Dtube Has Loading Issues

in steemit •  5 months ago

I'm not sure anyone else has noted this but for the last three days, while Steemit works just fine, Dtube has had major issues. Either my uploads never load, or they end up so far back in every queue that they may as well just not load.

Yesterday it took about 40 minutes to upload one video. Just one. I abandoned the other three.

This is a great platform for a lot of things but the upload stability is a definite "needs work" from me!

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First off, the bot that @gray00 mentioned works very well as I have seen it in action many times. I am also working on a project that will help @dtube creators not lose their content after a period of time and in turn speed up the retrieval of the requested media.

The project is @nebulus, and our focus is to spread the media on steem around to many nodes so that no matter what a dapp has to do to allow new uploads, your creation can still exist on those services. We are not out to replace @dtube, @dsound, or any others. We want to provide them a service that will help them scale as user adoption into Steem Dapps increases.

All Steemians can now send a request to have their content from @dtube, @dsound, or any other dapp using IPFS, "backed up." The cost is currently one STEEM and will never go above one USD worth of STEEM.

The reason a user has to send STEEM to have their content saved is so that @nebulus can pay the nodes on the network for backing up the material. These nodes will both make sure your content is always found. Also, the more nodes we have, the faster your media will load no matter what time of day it is.

Our website says the following:

Nebulus is a Python-based project that gives the content creator a place to "backup" media within the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). The more areas your content exists, the better the chance that your work will be available whenever a viewer wishes to consume your media. The idea for this service spun out of the developer's desire to help the decentralized apps (dapps) on STEEM to better compete with their centralized counterparts.

Nebulus is a federated service this means that there is not just one server "backing up" your media. This is important to keep the dapps decentralized because what's the point if everything hinges on a single server.

If you are interested in learning more, I am always available to chat on discord, steem.chat, tox, or XMPP. We all love this platform, and the issues you reported are the very same that this project is aimed to solve.

Dtube is having temportary problems with their upload servers. They should get it under control. You can also join the offical dtube discord here, @nannal does a great job with the tools he has. https://discord.gg/GxmW9pJ

Us fans of dtube in One Love, we made a discord bot to decentralize videos into different locations through discord itself. It's free for standard def content you can use it if you like. We have paid plan for HD Stuff, similar to google drive. It's currently in the one love dtube and Helpie discord.

Simply join discord write commmand
showcased here. i backed up your last video. you can notice now , how it loads really quickly compared to the others.
Another thing. steemit.com just doesn't work for me anymore. I'm using steempeak.com.
Have a great day, i enjoy the shit outta your dtube content and will continue to try to improve our "community hosting solutions" to better both our content creators in one love / helpie and those like yourself who have been instrumental in supporting dtube from the beginning. We see you working and we appreciate it.



Gray is a fantastic resource for all things tech related!

Well, uploading issues is a no-no, definitely. Any server falls down from time to time, the problem is that Youtube's servers have millions financing them, so they have many backups, people at DTube don't have that kind of capital, so it's normal for crap to happen every now and then, not that it's justified either...
DTube is on version 0.7, hopefully things will be fully fixed by version 1.0, I'm glad you have the guts to go ahead and say the bad things, many people would rather abandon the platform and don't say anything, rest assured that people are doing it's best.
As gray00 said, there are people watching and supporting you, I hope DTube gets its ass in gear and fixes stuff soon. Keep Steeming! as they say :D


DTube is now in 0.8 release

Hey Styx hang in there, you may want to use DLive too. I enjoy your material so much we need to keep it here on the Steemit platform... I agree with ya about 75% of the time and value your voice 100% of the time.. I signed you up for Steem Basic Income, it's not alot but I will give you upvotes on your post so keep posting.. I hope that's not a to far left thing to do... hehehehe too funny ;9)

Just wait for Jared Rice's Dvideo to come out. I hear they're working on something big with a lot of improvements


Have you looked at DLIVE.IO? It is also on the steem blockchain and is already VERY impressive. Out of my tests with DTUBE, DLIVE, REAL.VIDEO, and BITCHUTE I was most impressed by DLIVE. It is fast, it is slick, and has both streaming and stand alone video support. Right now it is the most comparable in features to youtube.


Dlive works well. I've spoken with some team and they seemed to be very happy to see content like Styx's being uploaded, and also encourage journalists posting. Use what ever platform you choose. I enjoy DLive as well as DTUBE content.


Some people like @rongibsonchannel are using both DTUBE and DLIVE. Good idea to not keep all your eggs in one basket.

Check out DLIVE.IO also which is also on the steem blockchain. DTUBE has been around longer, but DLIVE.IO is the nicest alternative to YOUTUBE I've found outside of Youtube. It's pretty slick.

I did experiments a couple of weeks ago with dtube, dlive, real.video, and bitchute.

Out of those I was very impressed with dlive.

My advice. Use them all.

EDIT: It should be also mentioned you can simply login there with the same credentials you use for DTUBE since it is part of the steem blockchain ecosystem.