Ben Garrison, an invitation to start using Steemit as part of your social media presence. [Updated - Be will look at Steemit]

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Congratulations on your success so far, but more importantly, thank you for fighting the good fight.

I am inviting you to add Steemit to your social media portfolio, and I'm sure that many others in the Steemit community will chime in on this invite ;>

Since you are busy, I'll break this invitation into two parts:

  • Steemit is censorship resistant
  • Steemit can be financially rewarding

Steemit is censorship resistant

I saw a Tweet indicating that Sean Hannity was banned from Twitter today; we've all seen Assange go from Twitter banning to "restricted" status; even the President of the United States suffered a "technical malfunction" silencing his voice...God knows how many of us are shadow-banned on the main social media sites.

I'll be using some of your own words and images ( all property of GrrrGraphics) to illustrate this further...

The big platforms from Facebook to Reddit have long been known to silence speech they find offensive; a running joke on Reddit is to say that one had spezzed, not edited his comment

Facebook found it easier to shut me up than remove my tormentors. Why? Because lately it seems right-leaning libertarians and conservatives are assigned the blame. Milo Yiannopoulos has an Oscar Wilde-like wit that can hurt the feelings of the left and social justice warriors, but he should not be silenced because of “hurt feelings”. Twitter was out of line shutting down his free speech. He may have hurt your feelings, but if you’re willing to be in the public eye, then criticism must be expected
Free Speech Busters

On Steemit...
While your material can be voted down (flagged) for less visibility, it can not be edited or deleted by a site adminstrater; your account can not be banned, or deleted, or shadowbanned. We have seen abuses of social media systems on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit when posting material contrary to The Narrative results in censorship, have we not?
Why patriots should start using Steemit

This seems to be in line with your own views on supporting liberty through free speech...


We as private citizens need to reclaim and fight for our rights as enumerated in our Constitution. It’s time to speak out and express our outrage at the growing tyranny of Big Government.
About GrrrGraphics

Steemit can also prevent the damage done by trolls...

those who are effective can also face massive attacks from anonymous trolls who are out to shut down the free speech of those speaking out against government corruption.
Rogue Cartoonist: The Internet Perils of a Citizen-Muckraker

And it doesn't matter whether free speech is silenced by trolls, or propagandists solidifying a Narrative, trolls can "justify" censorship by the puppet-masters...

If we ban hate speech outright it means there will be someone out there who gets to decide what hate speech is—and that’s a noose we don’t want to see tightened. We don’t need censors and scolds telling us what we can say and cannot say. We don’t need commissars of free speech regulating the Internet.
Free Speech Busters

So how does Steemit prevent censorship?

Blockchain technology...
Basically, your post is copied entered onto the chain, copied onto multiple record sets/databases/computers, and passed onto each to verify that all databases are the same...
the record keeping is "Transparent and incorruptible"

Why patriots should start using Steemit

In addition, the biggest stake-holders in Steemit, those whose early investment, or success in writing and other words, those who have the greatest potential to harm or help you...are likely to support you!

The first adapters of this website are anarchist-capitalists (ancaps)...really, pure anarchists...and libertarians. They do not flag (downvote) for political differences

In the beginning, these were the bulk of users. Steemit is still in Beta (testing) mode, but has opened up to many users, most of whom see it as an opportunity to make money (I'll touch on this in a second).
Why patriots should start using Steemit

Steemit can be financially rewarding

I'm happy to see that you are being rewarded for your efforts to combat does make the struggle easier to keep at, doesn't it ;>

Through Patreon, he's even become a modest financial success, though he's quick to point out that the platform doesn't reward his worldview as much as others'. "Pro-tranny cartoons get 15 to 20 grand a month, but conservatives, we don’t get that kind of break."

...but another income stream never hurts!

Here I am, a no-name independent writer with little following outside Steemit, and I have won through my efforts a current value of $20,000 in stake, while pulling out several thousand in actual dollars over the last year.

Steemit rewards contribution through the upvotes of it's stakeholders, the more stake (Steem Power), a Steemer holds, the more his vote rewards the creator...without costing the stake holder any Steem capital of their own...AND IN FACT, EVEN REWARDING THEM WITH ADDITIONAL STAKE FOR DOING SO!

Yes, you can make money on Steemit. Until you have built a following of readers, it is not likely to pay much.

The payment system is complicated, other posts explain it better than I can, but I will simplify...
The more Steem Power a user has, the more their upvote (i.e "like") is worth in terms of system payments to the post creator.

