STEEMSUNDAY: Wishing all those that are on their way home from Steemfest a safe journey home and a massive Thank You to 998 Voters for your 3,660 Votes this week.

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A Massive Thank You

As the week slowly comes to an end I would like wish all those that are on their way home from #Steemfest a safe journey home.

It has been fantastic to watch the presentations that were made at #Steemfest.

So much talent..!!

These are exciting times for us all and one that will make 2018 an awesome year.

This week has been another great week on #Steemit and one that has seen an awesome new logo/colours for #Steemit, that now clearly separates it from the #Steem logo.

This is a great move and will now allow #Steemit to scale to the dizzy heights that we are all dreaming of.

As the week wraps up I would like to once again wish a warm welcome to New Users to #Steemit and a huge Thank You to everyone who has voted on my Blog this week.

Thank You to an outstanding 998 Voters for your overwhelming 3,660 Votes this week.

Every week I always like to select a small few and say a Special Thank You and this week that goes to....

@thejohalfiles (5), @engagement (2), @slowwalker (7), @fulltimegeek (3), @livingfree (37), @thecyclist (2), @nanzo-scoop (46), @alexis555 (9), @nextgencrypto (2), @newhope (9), @redes (7), @czechglobalhosts (7), @ripperone (6), @vortac (46), @mangos (5), @famunger (4), @urbanoid (5), @starkerz (2), @inventor16 (46), @jacobcards (4), @streetstyle (8), @hedge-x (6), @etcmike (130), @sandra (31), @completelyanon (13), @cryptoeagle (46), @bitcoinsig (46), @slider2990 (46), @t-bot (46), @abh12345 (46), @kyusho (46), @lovemetouchme2 (46), @mafeeva (46), @ghostwriter82 (46), @tastetwist (17), @mandagoi (46), @saamychristen (46), @mummyimperfect (46), @ryanreynolds (14), @sv67216721 (46), @cryptoshack (46), @lasseehlers (46), @eirik (13), @juvyjabian (20), @ak2020 (46), @vandal (14), @profitgenerator (46), @dragon40 (46), @lifewithcrypto (46), @aismor (46), @mikeaga888 (46), @thethreehugs (42), @subcosmos (21), @sellout (46), @garethdear (30), @ygriffiny (20), @wikifacts (46), @omacrypbiz (46), @joshcash (23), @piyasmarty121287 (35)

(*) Number of votes.

So as I grab my hot chocolate and wish you all a great week this week, it leaves me to wrap things up by saying.... yes you've guessed it.... " Guys Simply ROCK..!!"

Thanks for reading.


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