Kindly Join In Voting On Steem To Be Listed On Coinex. This Is How You Can Do So!

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This post is a short post asking us to join in voting for "steem listing" on Coinex. 

I don't have much details about the exchange as i wasn't able to do intense research but @ankarlie was able to create a profile for steem on the exchange, allowing us to easily vote for steem to be listed. 

Well, it requires a bit of effort to vote but that is what community and especially the "steem community" is about.

I am not very into trading and all overall, so i will be keep this post simple, showing the process of voting. 
If you have to use them as a trading platform, kindly do your own research.

You can read more about the exchange here:

It is a relatively new exchange hailing from China. Its volumes etc is find-able on coinmarketcap:

Voting requires signing-up and ID verification i.e it is not a very instant process as you will had to complete the ID verification process and will have had to have been approved, after which you can vote for steem instantly.

Below i will document the process:

You will start by clicking on this link:, leading you to this page:

Then, when you click on "Vote" and it will lead you to a sign-in/sign-up page as seen below: 

If you already have an account on coinex and are verified, you will be able to vote instantly upon returning to the voting page, else you will need to sign-up and the sign-up page looks like this:

Fill in your details! Then, for the "email" part, click on "Get Code" after you have filled in your email address and visit your email inbox to retrieve the "numeric (not tumeric) code" sent to you and paste or type it into the box. Next, complete sign-up and login.

If you are met with this screen while logging-in:

Fix the puzzle

Now that you are signed-in, if you go back to the voting page here:, the screen will indicate that you need to complete verification. So, let's proceed with verification process below:

First you are told to bind either a mobile number or google authenticator to your account as seen below:

I chose to bind my mobile number, so i am led to this screen:

On the screen above, you will need to "get code" one more time, after which you will need to retrieve a "numeric code" from your email. Fill the code in and you are led to the next screen seen below:

After filling in your number, click on "Get SMS code" and a text will be sent to your fone containing a "numeric code". Fill this code in and submit.

Now the final step is ID verification. For this, you will to need click on "my info" and select "ID verification" as seen below:

Then you are met with these screens:

Complete verification, then wait for an indication of approval, which you will receive in your email and then your ready to vote!

Go back to and vote for steem.

Do well to create a post regarding this and share with friends. You can also share this link directly on your social media pages.

For general questions join us on Telegram:

Finally got a sub-reddit for ULOGGERS and ULOGS; kindly subscribe to it if you have a reddit account and do well to share as many ULOGS from #ulog as you can each day to our sub-reddit:

Your Boy Terry


Before We Go 

Overall, a lot of beautiful things will play out on and growth will be very organic born out of "serious fun" i.e  fun that has "serious" coded into it i.e is directional fun.

Yes, overall we will play and we will fly, shine, re-tap into lost shine, re-erupt buried shine etc, attaining "true celebrity-hood once  and for all" and we will see that "light inside the tunnel". 

Then, we there will be an ever-ongoing climax at the Teardrops SMT, where will reward "proof of tears".

I am glad at organic growth so far. It has been around 3 months or  less now and there have been more than 30,000 posts related to #ulog but more interesting is the "beautiful-to-see-fact", that more than 4,000 steemians have already used #ulog globally and this is without "real promotion" and without having announced the open-use of 

Before i go today, i want something to stick, resound and stick a very particular word into your minds, hearts and cores and it is called,  "ULOG".  Kindly, listen to this video below with love and listen to the word "ULOG" on and on and on. 


I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit and upvote "steemgigs" or simply click Here to do it on one click!  

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.  

 Join the community here:  

Join us on Telegram:

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Registering right away. Hold my gratitude to steem.

Having issues with the binding of phone number. Once there is power supply, I will try it on my system


image (1).png


Sir @surpassinggoogle i am now officially member of coinexchenger.. thank you and need more read about this exchanger thank you


Patiently waiting for SMT to drop. Following your update on facebook and recently joined the Teardrops telegram group. Good work I must say

There is time to wait to make this happen . Am quickly going for this and make it happen asap. Apart from the fact @surpassinggoogle ask for this , it is another opportunity to contribute to the growth of the community.
Thank you Boy Terry.
Let me quickly go and do my part in building the nation .
LOng live steemit.

I will follow the ateps. Thank you so much.

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Thank you for the information Terry. Together we'll take #STEEM to the moon, if we target in enlisting #STEEM in top 100 coin exchange platforms. I applied to to enlist #STEEM as their exchange coin. We hope it gets through soon. I'll check this ASAP

Am doing that right away sir, God bless your kind heart for your humanitarian service and love.

Thanks for informing us, I will not only cast my vote but will also moblize friends to vote as well.

I am going to do this. You can count me in joining. Thank you for guiding.

