WOW.!! This is a bit of a shock. I would like to take this opportunity once more to thank Ned for everything he has given us.

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Massive Thanks to Ned


Following on from the announcement on twitter

Following on from the announcement from Ned on twitter, I would like to take this opportunity once more to thank Ned for everything he has given us and wish him tremendous success on his new adventure.

New Accelerator Program

Looking forward to hearing more about the vision on the future of #Steemit in particular details of the New Accelerator Program.

Exciting times.!!

Thanks again for reading.



Stephen i guess i need to thank you for thanking Ned, everybody is panicking and forgetting that the man did good too. And we will see what the future brings, and indeed i too wish him tremendous success on his new adventure, or on his retirement, its a business transaction after all. normal life

People are freaking out thinking they need to power down and sell NOW:

I just think this.. and relax people. Steemit will be developing for Tron. Now people who USE tron for games will be blogging about their experiences. They will earn STEEM and convert to TRON for more game currency or whatever. This is my reading of the superficial information we have. NED being gone is nothing new. He has dissapeared for the past 2 years it feels like. So he just sold out because he has no idea what he was going to do next.

People are freaking out thinking they need to power down and sell NOW:

Now's the time to Power Up and Buy more #Steem..!!


I agree, i don't know how anyone doesn't know this lol

Ned has low funds but Sun has huge funds to grow Steemit. I think, it's a good news for steemit.

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I have seen this tweet and also your reply sir. This is the hot news today and even lot's of questions. Not sure if it's good or bad for us.. may be AMA tommorow helps to answer many questions

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Is steemit purchased by #tron and steemit going to migrate from steem blockchain to tron blockchain butt what will happened with steem please help me to understand?

After reading this article I think steemit and steem both with all dapps going to migrate to tron blockchain and steem blockchain is going to zero or dead but my English is weak please explain more it for me and other steemit users

Good job Ned. Now we get a great CEO the marketing king Justin Sun. Steemit will grow fast....

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Just my thoughts.

With EOS bringing out VOICE, have Dan Larimer and Ned Scott decided to ditch/sell Steemit to Tron.

Will EOS Voice trump/replace Steemit - or have I got this wrong?

Promoting #Steem and #Steemit.

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Massive shout-out to everyone in the #Steem Community.

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Steemit should be decentralize and censorship free as it on steem blockchain and current steemit users should not lose anything when migrate to tron blockchain

Partnership is good between tron and steemit if there is a consensus between tron and steem blockchain developers it's also very good but if steemit is controlled or of everything thing chenged by tron blockchain developers and owners it's no good for both #tron and #steem community's