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** This song makes me think about the Steem network today.
I just want to say thanks, and hang in there, we will have our day around here!

SY- **

Lay down your funky weapon.
Yeah y'all, here we go
Pumpin' the big noise in the 90's!

Pardon me for living,
but this is my world too.

I can't help that what's cool to us, might be strange to you...

Pardon me for breathing,
can we borrow some of your air?

The problem with you and your kind is that you don't know love is there

Lay down your funky weapon, come join us on the floor
Making love and music's the only things worth fighting for
We are the new power generation, we want to change the world.
The only thing that's in our way is you.

Your old fashioned music, your old ideas,
We're sick and tired of you telling us what to do.

Pardon me for thinking, but there's something under my hair
I bet you thought the lights were on but no one's living there
You think that if you tell enough lies they will see the truth?

I hope they bury your old ideas the same time they bury you


Pardon us for caring,
we didn't know it was against the rules (shout it out!)

If we only want to love one another
Then tell me now who's the fool (tell me, tell me)

No father, no mother, no sister, no brother, nobody can make me stop

Said if you didn't come to party child, I think you better get up off of my block!


Why don't you just be happy, baby?!


Go on and get up off of my block
Get up off of my block, because
Love is there if you'd just open up to it.

If you'd just believe your whole world would change!

New power generation, you've got to rearrange. We've got
We are the new power generation, you've gotta give up all the fight

We gotta try to love one another, baby!

surfyogi gallery steem logo.jpeg

UPDATED: somehow I managed to get 2 songs mixed up for their YT links.. oops.

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This song makes me think about the Steem network today.
I just want to say thanks, and hang in there, we will have our day around here!

Everyday I wake I think about steemit. Steemit has made a significant transformation and improvements in my singing skill. Each day I do my best activity which is singing and each time I remember steemit and smile.

Well if you’re a lover of music judging from the post, I’d be honored to have you listen to my songs I’ve made since I joined steemit six months ago,only if you don’t mind.
Hanging in here , looking forward to good days ahead


it's fun to be jacked in for a while and get the vibe

We gotta try to love one another, baby!

This is a soul message for all STEEMIANS.

Awesome Funk Music @surfyogi


His passion for music is remarkable, I really love this man called @surfyogi. I had to reference him on my second post here on steemit @ablefield. It's an experience I got in West Africa. Please check it out and have your say. Thanks


Cool. sure

I always liked the rumble and pop bass playing in this song... @surfyogi



Prince was such a jokester wearing a


sorry that was from a different video, my bad, and that was not prince, but looks like him.

happy birthday sir... wow,really very wonderfull song LYRICS STUDY of PRINCE..obviously prince is a very talented singer in the world.this song listenning my heart feel very good and makes alots of love music.. of course this music big power of new generation and we can change in the world this inteligent singer song listening. i like music very much.its just heart touching..thanks to sharing for awesome thought creativity of music always with us.overall very fantastic.this song style very impressible.very well done..may god bless you.. sir @surfyogi

At first happy birthday sir and many many happy returns of the day and best wishes for you. Second one it's an amazing song and the singer is so talented and awesome voice, really enjoyed, nice selection, thanks.

Great song. Happy Birthday and thanks for all your support


WE have so much to look forward to this day, thank u


A man with a great and big heart, every of my post I can't just help it but reference this great personality, check it out @ablefield. It's my second post on a personal experience in West Africa. Thanks for the support so far

Beautiful song indeed. One that sends a message to every heart that's willing to listen.

A song of love, a song that speaks of friendship and sacrifice. A song that speaks of putting one's needs before yours.

We make the world a better, if and only if we are willing to be an instrument of change. @surfyogi.

And by the way, happy birthday to you, sir. Having more of you in these world. It would be a wonder to leave in.

More grace, and favours to you. Thanks for been a source of inspiration to steemians.


Yeah baby!


Sir, I haven't recieved my gift from you sir. It was distributed, but mine was no where to be found!! @surfyogi

Happy birthday!

Thank you a lot for all your support!


We will talk very soon my beloved Friend!

You sure do love prince @surfyogi, I do not want to get off your block so I'll come to the party. Lol. Okay the lyrics is very rich.

Once again, happy birthday to a man who has put smile on a lot of faces on steemit. Happy birthday to a genuis, a man whose name appears on almost on Nigerian steemit journey story. You've have been a source of inspiration and motivation. May God bless you this day and always


PRINCE somehow was a channel for great truth, before we understood the FORM that truth might take in the near future.
That is my theory..
@fatherfaith @zizymena

Awesome legendary old school vibe thanks to the coop op the wonderful prince...I enjoyed it @surfyogi


well, I sort of cry, and dance, at the same time....

