive bin there and kinda still there, so please am begging unbehalf of the newbies...but another thing as you mentioned is writing quality content, for one to strive, they should be ready to sacrifice time and resources and with time, they will definitely get that attention and reward due to them. Most times people find it difficult to read peoples comment before replying or even upvote the person, now if you dont do that, how do you expect people to do same for you? hun! nada...steemit needs patient, determination, and slowly build friends who believes what you write. Thanks sweet @swissclive for an amazing reminder to steemians...safe!

    This post really inspiring me I do comment like amazing and something crap that’s not related to the post but after reading this post I understand need to post some quality and informative one. Anyway thanks for the informative post

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    Wait, $1500 worth of sp puts you in top 1%? Really? Where can I see those stats, do you know?

    "Followers follow followers"

    Lots of newbies are actually bent on earning big bucks or a major hit instantly on Steemit. Perhaps, they get discouraged at a later stage.
    Followers and powering up as well as socializing is basically the right path in the best possible direction to succeeding.

    Hmmm. you actually don't know what you have done for me with this. I have always encourage newbies like me not to get discourage and frustrated at how low their earnings may be. But at some point I began to get discouraged myself. You just handed me the antidote I need to eliminate my frustration. Thank you a million way.

    You are very welcome!

    interesting posts to follow, the experiences shared for us as motivation to learn in writing so that many who love it.sabar and learn is the most important thing for the success

    Yep! I can relate... It's happening to me. 😔

    It's easy to lose motivation in writing consistently when all you get is less than 20 views and, if it's one of the better days, three or four upvotes worth 1 cent each. But consistency in writing genuine content will be rewarded in the long term. That is, only if it comes across that you are actually trying to give something of value and not just fishing for votes.

    Thak you so much for this post.earlier when I saw it I was getting ready for work,so I had to resteem so that I could read it when I get back.all you said is a true picture of what am going through.it is really frustrating.some times i have to dive from area of my interest and blood on something I think could get an audience,still no luck.but with this tip I guess i ve a head on.another major challenge is using the markdown .am kind of finding it hard.kindly share a link on mackdown tutorial if there is anything like that.thank you @swissclive

    Posting can be discouraging sometimes after posting a quality blog and no one notices it because you are a beginner. You tend to ask why it happens that way, if the post is nice at least encouraging us would be a good idea.

    "Amazing post bro!" Lol jk. I so feel this, It really is discouraging posting a long article and getting no views and upvotes. No wonder people are shifting to posting memes.

    Meme itself requires imagination, making people laugh is actually harder than writing.

    I really think that the first few months is the period where we are still experimenting and looking for our niche. It is also the period that we need familiarize ourselves on how the platform works. So a lot of mistakes are made during this time and I think this is acceptable, just make sure your reputation doesn't suffer from it. What I am saying is just hang in there, we all gonna get our break eventually.

    Thanks for this encouraging post!

    My case is actually different, I wrote my first five posts here on Steemit around a month ago, and they gave me pretty much SBD (around $50 sbd per post on average) and followers. After that I continued writing the same quality posts, and for the next few got around 0. I understood it as I had pretty much good luck to publish my first posts in the perfect moments. It also made me a little angry or disappointed, thinking like 'Why did I get so much for first 5 posts, and now nothing, what is the problem?!'
    However, as worrying makes no any good, I realized that I want to put more effort after that first encouragement with the first 5 posts. So I started reading more articles like this one, and learning how to constantly improve my writing style and creativity. :)

    Also I think for newbies it is very important to shift their perspective from 'earning money from writing' to 'being paid to improve your writing, knowledge and understanding the cryptocurrency system'. That helped me stay motivated here.

    Can you please explain this?
    'Advertising a blog will just get you flagged.'

    People who write comments with the only aim of promoting their own unrelated blog will get flagged. Nothing wrong if the link is highly relevant to the blog just written and you explain WHY it is relevant.

    Just writing “I also wrote a blog on flowers (link)” would be annoying. We need more info why that is relevant bearing in mind there are hundreds of blogs on flowers.

    ok, that makes sense, tnx :)

    ...I always seem to start my comments on your feed with 'great post', so I changed it this time - a little.

    I think the one overriding thing to remember when starting out, and getting recognized (says Mr. big, here lol) - is writing with conviction.

    It doesn't matter what you are writing about, but it does matter if you are writing with passion. Something you pour yourself into.

    Whether it is fiction, politics, or philosophy you are posting about, the difference in rewards can be great.

    Writing about something you have invested your time in researching - or just writing something for the sake of writing to 'make a post' - is everything.

    I have noticed this myself, and I'm a newbie.

    (and it really does cover all topics -At the moment for myself - A silly funny penguin/whale romp I have doing everyday now, for the last two weeks...and loving it.
    To some very serious dissection of heavy politics/philosophies - and loving it - but both are written with conviction, and you really couldn't get two different genres further apart !)

    Wow that is what you call Hard work! Persistence and the effort. I hope someday would make some really good content!