Thank you for taking your time to explain the process, ulog forever

I tried to bind using phone number but Nigeria wasn't listed

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gosh. try google authenticator. it is app used to login on most exchanges too. like an additional layer of protection. you can download it. it gives codes to login and stuff. try click google auth bind and see where it leads


Thank you.

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Same thing here too, but nothing is happening Terry. How do I download thistles authenticator?

I will try it sir. i am glad to be here..I am resteeming this post so that many more could know about it.Thank you so much sir,i will do it,i really thank you for detailed explanation,

Wow everyday I got good points on you @surpassinggoogle you are brilliant for sharing this apps very helpful and I always waited everyday for your unique post. And hope you guide us to it works on this newly projects of yours. Thank you god bless.

I will do it sir its my pleasure to do such tasks,thanks a lot terry boy.

@surpassinggoogle. Registering loading..
Heard #coinex is nice trading platform too, so is another privilege to having the coin to listed on the site. Nice work i must confess...
Cant wait to have my SMT

Coinex will feel the impact of the steem community, we so going to top the list, thanks Terry for the step by step guide, indeed you are a light on this path

Ah! I am going to do this asap. Though I am on a bus. hahaha. best wishes for ulog and steem. And thanks to our #boyterry for guiding us the whole process in an easy way.

Thank you for the guide. We will go steem to high with helping each others. I will try do that sir, i am very thankful to you for the good work in the community @surpassinggoogle

Thanks for letting us know the whole process. I am going to do it right now. By the way @steemtuner community is waiting for your entry in Our Discord. Your entry will give our members more inspiration.

steemit have a bright future and we all know this

Going to check on that, Terry. Thank you.

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Goodluck sinubukan ko sumuko ako ayaw kasi sa phone kong bulok 😅

I love you sir.
Keep steeming.
U rock

Wow! Lovely information. Promoting steem should be among our stop priority as steemians.
I'm registering right now. Thank you

I will register to Coinex. Thank you @surpassinggoogle for the helpful guidelines.

Yes, we will :)
Thank you for the guidelines.

Thank you for breaking it down for us, it sure will take some effort and time but it is worth it.

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Definitely going to check this out and register. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Steem deserves it.

@surpassinggoogle, Not only this exchange, in my opinion Steem should be included on more and more exchanges so that the market of Steem can be expanded and inturn we can see the growth of the Steem for sure. And we are watching many Steemians who are putting lot of efforts to push Steem to different Exchanges.

And in my opinion still we are in infant stage and as we will going to travel in Crypto sphere, slowly we will going to see more exchanges in Crypto Sphere and then more coins can be listed on the exchanges and inturn whole Crypto market can be expanded.

And yes, in my opinion, Cryptocurrencies developed great communities and in my opinion Steem have created one of the strongest communities and these communities are working practically in many aspects and that's why Steem have great uptrend growth chances in aspect of future and in aspect of Long Run.

So, let's hope that Steem can face more adoption in both aspects means, Adoption in essence of Users and Adoption by more exchanges.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

If everyone that read this post registers, then we stand a chance of getting $STEEM into Coinex.

Doing that right away...
@surpassinggoogle, thanks for the guide..
And thanks for every other thing...

This is good news for us steemians. Let's do it again creating one voice for adding steem.

Oh yeah i am going right away!
We want to list steem on many exchanges as we can.
Thanks for the info terry

Yes sir @surpassinggoogle you can count on me to support!Thank you for this great idea and opportunity!More power and God Bless us always!

Wow splendid opportunity, instantly taking action.

besides you've been quite away for sometime, I'm guessing you're back with a bang Terry? Please let me know 😂😂

I will do it later on. Thank you for the guide.

I am already on it Sir....If only there will be incentives for voters more people (mostly traders) will vote. Most coins and tokens that are listed so give out incentives for any vote. The ID verification process will also be an obstacle to many steemians voting.


there is likely incentive but I didn't go into that. you will be able to touch on that on your own. taking your steem to the moon is enough incentive. the exchange does have stuff but I didnt check much. there is some kind of referral but I left it optional as you can sign up without being refered.

Thanks a lot for telling the steps to vote for steem. Sir, from yesterday after you told me at a comment I tried many times but I was facing many problems to bind didn't understand... But one problem I'm facing that (6 digit code) is required at google authenticator -bind page... but there is no code in my mobile or email... can't do a vote sorry sir @surpsssinggoogle
I'll again try to verification process.😊

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you will need the google authenticator app. download that. I think that will provide the code


Thank you sir @surpassinggoogle for the info... i'll download it then i'll tell you i voted or not.🙂

It sounds very interesting, I'll have to investigate further.
This information is very good indeed.

Thank you for the clear guide/procedure sir terry I'm sure will vote for this one. I'm still hoping stee/SBD also will be added to so it would be easier.

God Bless You

Steem to the moon! I will be registering for sure. Thanks @ankarlie for considering steem and thanks sir Terry for the sort of tutorial.

