Unofficial Steemit 2017 Roadmap For Regular People or Those Too Lazy To Read The PDF

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After getting my mind blown by the official Steemit 2017 Roadmap, especially in regards to the fabric concept of the future structure of the blockchain, I realized that many regular folks just want an overview of it that they can digest in 5 seconds or less.

I just created for everyone the Unofficial Steemit 2017 Roadmap for Regular People. This a part of my newly created series called Stellabelle's Operation Newbies:


I just powered up some Steem and after reading the Steemit Roadmap, I feel very inspired and hopeful.

I'd like to thank Dan and Ned for their unwavering commitment to moving forward with this brilliant project that I have at times criticized heavily. I will probably continue to criticize the flaws I see in this platform, but I will also try to step back and see that I may be overreacting in an unnecessary way. I hope, like all relationships, that we can learn to forgive each other when we screw up. The thing I like about this place is that no one can really hide behind their inflated sense of self for very long without someone or many calling them out.

I think there is a place for real understanding and forgiving each other. No one can be correct 100% of the time. I bet most of us have more in common than not, so it's a bit wasteful of energy to spend it on fighting ego battles here in Steemit. But, as with all things, I guess it's also necessary to have an all-out war in order for things to progress in a meaningful way. My suspicion is that when the Nameplaces/Communities evolve, we all will be too engaged in those to waste our energy on the content wars. I could be wrong though. I am definitely looking forward to Communities and I have plans to help move a Facebook group over to Steemit.

Also, @ervin-lemark and I are working on a website to track the movements of the Steem Gnome. And updated info: The Steem Gnome website is up and running! See where the Steem Gnome has been:

This is part of a marketing project to bring something fun and maybe a little absurd to our Steemit experience. You can see the Steem Gnome travel around to different parts of the planet. See @ervin-lemark's post that describes him building the Steem Gnome website:

If you haven't heard about the Steem Gnome yet, here's a video:

To read the official Steemit 2017 Roadmap, go here:

By the way, I created this graphic using the free online software, piktochart.



The good old stellabelle back on the trending page! Great ideograms, btw!

I guess people can sense when I'm being completely open to admitting my own mistakes, and personality flaws......

Great job again, @stellablelle, and I'm very glad to read your positive outlook on the process of it all. Waves of warmth and goodness are rising up my spine while reading your post. Thanks a bunch. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Waves of warmth and goodness


Im sure I am in the minority, but i was very very disappointed in the roadmap.

The biggest single issue for steem is user recruitment and retnetion, and besides a tutorial (which is not really needed IMO) it really offers no solutions for that.

Instead, it focuses on additional, ongoing rule and software changes -- changes that make steem extremely unattractive as an investment of either time or money. At some point the creators of steem need to realize that no one is going to put serious money into it before it gets past the hardfork every month and a half phase.

to me it seems like all icing and no cake.

I guess I'm happy to see user improvements. This will take sufficient time. What i find most worrisome is that there are no checks and balances on power.

I think interface improvements (likethe drag and drop image thing) are great. But small interface improvements and Achievment badges and "gamification" aren't going to solve steemit's user recruitment/retention problems.

And making special "members only" sections of the site or allowing posters to censor replies to their posts will only make matters worse by hurting engagment.

Also, A stake decentralization plan that will be a "multi-year proccess" and that only addresses using the steemit account to pay site expenses (which we already knew)is very disappointing.

Way over my head but still looking forward to whats going to happen:)

it's exciting though isn't it?

I think so lol :)

It is certainly very exciting:)

agreed. I noticed we were all at the same time crafting our unique 'roadmap' posts. ha ha

Lol it is synchronicity:)

yes, but Dan votes for your roadmap and not mine! wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Even if Dan voted at 1% for mine, I'd feel like today is a success. It's not the amount from him, it's his approval that I think I"m seeking....I guess my 'contributions' to help newbies are not highly valued by the team....oh well! This is what it's all about, subjective valuation. Games will go on.
Update: Dan just voted for this post! I feel happy today! Thanks Dan.

He might not have seen yours yet. Let me resteem it.

I think he probably doesn't like what i make. At least that's what I'm feeling.

is it ok. I've been dealing with rejection my entire life. it's nothing new. Thanks for tweeting out my newbie roadmap. I think people can digest it. I'll post it on medium as well.

I think we all tend to think that way!

I'm a little bit too far out there, for any mainstream appeal.
I guess artists tend to either alienate or attract certain people. This is what i've experienced pretty much in life. It's my dark cloud that hangs over me.

is it ok.

