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Lately there have been a lot of voices defining "growth" as THE key factor for steemit´s success in the medium term, among them Ned himself (e.g. during his recent interview on Cheddar TV). 

That, my personal and infinite commitment to the community and the fact that I have been working in marketing for a decade leads me to propose you the following idea.

The idea of a steemit promotion video 

A. Benefits 

What could be the benefits of producing and publishing a promotion video for steemit - having in mind that we want to make the platform grow:  

  1. Easy to hande and to share: It´s a perfect tool for already involved users to promote the platform in all of their other social media networks - or wherever or with whom they wanna share it. I often talked to other community members whol told me stories like: 'I convinced my brother to join steemit' or 'I invited my partner to open an account'... A nice promotion video would support all these already existing opinion makers during their word of mouth marketing process. 
  2. High potential: The steemit community is highly involved with and super commited to the platform (see: steemfest and its output). That means that a high percentage of active users would love to spread the idea. And their friends will tell their friends and... the ball will be rolling fast. So there is a high viral potential! 
  3. Easy to produce / low costs: We could start with a simple video editing, hand-made, authentic, catchy, involving, memorable. Like that there won´t be any production costs. At steemfest 2 we may take the opportunity to shoot a high end version, since we will have a lot of users at one place at the same time. 
  4. Direct target transfer: Since the video will be published online, steemit.com / the login is just one click away. So there would be a quite good conversion rate to be expected. 
  5. Brand communication: The following concept will show that this video would be the perfect tool to "explain" steemit and increase the brand awareness. It´s ideal to communicate steemit´s brand values in a very sophisticated way. Being a new brand the platform is still relatively unknown so besides the acquisition of new users the platform needs to be constantly promoted. 

B. The concept 

The concept idea is that the community itself (real people) would promote the platform in that video. The actors would do that by confessing why they are steemers (or steemians, I am still not sure which is the correct form). Every member who would like to participate could record a short video (just a few seconds) where stating why he/she loves being part of steemit.com. 

Besides the given link to the platform (example: "I am a steemer because I believe in cryptocurrency.") every user should be seen in his/her natural environment. Like this we will have a nice variety of characters (that´s the sophisticated twist) and a plenty of reasons why people should join the community. Examples for these natural and characteristic environments: doing sports, cooking, reading, playing with your kids, lying in bed, whatever.... you will know!  

To make it clear I just uploaded an example - my personal confession: 'I AM A STEEMER BECAUSE..." (I should have done the video before surfing and not after it, my eyes were full of salty water and I barely could see anything. Anyway, I think it´s OK to explain the idea...:-)) 


The confessions would be chained up, so the final video would be a series of these user statements, opened and closed with some brand information (slogan, logo, etc. - here we would need some help from the bosses).
Like that we would have a nice list of reasons why it is cool and worth being a steemer. 

C. Matching the concept with potential target groups

Depending on how many confession videos we may generate, we could do several promotion clips depending on the target group we want to reach. We will have steemers who are here because they are writers, journalists, bloggers, poets (they are here because "their voice is worth someting") or because they are cooks, artists, musicians, designers (and they love to promote their products), or because they love social media (and don´t feel comfortable any more on other platforms) or because they are economists, computer scientists (who have invested in steemit are mainly interested in the financial aspects and technical background of the platform). And of course there are a LOT more, these were just some examples to explain the idea. 

In the end every person (here: actor) already involved with steemit and promoting the idea in the video would match with a potential target group to catch. 

Like that we would stoke: IDENTIFICATION. 

D. The storyboard 

This is just an outline to visualize the idea. As previously mentioned, the middle part (confessions) could be a chain of numerous selfie videos (n). 

Next steps 

  1. Your comments on that idea. Obviously, everything stands and falls depending on the community!  
  2. If the idea was considered valuable we would need the following:
    a)... a precise guideline for the video content (length, content, format, deadline for upload)
    b)... some web space where to upload the personal confessions ('I am a steemer because...'), maybe we could use the steemit server itself (?). If not, we can use any other open cloud for it.
    c)... depending on the uploaded content: precise storyboard with related "characters". That means we would need to define which brand values we would like to communicate and who would be the ideal actors / statements to promote them. Example: if we want to focus on the target group "bloggers" we would pick out a statement from a steemer whose comment is related to blogging, writing, etc. If we want to bring out a value like "involvemente" we would pick out a quote related with community, people, socializing, etc.
    d)... some professional support for the video editing. The last time I cut a video was studying at the University. I could try, but supposedly would need much time. @steemfest published an inverview with Ned recently, maybe you guys could do at least the intro and outro?  
  3. Let´s spread the idea and get this thing growing!!! :-)  

I would be very happy to get your feedback and comments on the idea! 

