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Ned Teased Us With A Steemit New Logo; He Played! With #untalented, We Will Play! I Just Played; See Steemit's Likely New Logo!!!

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My eyes were wet cos i so know what you are saying. I did too much suffering since 13, i am in suffocation but i bear it cos i was created to carry load but all those moments like the one with your son, i spot them and those are it for me. Even the Creator, Jehovah i am sure he was those moments; your kid in happy state and he had fun. I lost it though, the ability to have fun, relax etc but i know how beautiful life is, i am deep and really gifted when it comes to life and i learn all the emotions and know of their existence even perhaps more than people who experience them. As the years go by, they get lost even more, again, i was create in a very special way, sometimes that's the only thing i can say i dislike about me, is just that: too much depth and too much strenghtt and too much ability when it comes to diverting all the tough times aright. I am on a phase like my dad. My dad couldn't define things and channel it and he crumbling before my eyes. He is a very great man, just tied and helpless and it ate him. He loved like crazy. I am not with him but the loveability that he has is a gift. It is the same in my case. Hahaha lost the flow writing this but you will grasp a bit. Next year, i will talk of my story on steemit cos my story can fix lives. It is very rare. I had plans for fun finally starting next year but another giant mishap happened, so i am in war again diverting it to good use. I am good. My fun now is something different. i am still a young boy but was man since 13 and a very very very grown good man. I will pause, cause you will grasp. The tears that got my eyes wet are special tears. A tiny outlet. I am in a nation, where i can have fun endlessly. But i realy am past several types of fun. It comes with depth. The vision is different

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When it seems to be hard something we tend to view it as an hopeless situation, but if you really want to look at it those lessons are the reasons why you are where you are today and what you've become.
We bless Jehovah that today all those past have become a story that we now use to encourage other who are planning to give up.
Like I said in my recent post titled "START AGAIN 2". I said if life throws Lemon at you turn it to Lemonade" and simply means that there's a lot to learn in every situation.
To know that you have been doing things to survive as at 13 years of age explains the reason why you are so deep like this and also why you are always looking for ways to help others.
Quoting you now" the tears that got my eyes wet are special tears" .I will call it tears of joy.
Thanks to the Lord of our journeys.
Looking forward to that story you said you will write about next year.
Jehovah is good......................


Jehovah is good, great. satan has been on my case like crazy but Jehovah keeps me in his bosom even though i sinner, He loves still!


No one is perfect
God's love know no bounds

For next year? This is a long waiting time.