It's great don't read too much into it.

i'm a highly emotional being especially when it concerns my creations. most artists are....

I'm a little bit too far out there, for any mainstream appeal.
I guess artists tend to either alienate or attract certain people. This is what i've experienced pretty much in life. It's my dark cloud that hangs over me.

That is classic depressive thinking. I don't think it is true. I have to admit I often think this way too and it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy if you succumb too much to it.

I'm just emotional most of the time now. It seems to be getting worse over time!

i think we are very similar. it's frightening sometimes. you're my emotional twin.
i'm really curious about your childhood.
we should skype sometime to see what's beneath our facades.

Well I was a psychiatric trainee but I'm not sure I'm going to keep doing that when I go back to work. I only have very basic training is psychotherapy but I do know about things like CBT and other forms of psychotherapy. If you would really like to find a therapist you would probably better off finding someone who has more experience. Are you after the old fashioned (Freudian type) psychoanalysis or CBT? Those are the two main types but there are others too.

i think i just want someone smart and intuitive like yourself.

DM in the chat and we can discuss it but it is probably best not to put it on the blockchain!

I think we have all been waiting so long for it and were maybe blown away by its details? I know i was.

I love this! Lmao wicked way to show the new improvements. 👍

thanks! I think it's 13+ approved

Looks like exciting stuff. Hope to see some new stuff soon. I expect people are working on it already

it looks very good! I think the image upload feature will be great.

They need something to make it easy for non-geeks. Currently a lot are put off when they can't get images

yes, it's in the roadmap!!!! I guess the development is slower than our ability to criticize...

That´s a nice and catchy summary, thanks for sharing! Resteemed.

In regards to forgiveness: We all overreact sometimes. But that´s actually a good thing, because it means that we care.
Keeping us busy will surely help to reduce some of the hot tempered discussions - according to the roadmap we have a lot of work to do during the next 12 months...:)

yes, a lot of work! That's what we need to be focusing on!

We all overreact


@stellabelle tried clicking on some of the buttons on the new web site that you embedded in your post, and nothing happens. I think your server is down. ;)

no, those are not buttons from our site. The Steem Gnome site is not up. Were you referring to the icons in the Regular People Steem Roadmap? Those are not buttons, just part of the image.

Lol. Was making a joke, but not bad as a first draft UX. :)

ha! I couldn't tell if you were joking. i guess we don't know each other well enough yet for that.
I have trouble sometimes knowing people on steemit............are you a programmer?

LOL! Very much a human....

Why r u upside down!

that is where i belong. all your #steemgnome belong to us.

Could you also link original steemblog post in your post, to make it more visible? (just a suggestion)

yes, i could do that. i think i will. thanks.

what the crap.. lol, that gnome is funny and creepy at the same time. hahah

i think the gnome is in motor city as we speak getting into trouble..................actually his buddy is reading @tuck-fheman's latest comic:

Service: Drag-and-Drop Image Hosting A free, easy-to-use, integrated image hosting service will be deployed transparently alongside, permitting anyone posting via to drag-and-drop any image on their computer into any post or comment. "

"This feature is mostly complete, and will be available in Q2. Service: Blockchain Data Microservices While we periodically update the site with minor developer-friendly machine-readable data features, we will also be providing stable and reliable service endpoints to deliver various blockchain and blockchain-derived data via standard HTTPS. Target: Q1, with additional services published periodically thereafter. Feature: Comment Moderation For Post Authors Authors are the source of the content that drives the site and the platform, generating the attention that provides the ultimate value to the Steem Economy. We believe that post authors should be able to decide which comments are displayed on the site below the content that they produce, and we will be allowing post authors to indicate which comments they would like hidden. This will be published as advisory moderation data into the Steem Blockchain, and will respect this data and decline to display such moderated comments. Of course, all data, including original comments and moderation instructions will be published permanently in the blockchain for review by those curious. This allows both censorship resistance for unpopular or fringe ideas, as well as a copacetic reading experience for more mainstream members of a particular author’s audience.

Download the 2017 Roadmap PDF

thanks for posting the info.

Yeah! Likewise, I will bought a couple of thousands steem too! Best wishes!

Sometimes I think i need to get a day job and invest money in here, but i invest my time instead.......Time IS money.

I like your post a lot and more specific I like this part:

I think there is a place for real understanding and forgiving each other. No one can be correct 100% of the time. I bet most of us have more in common than not, so it's a bit wasteful of energy to spend it on fighting ego battles here in Steemit

"I no longer try to be right; I choose to be happy"

ah yes. that is a good way to live.