The BEST of The BEST and why STEEMIT has the potential to become a +$500billion Global Social Media Powerhouse..!!

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Back in September I wrote a blog titled: "Why STEEMIT has the potential to become a $500billion Social Media Powerhouse leaving Facebook in the dark..!!"

For the ones that missed the Blog here is the link....

I have been Blogging to STEEMIT for a little over 3 months and wanted to revisit this Post and reiterate where I can see STEEMIT heading.

Supported and powered by BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY and being one of the first to launch a Global Social Media CryptoCurrency backed by VALIDATED and VERIFIED CONTENT the potential of STEEMIT's future is truly MIND BLOWING..!!

Harnessing "The BEST of the BEST" BLOGGERS in the World under one DECENTRALISED COMMUNITY and rewarding them in it's own CURRENCY is borderline GENIUS..!!

In fact I would go as far as to say that it surpasses this..!!

Think about this for a moment......

.......Imagine the World’s Top 100,000 most intelligent, bright, smart, clever, brilliant, ingenious, knowledgeable people in all subjects including: Economics, Finance, Affairs, Innovation, Creation and Education, all writing, blogging and sharing some of the best content available in the World, what would this be worth..??

I can tell you now, $500billion sounds CHEAP..!!

Thanks for reading.


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Im in full agreement and give you a BIG 4 ! NOT 2 ! THUMBS UP ! LOL!

;) ;). Thanks Karen. Stephen

We can do it Stephen but it just takes time. Influencers will join as soon as they feel like they are missing out on something.

Totally agree. Stephen

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That would be great, but on-line information does not seem to be highly valued in general. Facebook turn over billions, but they need over a billion users to do that. I wonder if on-line advertising can scale up any more as they ultimately need to sell stuff. I know Steemit doesn't rely on advertising, but it will be compared to sites that do. Even when there is a chance to earn money people will still use other services. I think it depends on the features and the available audience. This is still a new world for business. It's only in the last few years that such markets have existed at all. Hard to make any predictions, but I do want to see Steemit do well to disrupt the market.

"That would be great, but on-line information does not seem to be highly valued in general." Thats because most of it is Centralised Garbage. What I'm talking about is STEEMIT having a Decentralised FULLY TRANSPARENT community. This is a whole new ball game and the potential is simply MIND BLOWING. Thanks for the comment and support I appreciate it. Stephen

yes, let's include the entire steemit economy

Yes, 99% of the internet is garbage. To succeed Steemit will need to bring in names that people respect and want to follow. Social/media sites live or die by that

"To succeed Steemit will need to bring in names that people respect and want to follow." TOTALLY AGREE. This is something I have been banging on from day one. It would take someone like Kim Kardashian tweeting something like "Steemit Rocks" and you would see Steemit explode to 500k users overnight..!! It will come. Stephen

Do you have her number? ;)

....I wish... ;) ;)

I agree and even more 99% of people will never get a dime out of Steemit or be capable to make a living out of it, so at the end they will not use in mass this system.

There is too much optimism

Optimism is good, but needs to be mixed with realism. We've seen sites die despite having many users. Steemit is different to most in not depending totally on someone keeping a site running, but if the site did go then most users would be lost. There have to be reasons to return for all levels of user. All should have some potential to earn if they are active.

Only 500 Billion I was hoping for 1 Trillion :-). Steemit is a small fish but now not sure how the big fish will react to it..

The +$500billion point is simply trying to get accross that a Decentalised fully TRANSPARENT Social Media Site based on its own currency and has NO DEBT has the potential to be worth more than Facebook that is valued in $dollar terms (ie DEBT). Stephen

Shared on Twitter✔ for my followers to read and see what they are missing out on. Stephen

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