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I am trying for 5 days to write this post and i didn't find the time to actually create it until now so...

Here it goes :)


Usually the best approach is to tell from own experience and that's how i will write.

So i created my account and personalized it by putting a cover photo with my son and a profile pic of my own..i do believe it's the best way to choose for creating your own little place in the steemit community.

After this i didn't knew what i should do but i knew that steemit can help improve your life or/and your situation and can bring new experiences in your life only if you get involved in it and bring your own personal contribution to it. However, i am not a web designer or an app designer or a bot creator, musician, poet or any kind of artist who could show his work here and earn SBD or SP and gain many fans, i don't have money yet, to travel to beautiful places and share within steemit community, i have no place to cook so i could share some awesome recipies and pics while cooking BUT i had the motivation obviously, i know english pretty well, i had the time, i had the energy, i had the will and creativity..so next step i head towards the steemit chat web browser - which you can find on the right corner of your screen- and went to "general" section where i thought to get in touch with other steemians and get more inspired and so i did.

@guiltyparties was the first one to welcome me on steemit platform and on this way i am thanking you so much for your introduction and for the few tips you told me about this new "world" and presenting me the @shadowbot https://shadowbot.us/shadowbot/faq.php which helped a bit boosting my earnings and i want to thank @mykos aswell for being my friend and sharing so many tips and the most important tip was that he inspired me to write movie reviews at that time when i first started and didn't knew what to write about, although he just told me from his own experience and so i was inspired only by his own story:). This is another thing which makes steemit such a great environment for everybody, the disclosure and the transparency it has and each member has, for ex. you can check the blog of a steemian and if you access his/hers "wallet" section you can see his/hers activity on platform, what bots he/she used for boosting own post earnings and based on that, you can do your own research after, that`s how i did too to find many important things and a few of them even apply in my own case.

My posts still aren't earning as much as a whale post is earning for ex., but as i keep on posting more valuable posts, socialize more and comment to people's posts that i like and make new friends and followers, i know i will be on the right track:)..and thanks to God there are sooo many beautiful and useful posts you can make and through which you can bring your contribution to the community and create your own little part in it.

There are 3 different type of steemit levels on the platform: Whales ...well, they are the users with most Steem Power on Steemit with big upvote power, their vote could value from 100$ SBD to so much more but they also can calibrate their voting power from 0.1% power to 100% so either you have them as your friends or you either got to create really valuable posts to earn their upvote. Second type is represented by the Dolphins who are the members with medium amount of Steem power and their upvote power is around a few cents of SBD dollar to a full dollar. Third and last type are the minnows who are...well...if you read until at this point you must know what a minnow is:D ..you are a minnow and i'm a minnow too:), we have small steem power and as low as 0.01 SBD cents of voting power but we have a great potential.

My first movie review i made, i saw it made 3$ almost and i thought those were 3 real dollars but talking with my friend @mykos i found out that those were steem dollars not actual american dollars ( LOL )...i felt donky and figured out i don't know sooo many and still i keep on discovering daily new things and boy i was so happy seeing i am actually creating online money:) ( You can check how much an SBD or STEEM dollar is worth by accessing Bittrex platform). And the payout time came after 7 days and i was a bit disappointed seeing i received only aprox. 1.70$ and i couldn't understand why so i dig deeper to find out...and i found out that when the 7 days period ends, "about 30% (give or take) goes to curators, the people that helped vote you up"( thank you @neoxian for your correction), 50% goes to your SP-steem power and 50% goes to your SBD. You can use your SBD to withdraw or invest in bots to boost your post ( but be careful, the posts have to include good content otherwise you might get downvoted and so the profit you gain will be much lower even close to 0..and you need to be careful for mr. grumpy cat conditions too..he's watching all the posts on steemit and he flags down or downvotes heavily the posts which are not original, or just copy-pasted or has just a picture and no writings or just links..in other words low quality posts..and if you want to use the bots for creating a bit more profit for yourself and for your steem power as well, you need to check his conditions here: https://steemit.com/abuse/@grumpycat/non-gumpycompliant-vote-sellers-are-now-to-be-used-exclusively-to-profit-from-the-reward-pool which say and i quote: "To know what voting bot to use when promoting legit content, refer to SteemBotTracker.com (by @yabapmatt) and only use those that have 3.5 day or less in the "Max Age" column.").