So beautiful song♥️🎻.....I love music and movie. Your writing speech really impressive. I appreciate your beautiful creativity.

Really it is relevent

New power generation, you've got to rearrange. We've got
We are the new power generation, you've gotta give up all the fight

Music is art
Music is life
Music is passion of life .....
Enjoying the music 🎶...

A great clip and a beautiful song, this lyrical motive and the words of the text that love proclaims, make us better in this world! Thank you @surfyogi

Beautiful music is very touching heart. Really, it's fun to enjoy. Thank you boss. Have a wonderful day!

nice song.
I always enjoy such song.
thanks for sharing with us.

It's a great son @surfyogi. Thanks for sharing.


song is the part of life,
to enjoy your life, song must be needed.
I love music.

It's your day to reminiscence your journey sir, sometimes some songs aren't just songs they remind us of a lot that has to do with what pertain to us. Just like you love prince so much really.
Happy birthday sir. Cheers!

Happy birthday to you once more @surfyogi...
Wishing you all the best life can offer..
I wrote a little poetry for you today to appreciate what you've been doing..
Prince is an icon, I must say. His songs are great...

Love the song have fun daddy happy birthday once again

My dad loves this song so much

meaning of the song is really great.
I appreciate such a nice post.
song is my kingdome where It lead me.
Like it dear @surfyogi

Happy birthday! Cheers to your love for Prince's music. More celebration and more lyrics.

awesome music video,,,love to watch

Awesome song. Happy birthday sir @surfyogi. @uche-nna remember us and post about your birthday.

Happy big birthday Sir. You have been such a great influence to a lot of people. We love you!

Melerious music.
I wanna hipnotise to hear that.
Thanks for sharing sir @surfyogi.


If you like it please upvote and resteem sir.

If you'd just believe your whole world would change!

This line made me tear up!!!!

You’re the man!!!!!!

Thank you for being a source of motivation and inspiration to me!!!

And that your wig is funny😀😀😀.....Happy birthday boss, I wish you long life and prosperity. here's my birthday wish for you.

I am listening as I type............

"The good life, one day we'll know"

I am really really hoping for that :-)

Indeed this song can be applied to Stelite, everything is suitable. Thank you for sharing.

I agree with you, steemit are a new energy for all of us, and we have to keep it clean as love. Thank you for the song.

We will definitely have our day in the sun, nice one sir @surfyogi and once again I'd like to say a happy birthday!

This is really awesome sir @surfyogi thanks a lot for sharing

i know ,,this is the day of your birthday ,,,,,happy day of birth is so wounderfull../

Happy birthday @surfyogi keep touching lives sir

song is so outstanding dear @surfyogi sir....
happy birthday ,,,many joy returns of this day dear ..

music is so fentastic dear @surfyogi sir

Today it's your day and it's always going to be, so be happy & enjoy every second of life because you deserve the best! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Happy birthday boss. Stay strong for us.

Happy birthday friend @surfyogi that you enjoy your day thanks for always helping us a lot

I like it that despite errors, incompetence and all that.... you still see the positive in us...

A great day that good happy birthday @Surfyogi that you fulfill many more and you can continue to develop the excellent work you do that follow the success greetings

many many happy retuns of the day happy birthday 2 @surfyogi :)

Steemit is all I think about these days.
I used to wake up with Facebook and Instagram on my iPhone but these days I even wake up in the middle of the night and open steemit and start surfing.
Steemit has helped me in building relationships with some of the lovely people in the world.
Steemit has transformed my world.
@surfyogi I remember at the start of my steemit journey, I received a $12 upvote from you and that encouraged me to steem on.
Great lyrics though.

Music is a kind of audible art that can create entertainment in the mind of the heart with consistent sound and nuance. The creation of music in the form of voice and sound. This sound may be the sound of human voices, the sounds of the instruments, or the combination of both....

Great idea to show this for us,thanks a lot @surfyogi sir.

The best video i have seen in recent times,thanks a lot sir for sharing.

Awesome lyrics sir yes this is the power of next generation.

Wow i loved it sir as i went into many emotions great work from the crew.

This is so powerful and full of positivity great choice there :D

When @Words fails,
......................... Music @Speaks

@shakespeare :):)

awesmoe, always great to see you.
you make this platform so nice

& happy birthday to you dear @surfyogi.
always best wishes for you