The payments are issued based on a cryptocurrency called Steem

That is another reason I urge patriots to start participating on Steemit, to start building our networks.
Why patriots should start using Steemit

Thanks for reading this, Ben. I hope you take a good look at our social media platform, and consider joining up with us!

I can't help but add that your participation would add even more patriots to our community, and benefit us as well!

Support Ben and GrrrGraphics

@GrrrGraphics Twitter

Ben's Patreon


@jbgarrison72 got an answer from Ben; I'd suggest that we like and reTweet Ben's answer and let him know that we have an active community here!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Ben Garrison needs to get on here. He's already on Gab, but Steemit is better.

(EDIT: Mission accomplished, he's responded that's he's checking it out @stevescoins)
Mission Accomplished Zoom.jpg


Thank you. I'm going to edit my post to reflect this, but you should kick out a post with that pic, and explain your outreach; I don't mind a lil credit LOL, but @nxtblg suggested the post.Use the #informationwar tag, and we'll get more eyes on w/ curation

Then we should encourage Ben with more likes on his comment, to demonstrate that there is a large user base on the platform

let me know if you get a further answer, and if you write that post, comment the link here!

I finally maded a relevant post ...thanks @stevecoins!

I'll hopefully get something up tomorrow with the #informationwar tagged. :D

Resteemed! any thoughts on how soon we might follow up with Ben? we don't want to stalk him

I'll send it to him on GAB, and @nxtblog will as well; I'll try to flood my social media with it, but as @libertyranger points out, we are all likely shadowbanned on the big platforms, either due to rightwing opinion, or pimping out Steemit

Can I get a resteem on this one? It'd be much appreciated!

I also messaged his Facebook page about it.

You got a resteem from me.

Oh boy... New stuff to upvote!

Great to see you joining in! If you're a long-term fan of Ben Garrison, you'll have an edge if you contact him about it.

I went to the link and sent him a message.


By the way... Check out my post today... It's getting pretty good feedback!

Doing so now...

I'll be back over there in a bit, got some follow up on this to take care of...see the update


Glad to. As I just explained in a comment to your original post, I also sent him a follow-up letter through his Website's contact form. It was explanatory rather than sales-y.

He might ignore our efforts, but that would just be a sign that it's too new for his comfort level. As I've found out, crypto grows on people.

you ought to post that; I don't think we should copy/paste/spam to his inbox, but it might be nice to see a different approach.

I don't think a flood of emails asking him to look at steemit would be bad...unless they were all the same letter over and over ;>

Too late for me to post it. But no worries; it wasn't flashy. :)

But now that you've brought up the subject: it's be great if @dollarvigilante also contacted him via open letter. Jeff Berwick's been a master at working Steemit as a micro-business.

Hopefully, they'll see this ping.

I've always been hesitant about dropping my links on other's blogs; just seems a bit spammy. there's a couple of people I do it on rarely, but I'm long term commenter on their blogs, too. So I does hope he sees the ping!

I tweeted him on Twitter... probably won't be seen, but, you never know.

...aaaaand, resteemed! :D

Thank you!

I gust noticed that you are j B garrison, are you sure you're not Ben? ;>

Lol... no! I couldn't take that kinda' heat.

@nxtblg provided us with a contact form

What's keeping him from making a fortune on here? Imagine what Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson could make..

Not Alex Jones... Steemit isn't big enough for his ego!

We can add more witness servers.

After all Alex is a Board Certified Lunatic as well.
Different board but none the less still certified

I just sent Mr. Garrison a personal letter through the contact form on his Website. It was just explanatory, but I hope it'll encourage him to give Steemit a look-over.

Great! 19:25 UTC --> 2:25 PM Eastern.

I haven't gotten any response from him on Gab or through Email. Looks like he pays more attention to Twitter - or to @jbgarrison72 .

mighta thought he was a cousin LOL

I've asked JB to write a post about the response (I don't want to hog all the credit here, especially since JB got the answer, and it was your idea to begin with) to keep the idea current on the steem feed.

I'm hoping that folks will retweet and like Ben's response on Twitter so he can see we have an active community

No relation, but @nxtblg and @stevecoins gets all credit for outreach, I'm just a cog in the Steemit machine! :P I'll compose some kind of post tomorrow... too tired tonight to think straight, lol.

GrrrGraphics BenGarrison Cartoons tweeted @ 27 Jan 2018 - 19:25 UTC

@jbgarrison72 Looking now thanks!

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

now that's a gooder idear!

I'll follow your example on this. I doubt he shadowbans his own mail LOL

I sent one too!