Great, I will register asap. thanks to this step by step process. If not for this I would be lost. Thanks sir Terry.


Di sya mobile friendly kaya di ko tinuloy nakakaubos ng pasensya ko outdated iOS ko ayaw nya. Bakit kaya di ko sya nakita sa android hanapin ko ulit nakakaligaw talaga sya parang di ko sya kaya pagtiisan 😅

I will surely participate and vote on Steem to be listed in coinex.

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You are right sir @surpassinggoogle, I will join there get my ID verified and then i will cast my vote and I will also tell other fellow steemians(whom I know) to do that. This is really good initiative by you. Thanks. Cheers.

We will follow the steps Mr. Terry Thank you for your information, we are always supporting you!

Thanks for the information, interesting, necessary in the growth of the cryto currency and in the steemit platform.

@surpassinggoogle thank you for resteeming me.

I shall register too and get this done!

Hi terry.. i did a blog too about this and voted steem.heres the link:

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I need to understand about the exchange first because am from Nigeria.

Will do sir terry for steemit! ❤️

Let's do this everyone!

This is the way we can take steem to the moon!
My support is with you sir, going to vote for steem.

That is long process but we have to do it for steemit community. so I'm gonna apply for registration
Thanks for sharing the information

resteem this important info..

thanks for share.. 👌

Wow, the best tutorial, I'm going to thank you for the information and for all the hard work you do :D

Thanks for fatal information, we are grateful

it is very helpful article ir

Wow.. This is really educative.. I have been away the blockchain for long but it cool to be back meeting such wonderful information on the blockchain @surpassinggoogle

Good information that you shared. I will try to join to coinEx. And i want to exchanges steem .

Sir i have complited the task,have a great day @terryboy.

"Steem To Be Listed On Coinex" Voting has complited from my side sir also i have shared to groups in facebook,love to work with you.

I don't have an account with Coinex, but for sure Steem should really start expanding their cryptocurrency exchange connections!

good job in the community
Thanks sir @surpassinggoogle i will your information like it...

Thank you so much sir,i will do it,i really thank you for detailed explanation,lets help each other to grow the steemit community as this coin should lists in many exchanges.

Anything to make #Steemit the best platform in the world , I'll do it.
Every well meaning steemians will.

Steem to the Moon

I try to join this. I also accept you vote for witness.

Amazing news!

In doing this right away, thanks for such an informative post.

I wanna vote.

Great iniative from you i would love to participate in this program,lets do it @surpassinggoogle.

Im too dont really have knowledge on this exchange, but thanks to @ankarlie and to you @surpassinggoogle for making this easy tutorial on"how to vote steem to be listed on Coinex".

China is one of the big trading country, i am pretty sure if steem got listed on this exchange, steem value will boost, going to upvote steem.
I am resteeming this post so that many more could know about it.

new here, I'll start right now, how great.

What happen sir if there are lots who votes steem to coinex?

I will do that sir, thanks for the good work in the community @surpassinggoogle

This is so nice.

Yes Sir, we will :)
Thank you for the guidelines

I will join that when I got home:-)

This comment was made from

I appreciate your job. Let's together touch the success. I am with you. All the best.

I will try it sir ....i am glad to be here

Thanks for sharing

Keep steeming and make #ulogs.

Congratulations @surpassinggoogle!
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One day steem will become most liquid currency in crypto world. I will join this exchange and once i vote for steem i will let you know. But sir, why steem only, why not sbd, i think we need more exchange to list sbd also.

Will certainly register on this one.

Hello Sir @surpassinggoogle.I try to join this. I also accept you vote for witness. You can count me in joining. Will do sir terry for steemit! Thank you for taking your time to explain the process, sir, i am very thankful to you for the good work in the community @surpassinggoogle. ulog forever

@surpassinggoogle i already voted. I will try to share it as much as so that we can be no. 1 and i am sure we all will make steem to list.

Congratulations @surpassinggoogle.
I like the initiative of the ulog, I will be participating.

The interface looks easy to navigate. I think it's worth a try. Thanks for this infro @surpassinggoogle!

Hi there sweetie! I'm not sure if you get on discord often, but I left a message for you. This is a big one for me, I would love it if you checked it out!

Yes sir.
Will do anything for steemit.
An awesome platform.
It rocks.
Love steemit

It's a wonderful website of coinex.And I 'll join this your vote project sir.
Thank you for share.

I am going straight ahead to register and vote my dear steem to go wide in the global coin acceptance.....lets go there people!..

CoineX here i with you will be fun...

Ah! I am going to do this asap. Though I am on a bus. hahaha. best wishes for ulog and steem. And thanks to our #boyterry for guiding us the whole process in an easy way.

Registering right away. Hold my gratitude to steem.

Having issues with the binding of phone number. Once there is power supply, I will try it on my system