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RE: A tidbit for all Steemdiffuser users.

in #steemit4 years ago

A perfect place and opportunity for me to ask why this bid got your vote, but not your frontrunners' votes.
Because I saw no frontrunners on it, I assumed it might be automatically refunded once the round would be over, so I sent another bid and got your votes on both of them eventually, but the frontrunners' only on one.
I would not have sent 2 bids in 1 round otherwise.


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I can’t see the link you sent. As a reminder the Frontrunner votes aren’t guaranteed. I issued a refund. Thanks

When I checked the link I sent I could not see its content either, because became garbage too.
This is the content:
Just for you to not suspect that I fooled you.
Next time when fails, replace in the url either with (which will probably not help, but it might) or with .
I saw the statement that they are not guaranteed, but I also saw the list of cases in which they are (garanteed?) to not happen, carefully checked for their "VP"s and can still not fathom why they did not happen.
Under very similar conditions they happened in the past.
If there is a difference in the conditions, I am curious to know what it is.
BTW, I did intentionally bid more than once per round in the past, but so far I never fully double bid in terms of trying to get frontrunners on both links.
I might do it in the future, but this was not such a case.
Appreciate the refund, will be back to bidding with steemdiffuser.

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Thanks for the follow up. Yeah I only guarantee the Steemdiffuser upvotes and not the Frontrunners as each account is different and many people still use their account for personal voting. I tried to provide some guidance for the users to have a greater chance of getting the votes but I generally won’t refund if someone was expecting these additional votes. I’m not sure why the delay but in almost every case it is the Steem nodes that cause issues with the bots. This was probably the case because the bot fails over to various nodes when it can’t lock onto the database. Thanks again for the support

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