Picture source title image: https://www.studiobinder.com/blog/8-production-hacks-for-2nd-ads-on-a-film-set/

Cheers & live your dream,
Marly - 

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I was actually going to post something about this not very long ago. I have a video project that I've been doing for the past four years, where I shoot one second of video for every day of the year. We could do something that spins off of that idea. For example, one second per user. Then we could sync it up with some original music by someone from here on steemit.

Hi @winstonwolfe

I just posted a 1:15 Steem Theme original music Youtube. It is minimalist visually, but I would enjoy working with you on remixing it or even creating new music for your Steemit project.

Oh wow, that's a really cool project! Looks like a lot of work, but the output is brilliant. The structure would fit perfectly with the user generated video idea. One second per steemer - nice!

Thanks. It's actually pretty straightforward. One second segments per clip. And then simply have enough music to cover the amount of time that they all take up cumulatively.

I really like the idea! If we got at least 20-30 volunteers we could start with a first nice and catchy clip. And regarding the music we should ask the musicians out here. Could be a fun community project!

Awesome! Thank you!!!

Great ideas! I would definitely participate in doing some promotions.

Is the problem attracting noobies so much as keeping them?

If I am right, the system has got 117K user accounts right now. That's a good start, but not a considerable number. I am totally with you that keeping is as important as getting them. That's why promotions have to be well done. People have to get exactly what they expect. You should read the last article from @the-alien about the 'outreach project'. There are a lot of voices considering that it's time to spread the idea on a higher level and get this thing growing.
Cheers and have a good day ;)

I've read it.
I've also read this
Notice the number of active accounts? That indicates to me that the rest are NOT active.
In other words..they came, they saw,....and they left.

Correct. But they may come back.
Steem price experienced an inflationary growth and then crashed down. Since there are still not many market participants and the price is depending on supply and demand, it can suffer these tremendous leads and lags. I suppose that many of the ones who lost money due to that rollercoaster are the ones who left. A friend of mine invested 15K and has about 5K left. He stays because he is convinced about the concept (and doesn't depend on that money either ;)).
It will be tough work to regain credibility, but here are a lot of believers. And if you strongly believe in something for a reason you may be able to convince others. That's at least my belief ;) I haven't invested yet but will do. By the time I focus on my role as a blogger. And you why are you here?

I'm here to socially interact with others, with no intrusive ads and no censorship. I was on FaceBook for a decade, AOL before that, and Fidonet before then.

I get paid here, ( a little , maybe a lot) for doing what I've been doing for the last twenty years (or so) for free.

Good. No censorship, socializing and rewarding are already three of the USPs which also might attract new users. I am here for the same reasons, especially the self-governance.

Awesome post! @surfermarly

Thank you! ;)

You're most welcome!

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Top 15 Post by Reblogs - yeah!!! That´s brilliant, never got 8 reblogs so far! This surely makes me the happiest girl on steemit :-))) And now how do I know who resteemed to thank them personally???

Add me to the list...

Cool!! Thanks!

Tell your friends, @transhuman! For the first video we should have at least 20-30 volunteers :-) Let´s do it!!

i just saw a good steemit vid on youtube the other day :) we need more!

Oh I missed that! Please share the link @doitvoluntarily :-)


Thanks!!!!! EDIT: Alright, I have seen that already. Very good one! My concept would involve the already existing users, so give it another touch.

i can't wait to see more, you've got some great ideas!
followed & upvoted! cheers!

Thank you!!!

Great idea!!!!

Thanks!!! :-)

A few other people have suggested this - I think @senseiteekay was the most recent. I think it is a great idea if we can get people doing it - it only takes one video going viral to make a huge difference.