If you have no clue what to write about i would suggest to just go and search by "contest" tag key on google or in steemit searching tab and find some really awesome writing contests organised by Dolphins or Whales.

A few days ago, i went on steemit chat to contact @suesa accordingly to my friend's advice and she was kind to discuss with me about how to improve my steemit blogging experience. She told me about the @steemstem where she currently is involved in and is one of the important creators and so i decided that here i will post many of my parapsychology posts which i will be creating in near future. You will sure like this community and if you plan to involve in it you better come with really useful and high valuable scientific content because there are real scientists who verify each post made using the "steemstem" tag.

Regarding contests, yesterday i spend 9 hours to create a post concerning date of 1 december 1918, hosted by @sndbox ( and i do hope to win at least 25% &#128522 ) Sndbox community contains high value historian professionals so if you plan to participate too in one of their contests you better create high quality posts aswell.

Of course there are many more out there, you just need to do your own research and find out:).

Is a pretty late time here, around 2 am and my back hurts like hell because of bad writting position, so i need to prepare to end this post this post but i will leave some more useful

information and links to posts which helped me and inspired me:

1. @airhawk-project is a great community where you can receive support, it has telegram chat as well and it offers an easier way to sell or buy SBD and avoid the high comissions which exchangers are taxing.

2. If you like poker, you can play here: https://www.lucksacks.com and you can join their discord community channel under "SPL discord chat" menu tab ( i played a bit but i quited because i'm a looser at poker:D).

3. Here you can find important information about your voting power and about how much each member upvoted your post and more info: https://steemworld.org/@sunnyali ( you replace my name with yours or whatever steemit account you want to check it out) .

4. This is a short tutorial which helped me very much when creating a good post in a good format: https://steemit.com/steemit/@steemitguide/markdown-and-html-codes-tutorial-how-to-center-align-images-links-gif-s-and-text-bold-italic-and-headers.

5. This is about why tagging is important and how to use it: https://steemit.com/steemit/@rok-sivante/the-top-3-reasons-to-tag-your-steemit-posts-a-simple-quick-strategy-for-long-term-profits-and-success.

6. This one is about how to make and easy withdraw from steemit account: https://steemit.com/steemit/@bilta/very-easy-and-fast-10-minutes-and-you-ve-got-your-money-step-by-step-guide-how-to-withdraw-steem-or-steem-dollars-and-first.

7. This post is giving information regarding some of the existing bots you can use: https://steemit.com/steemit/@emble/worked-hard-and-your-post-got-only-a-few-cents-think-your-post-is-worth-more-learn-how-to-get-more-upvotes-and-more-value-for.

8. Reading this post you find more tips for using tags: https://steemit.com/steem/@biletskiy/secrets-of-tags-in-steemit-how-to-use-it-properly-yes-you-better-do-it-to-be-more-popular.

9. On this post, Steemit platform is better explained: https://steemit.com/steemit/@sethlinson/announcing-steemit-explained-a-new-animated-series.

10. This one is about using original images: https://steemit.com/steem-help/@mindover/don-t-plagiarize-images-here-are-13-free-and-legal-ways-to-find-high-quality-photos-you-can-use-on-steemit.

11.Newcomers can get a lot of inspiration from this post: https://steemit.com/steemit/@thecryptofiend/how-to-get-noticed-if-you-are-a-new-user-on-steemit.

Useful discord channels:

1. Here you can post your link to your post and get exposure and upvote posts which you like: https://discordapp.com/channels/330631263197200386/332592938473357313.

