Steemit Tweaks Rewards Model to Attract New Users and Investors..!!

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Credit: financemagnates

Just read this article that was published earlier today by Finance Magnates on the upcoming Hard Fork scheduled for December 6th and thought I would share it with you.

Here is the link....

Credit: financemagnates

A great article and all credit to Finance Magnates for the content.

STEEMIT is re-writing the rulebook for Social Media Content Production and it was never going to be easy to find a balance between offering an incentive to join with one that would keep the User and Investor engaged and I think this Hard Fork is truly a remarkable step in the right direction.

It's all about reaching out for more USERS and INVESTORS and making it worthwhile for them to join us.

This Hard Fork gets my thumbs up..!!

Thanks for reading.


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That's the exact same article I shared on Thanks for showing it to Steemers who missed it earlier.

GREAT POST! "75% will be given to authors and content creators." Hopefully this will get me back on track to receiving rewards again. I am still seeing new people joining here and earning rewards(even with small balances) while I'm stuck in a rut receiving '0'! I still enjoy being here [email protected] I'm getting interest on my SP.

Stick at it. It will be worth it in the end. Stephen

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Steemit Tweaks Rewards Model to Attract New Users and INVESTORS..!! BLOCKCHAIN INVESTMENT

Thumbs up! Upvoted! and Resteemed!

Great content, thanks for sharing,

Thanks for the support Mike. I appreciate it. Stephen

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