Look back at the Predictions for 2017. Including: It will be an Awesome Year for STEEMIT, Bitcoin, Steem, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Gold, Silver. Also Covered Fake News and Sovereign Debt.

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Look back at the Predictions for 2017

What to keep an eye on as we move through November and December

As we pass through the last 2 months of the year I thought I would reflect on the Predictions for 2017 I made on the 1st January 2017.

For the ones who have not seen the predictions, I have included the link above.

The predictions made on the 1st January 2017 included a number of topics and in the short video I said that it would be an Awesome Year for #STEEMIT, #Bitcoin, #Steem, #Cryptocurrencies, #Blockchain, Gold and Silver.

I also suggested that both Fake News and Sovereign Debt would play a huge role.

I am please to see that the following have occured:


#Bitcoin has risen from $963.74 to $7,530.40. (x7.81)


#Steem has risen from $0.17 to $0.88. (x5.17)


#Cryptocurrencies have increased in Market Capital Valuation from approx $24 billion to over $200 billion.


#Blockchain has dominate the world headlines in technology.


#Gold has risen from $1,150.00 to $1,269.76. (+10.4%)



#Silver has risen from $15.90 to $16.83. (+5.8%)


What to keep an eye on

As we move through November and December and close out 2017, keep a very close eye on both #Gold and #Silver..!!

Thanks again for reading.


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Shared on twitter. Stephen

Bitcoin rules all the way in 2017...The best performing asset.

Like always, SPOT ON prediction, what is your prediction for 2018? BTC = $20000? or more? what about Steemit?

Thank you. I see 2018 will see +$20,000 Bitcoin and an explosion in #Steemit and other Applications feeding to/from the #Steem Blockchain. The real potential of the #Steem Blockchain will be unlocked in 2018 when Smart Media Tokens SMTs are released and adopted. I expect to see an explosive growth in SMTs in 2018 and this will dominate the headlines for the #Steemit / #Steem Ecosystem throughout the whole of 2018. Stephen

Thanks @stephenkendal - hopefully keeps climbing

I could not listen the video on an Amazon Fire HD8.

I was thinking it was not so good for Steem then I remembered it started at $0.18 not around $2 when I got involved. Gotta bookmark this post now.

Some people are assuming the world is collapsing on #Steem when in reality it is still growing. At $0.88 it is merely finding a new bottom from the explosive growth we all witnessed from the lows at $0.07 to the recent high at $2.80. Once this bottom is found, we can put a peg in the ground and build from this. Stephen

I think today all currency are increasing their value, but don't understand, why occur these happen, do clear me about these.

I have included some example currency:


Do you know another increasing currency that has bright future?

if you know please, suggest me

My prediction is that btc will drop after the fork and then alts will start shooting up again and we will see new all time highs for many altcoins.

I think you can copy the prediction for 2018 as well.

This view fits right into an article I recently wrote. I wrote this which is targeted to people who feel it is too late to get in and participate in the exploding crypto/blockchain sector. https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@motowngold/bitoin-crosses-7000-dollars-what-can-you-do-about-it-some-investing-ideas-including-crypto-related-stocks