2. This channel helps to gain exposure aswell: https://discord.gg/kKFSNf.

3. Here you can expose your posts and get a free upvote: https://discord.gg/GXKtSm.

4. Here you get exposure and has a great service as well which is called steemfollower and i'm using it too and gets me a few cents of SBD daily: https://steemfollower.com/?r=9494 , discord link: https://discord.gg/NU33nS and here are details about this service: https://steemit.com/steemfollower/@steemfollower/help-steemfollower-com.

5. Here is shadow bot discord channel where each thursday you can promote and gain much exposure to your post: https://discord.gg/C9tYd4.

6. You can use this one too for gaining exposure and socializing: https://discord.gg/acgJ2G.

7. This is very useful service which offers exposure to your article, it costs 1 SBD: https://steemit.com/@ebargains

Hope this article was useful for you and i advice you to get involved in many discord and steemit chat channels..

I want to thank to all steemit members who put effort in posting and offer inspiration to others and putting valuable information out there for each one to find and apply!

I plan on creating a Whatsup group ( and maybe a facebook and telegram group aswell) where to gather between 200- 500 members and WHALES and DOLPHINS are MOST welcomed, group made especially for helping minnows like me and promoting valuable content on steemit community. The group will have rules and will be run by at least 4 or 5 admins which will need to have a list of all the members and once an hour each day, they will post 4 links of the next coming on list members and this way, members who put efforts to create at least a single quality post per week will have the chance to receive 200-300-400 or even 500 upvotes. This would be a tremendous help for beginners and thanks to Steemit and the steemit App developers we can easily access hourly the steemit account and the whatsup group. You can find the group by typing in the whatsup search tab its' name: ""SUNNYHETE-support group""(its' name comes from Sunny and Helping Eachother To Earn). Leave a comment if you want to be a part of it and i will contact you! See you there and....



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P.S. You can only LOVE STEEMIT!

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Really good post , You have set up a great format for most ,,


Thank you @jkenny , i do believe i could have done better but i'm still a minnow and i learn on-the-go:)..it did took quite a while to set-up the format but i treated this article like my "baby"..and baby needs to be really healthy and good taken care of:D..Goodluck!

Thanks for the useful links. I've been having some troubling finding your whatsup group though. Could you give me some pointers?


You go on whatsup and on the right upper corner you see the search bar and there u will write the name of the group which i will post a picture to see it

I really love this post .. thanks for sharing


It was my pleasure @atloscomics, thank you for your comment and goodluck!

great post, I also thought the Upvote counter was in USD haha.


:)) it's funny at this moment..thank you for your support @nathenial !

This is a pretty helpful post. Thanks very much, learned a lot, really.


Thank you! I am truly grateful for the fact that it brought great contribution in your evolution @yadah04 , i wish you much success!

Well done @sunnyali You have really put great effort in compiling this article. It's very useful.



Thank you @seyiodus , only a great steemian can appreciate at true value:)! Thank you for your support and i hope i will be able to help many steemians and open the eyes of many of the people in my local community:)

Great post! Thank you for mentioning those Steemians that inspired you with their posts. Cheers!


Thank you @ebargains for your comment and for your great service, i mention about it my post too:)! Without all the information and disclosure each member has given, i would have had to spend months to search and after create this post so i thank to each one of the steemians i mentioned and many more!

Really nice article, thanks for citing my article on Grumpy Cat :D I would like to update it with some tips to not lose money on that, I see that many people is betting last second and that makes the profitability goes way down even to negative territory.

Keep the good work!


Thank you @santana33 ! Seems that many Dolphins are Wales are talking about grumpy and some are pretty much affected...i was using "upmyvote" bot and in 3 days got my upvote lower by 4-5 sbd..i'm sorry i didn't research more about this situation but i know better now, thanks to you and i wrote about it in my post so everybody can know and act accordingly:). After you finish updating your article, please comment with a link here so everybody who reads this post can see it. Thank you and goodluck!


Hi Sunny I just updated my post, there is an UPDATE DISCLAIMER below so everybody can see the fine letter on this tool, hope people could read it better. I know the whales could dislike my post because if people times better their bids they will eventually bid less.
I would really thank you if you could resteem it around :D

wow i had no idea there was steem poker! thats amazing. I really like the format of this article, I have been reading lots of steem articles on how to use it and become better at it and thats what brought me to the steemit chat where I am talking to you right now! I really enjoyed your tips and i like how made it very easy to understand, all the other ones have made me pretty confused.


