When I put these "Bad Boys" on, you know I have come out walking and doing some thinking. Video coming soon..!!

in steemit •  3 months ago

Thinking with these "Bad Boys" on..!!


Video coming soon

Those that know me well, will tell you that I do a lot of my thinking when I am out walking and hiking.

When I put these "Bad Boys" on, you know that I will soon be sharing with you my thoughts.

Today, I have decided to come out walking and doing some thinking.

Stay tuned, I will be sharing a video later of my ongoing concerns and worries.

Thanks again for reading.


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If these bad boys keep you thinking of new things ,always be with these bad boys ,so lucky you are dear,I would be w8ing for ur video

It's looks like you walk a Lot,
OH can't wait to see your video,
I HOpe it will add value to our steemit journey in a great way.

It looks you worked hard for your next video.waiting for your next awesome work.

hahaha you are master in creating suspense. Upload it as soon as possible.

Hahaha just stay calm and think deeply😂

Looks like you have a tough looking thinking boots....Think well deeply.

Waiting for video to hear your thoughts. 😀

I just can't wait to hear your thoughts sir.

Those are some "shit-kicking" boots alright :-D! Steel toed too?

I think it will related to traveling. I will wait your video 😞

Sir you are a hard worker man.....waiting for your next Amazing video..


I could only imagine where those "Bad Boys" can take you ;) I am looking forward to see the video :)

Have a fantastic day :)