The meme has become the new political cartoon, and no modern artist has made more of an impact than Ben Garrison. We live in a world dominated by the 24 hour news cycle. Many people don't even make time to read articles, let alone books. People like Garrison are needed in the fight for liberty. If the average picture says 1,000 words, Garrison's political memes say millions.

well put. I hope you join us in inviting Ben to use Steemit

Yes I will. I follow him on every platform, including GAB. People like Ben are valuable to America and are only further incentivized to produce content when rewarded for their work. Speaking from personal experience, producing content takes up a great deal of time and putting in such work is a lot easier when financial rewards come along with it.

I have also invited Ben to STEEMit, Granted it was on Twitter and my account is generally shaddowbanned so the likelyhood that he saw my invitation is slim.

Now here is another problem. My wife still post a great deal on
Fascistbook and I on occasion will share my STEEMit post on her page. Then I go to look for it and cannot find it, even for myself. She will then ask her friends if they have seen the post, as she herself is sitting there looking at it and she ask what do they think of it? They too confirm, I cannot find the post, are you sure you posted it? they ask?

So I hope Ben sees this where ever you put it because between Twatter & Fascistbook if it says STEEMit.coin the URL it will likely get buried and shadowbanned.

Otherwise it was a wonderful read and is an accurate depiction of what STEEMit is.

I think it's going to take a lot of us, hitting every social media channel there is, and hopefully if Ben doesn't see it, maybe a friend of his will.

The next step is going after Trump. I don't think bringing here would kill Twitter, but it would be a shot in the nads LOL

see my reply to JB above re:shadowbanning

Can I get a resteem on this one? It'd be much appreciated!

Oh you were reteemed already. I'm a Yuge Ben Fan, have been for a long time so anytime I see his stuff or references I take to it.

Let a message for you in your STEEM wallet.

thank you for the resteem, and voted for your witness

Thank you for the witness vote.

You know I have been trying to get other users either over here or to adopt more of the STEEMit app base.
Like Stefan Molyneux & Mike Cernovich

Perhaps we need to setup a STEEMit Bring on the Conservative Pundits Membership Drive campaign and really get a lot of people behind this to get there attention.

Stefan is pon Steemit but I have been trying to get him to dump youtube and use It seems I have gone un-noticed in his Steemit Post reply threads and tweets

this is a good idea, I'll set up a tag this PM. It benefits us by proving more American minded contributors and by boosting the platform

and we have an update

GrrrGraphics BenGarrison Cartoons tweeted @ 27 Jan 2018 - 19:25 UTC

@jbgarrison72 Looking now thanks!

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

@nxtblg provided us with a direct contact form

This is what activism looks like in action

I would like to see Ben Garrison publish here on steemit.
I am sure many of us would help him set up an account.


@nxtblg provided us with a direct contact form

Great, tell us if you need us to send 10 STEEM to start his account.
Using is an easy interface to set up an account.

I think I can carry the freight on this one if he asks, but muchas gracias for the offer!

Ben Garrison would be a welcomed addition to the Steemit platform. It would be a natural win-win for him and for Steemit. How can we make this happen?

either share this post with him on any social media you have, or write your own personalized appeal for him to join, which I in turn will blanket my own social media with ;>

if this works, we will start other personalized recruitment campaigns

gotta love win-wins!

This is really quite an ingenious tactic you've employed here @stevecoins.... it might just work!

I hope so, and we should start thinking and compiling a list of folks we'd like to also recruit here, starting with Trump

@nxtblg provided us with a direct contact form

Tell me what I need to do... other than RS!

@nxtblg provided us with a direct contact form

a repost on any other social media you have; maybe a blog mention on your Good Reads page (which brings up another market to guerilla-promote Steemit in

and Thanks!

Got it... Done! Plus I RS'd it!

now we just sit and wait...or we coordinate a soon-to-launch campaign to recruit Trump

He's easy...

we'll swarm im wherever he has contact points

I'll send him a copy of my book to sweeten the pot lol!

That's an awesome post, made me think about how Google decided that Abe Lincoln is no longer a Republican.

Of course it might be too confusing for people to think a Republican freed the slaves right?


I have been reaching out to 1974 Hula Hoop Champion of the World Mat Plendl to come join us on as well, big things!

Everybody we can get!

Highly rEsteemed Bruv!
Great work... as always.


thanks yet again, Frank

Love the new pic!



I started follow you😍😍😍😍

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GrrrGraphics BenGarrison Cartoons tweeted @ 27 Jan 2018 - 19:25 UTC

@jbgarrison72 Looking now thanks!

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

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