Hi @TNelectronics , i`m really happy you find my post useful for you! To be honest i think went through many posts to get at the "easy to understand" ones, so i totally understand what you say. I really tried to write in a easy to understand manner and i'm happy i managed to do so. I had no idea either there was poker platform linked to steemit..i was a bit bored one day after posting and i just searched for it on google:). Is not hard to use the right format when writting..just start with the basics then evolve to more complicated formats. Feel free to join my Whatsup group if you think it would help you. Goodluck and thank you for your thoughtful comment!

This is an amazing post and I'm so appreciative and impressed by your work. I can tell it will be worth it because you have commitment and are willing! Thank you. I'll follow for more because I don't mind at all being a minnow :) but it would be nice to be an INFORMED minnow. Take care and again, thank you.


Thank you so much for your comment...it sure fires up more my internal "engines" and makes me feel the magic of being involved and contributing to a community, to steemit community! I wish you goodluck at becoming a whale and empowering many people's lifes!


Thank you for resteeming @aspectofbeauty and thank you for firing more up my internal "engines"..i will do my best to enrich many more peoples' lifes as "you need to give first whatever you wish to receive":)!

Hi sunnyali, I really got a lot of good info on your post. I am very new and I am like a sponge trying to soak up all the information I can to be successful in the steemit community. I am so happy that so many people offer their help, without you guys I would just be pulling out my hair. Thank you


Hi @gails-word-syrup, thank you and i am so trully happy that the article i created is really useful to you. When i gather more important info i will post again. Don't worry, just have patience with yourself and enjoy each step you take on Steemit and show us the Light within you and create your own little place in this wonderful community:). If you need some advice just message me on Steem chat. Goodluck!


Thank you,
I might just take you up on steem chat I am sure I will have more questions...lol

This post is really helpful to all newbies here in steemit. I will make this as a reference, I even book- marked it on my PC. Thanks a lot @sunnyali, I just hope some Whales out there will notice this post and reward it with upvotes...


Thank you so much @joshvel , i feel true joy because it brings value to you! It wasn't easy to make it..but as any writter starts, i simply put my fingers on keyboard and started typping:). Steemit is such a beautiful and valuable community and i hope that in time it will evolve so much more with people like you and me and all the incredible steemians who already are here, involved 100%! It would be truly a booster to receive the appreciation of the Whales but this wasn't my main objective..it was to help and support steemit community and bring my humble contribution to it!

You're a definite asset to the platform and are doing great. This is a good compilation of resources that would benefit every user to review.


Thank you @guiltyparties , it's so great coming from you..well i try my best and i promise it woun't be the last one:)!

Thank you for this, I'd been looking over different posts on Steemit trying to understand the platform better but your post pretty much includes all you need to know when you are new here.


@vencero Thank you, it was meant for begginners and made in an easy to comprehend format:), i am glad it helps your experience!

Wow, so explanatory and helpful. Thanks for the tip I think I needed it the most and it came just at the right time. God bless, I have followed your blog and also upvoted you
@sunnyali you can also do well to follow me back

Great post! Very helpful! Thx a lot Allysun...!


You welcome and thanks too @louiseeran !

Thank you for sharing all those valuable tips, and thanks for taking the time to expose them, I will use them to move forward, you have my vote ...


i replied upper @gregelectronics:)

Thank you for sharing all those valuable tips, and thanks for taking the time to expose them, I will use them to move forward, you have my vote ...


@gregelectronics i am trully happy it is helping your evololution, for this i wrote it..otherwise probably would have never been wrote. As soon as i gather more information i will do other posts:). Goodluck and welcome on Steemit, enjoy your experience and mark your spot in it by adding value and helping others too:).


Thank you very much, my friend, I will ...

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Very helpful writing. Thank you so much.