Exactly! Few efforts and great output! Thanks for linking @senseiteekay, I will have a look at the blog!! Let´s get the ball rolling...

Great! I am happy to help in any way I can. As long as I don't have to be on video (am a bit phobic about it).

Edit: The other thing is you may want to involve @the-alien @mrs.steemit and @sirwinchester as they have done videos too and may be able to advise you better.

Haha, I think it should be voluntarily :-)

EDIT: Yeah, thanks. I would love to discuss the idea with them! As mentioned the next steemfest might also be a good platform to get into details.

Definitely. Also I suggested some other users in the edit to my answer above that may be useful to advise on this.

Yes for sure.

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Too sad. If it was a marketing idea for my own business well.... but it's for the platform.
Thanks for the support anyway!!! As always much appreciated ;)

sorry not got back to you yet. i will, just got lots of courses i'm making right now - maybe next week for the video.

Easy! :) When you have it ready, this will be the place where to post the link (an upload to vimeo would be appreciated): https://steemit.com/steemit/@winstonwolfe/i-have-an-idea-for-a-steemit-video-i-need-your-video-contributions-to-make-it-happen
Happy weekend and good luck for your studies!

I have a bunch of steemit videos on you tube in english and in german :-)
For sure we need more video promotion you are absolut right ;-)

Thanks for sharing!! Yeah, we do need that.
I wanted to underline the "emotional" involvement with steemit, not explaining it from a technical point of view but showing the users themselves and their "reasons why". So shorty and catchy clips.

This would be great! it will show friends and families that it is a real platform, involving personal interaction. I thought before that somebody would have done it in steemfest. You did say it must be at an individuals' environment so thats much better Steem on!

Thank you for your comment @immarojas! I think there is no "must", this is a creative concept process. But I think the personal environment would underline the personal spirit steemit is about. Again, thanks for your feedback and steem on, too!

Yeah youre right..bring it on!

@surfermarly this was one thing I said early on that I wanted to do. You are on the right track.

Thank you, I am happy to hear that! Let´s do it though.

yeah, i'm down for that! - i'll make one. i'll support you!

Awesome! Thank you @teamhumble. You´ve got a new follower in return ;-)

sweet. let's do this! :)

Tell your friends @teamhumble! For the first clip we will need at least 20-30 volunteers ;-)

I'm a huge fan of this idea! While I find benefit of the other vids listed that get into the finer intricacies of Steemit (like SP = greater upvote) I think something more like your idea of a non-tech, non-crypto user message of why they are on Steemit, or what Steemit is to them would have greater reach in the marketing sense. (Like your statement of being addicted to knowledge.)

Once a prospective user gets interested by relating on a curiousity/emotional level, they can then come back with the more specific questions (like the what is SP and what it does) at that point. Most people out there have little to know concept of crypto, so first we need them to see why they should care, get them to just test the site out (post, vote, etc..) and then let them 'learn backwards.'

When I've gotten into the discussion of steem/SP/SD off the bat, people eyes just glaze over in a few seconds. When they have $ in their wallet and they want to know how to cash it out (which is important to do even if just once) they are all ears and give the time needed...because they are 'invested' already.

Truly hope to see this idea come to fruition!

I appreciate your comment @sykochica and totally agree on the need to start with emotions - and THEN get into details - in this case the "technical part". Marketing works like that: first catch them and then involve. I guess a lot of potential users would better identify with the product via "faces" than data. The project presented at Steemfest got into the same direction. In any case I am excited to keep working on it! Again thanks for your support :-)

This time lapse of the steemit tide coming in might help.

Thanks for sharing @mattclarke!
You should have a look at the following post - the project is already growing ;) https://steemit.com/steemit/@winstonwolfe/i-have-an-idea-for-a-steemit-video-i-need-your-video-contributions-to-make-it-happen

Commented there, so hopefully it's useful.
I'll be really excited to see how it all turns out.

Thanks for your resteem @steemitqa! Much appreciated!!

Welcome ;)

Thanks for resteeming, @kevinwong! Great move!!

Thank you very much for resteeming this article @thecryptofiend, @sykochica, @kenny-crane, @teamhumble, @transhuman, @sandra16 - your support is more than appreciated!!! I never got so many reblogs on an article. You made my day :-)