That's a great collection of information and links. Thank you!


thank you @didic, feel free to apply any you find helpful to you or share with others:)

Thank you very much for this:)


You welcome @irishgirlcrypto , i'm glad it's helping your evolution:)!

This post gave me more information than all the information I had about steemit combined. Since I just started on steemit I didn't know that you can have bots to upvote your posts. Amazing! Thanks @sunnyali


@nawabofnowhere you need to have patience with yourself and do much research on your own, that's the key besides creating valuable posts:). My article can give you a good headstart but you need to involve too as much as you can:). I wish you much goodluck and welcome on this wonderful and highly valuable Steemit platform & community!

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you welcome @akarantain !

Nice and educative post madam.Thank you for taking time to write such an article,keep up the good work


thank you for appreciating it and i'm happy it's helping you @sweetinnovation !


Okay madam

Nice info thanks


You welcome @juliasdailytips , i'm glad you find it useful for you!

Wow...this is really agreat, great, great help for me particulaly...wow...thanks big boss.


i'm happy it helped you @mrxplicit , thank you too:)!

Very cool post @sunnyhete !
I’ll check all the links when l get home,they look very interesting
Im also new to this and lm trying to figure out how everything works! :)

thank you for this useful post. It certainly made my life here easier. I have been looking for a piece of something offering helpful tips to newbies like me.


@lymepoet that's great, i will keep updating it:). Goodluck and if you need advice just message me in steemit chat!

я проголосовал и подписался
надеюсь на взаимность ))


hi @ivan2018 , Спасибо

Thank you very much for this post :) This Helps!! Hope to see more of you :) Great job!!! :)


@markothegreat i'm glad it helps you! I will make a new post as soon as i gather more information:)!

Thank you so much @sunnyali, I enjoyed reading your post with all the lovely tips you gave.. I hope you will be reposting it again especially for newbies. I will follow you now and hope you follow be back too. Thanks once again


hi @magnumsteel , i love the name you choose:). I will soon make another post and if you need help, message me in chat! Goodluck to you!

Great useful post! Are you interested in translating it to spanish? I'm pretty sure it will help.


hi @marynessc , if you want to translate of course you can do it, just source it as we gotta outsource everything in our posts:). Hope it will help many more. Goodluck and if you need any kind of help just message me.

Amazing post @sunnyali Full of very useful resources... I got all the links you posts and will be visiting them one by one to learn all the valuable information in them. And I got to know more about you and what you do... really inspiring. Well done :)


Thank you @nuridin , i am sure we can both learn from each other! I am grateful that all my information is helping you and i will soon make another post. Thank you and i wish you goodluck!

I am pretty new here and i really enjoyed this post. I would love to be a member of your whatsup group so feel free to contact me.


@cryptoexpertise thank you, i will contact you as soon as we get at the numbers of members we need! Goodluck to you!

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thank you so much @canadian-coconut for your support...you truly helped me so much..thank you!

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I will definitely be referencing this as i keep developing my blog. Thank you for all of the links and steemers.


@dbactingla i am truly thankful that it brings value to you! Goodluck!

Discord invite links expired. Kindly update links.

Thank you so much for the info! I'm just starting here

Thank you for your good will to help out newcomers like me. I started my Steemit journey in december and so far it is a slow progress. The topics are bristling out constantly especially those related to travel and food, my problem is exposure. There are so many people that are doing a great work and I still struggle with any earnings. But I'm positive and hope that someday someone will notice the effort I put in my posts 😎

@sunnyali this is awesome. Just 2 weeks of being active on this platform and you've gone this deep. Am so happy
Did you remember I was asking you about some tips in our chat few days ago? I've got some things to pick here in addition to what you told me. Thanks so much for sharing this


@funshel yes i remember:), if you got some question just ask me:). Well...i had the time which i shouldn't have had..but i suppose it's the good part of the bad situation..otherwise i didnt't had the time to involve this much and be able to create this article aswell from which for sure at least 100 minnows will benefit from it and will remain here on blockchain to be found by anyone who needs it:). Goodluck at bringing your own contribution in this awesome community!