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I've been on Steemit for over a year. There have been few days when I have not been on Steemit since June 8, 2016. I am a Steem addict, and like many addicts, I even tried to quit, and find something else. It didn't work. It's too captivating, and holds too much potential.

Steemit is a test.

It's a test, a mirror, a petri dish for our minds. You may not be able to see this yet, but if you stay here, you will.

Every day each of us struggles with something. At first, when you get it in here, you struggle with trying to get people to give you money. Your mind is focused each day on that mission. And each day, your worth begins to be measured in numbers underneath your post. If you have $0, you feel horrible. So, your fear kicks in. You start making plans, or building bots.

If your mind is in this stage 1 phase, you will not understand stage 2. But if you have a mind that exists on the periphery, or if you have been struggling for a long time in life, you might begin to see the outlines of stage 2, on your own.

So, what is stage 2 exactly?

Stage 2 is a survival mindset that is hyper-focused on other things besides the money ticker. The people who get to stage 2 quickly know the following things:

  1. Money exists in the minds of people.
  2. People make decisions where to put their money based more on social and emotional reasons than purely intellectual reasons.
  3. Social bonds between people determine to a large extent where money goes.
  4. Humans are emotional, irrational and are in need of feeling a certain way.
  5. Each person who is capable of giving wealth to others is a unique person with unique tastes.
  6. Many whales and dolphins still do not get their own intellectual and reading needs met.
  7. Humans will feed their own children before the children of others.
  8. Humans evolved from tribes, and I believe we are headed into a digital tribe era.

Can you see something here?

When I go idea shopping on Steemit, I am searching for future tribe members. I am looking for people who are kind of hanging around in the shadows, who are real, and who have the authenticity trait. I'm searching for people who can form a shield, in order to advance society into the next phase of existence.

What Steemit newbies need to realize:

Steemit is made up of social fabric. This is not really a commodity culture where the best idea wins. Those Steemians who focus their efforts equally on building social bonds plus thinking in deep ways about things that affect tons of people are the ones who do well on here. It's getting harder by the day to stand out. Early adopters even are struggling to stand out due the massive influx of users. That's why it's important to realize one thing:

You and I, and everyone one here are part of the future.

If you're reading this now, you're among the earliest adopters of new technology, freedom and new thoughts. We are inside a decentralized autonomous organization and it's up to us to make it either the fantastic future or the spam pit of doom. I suspect the people operating the vast 5,500+ account botnet (currently draining the reward pool) are not fit for society. It is too bad they are not putting their amazing botnet-building skills to better use, becoming a part of this unique and wonderful place, a place where we have a chance to build a futuristic world together.

Instead, they have decided to weaken this system, their stupidity, arrogance and ignorance decided to rule their minds. Every organism has its cancer, and the botnets are ours. People wonder what the future will be like....all they have to do is join Steemit. We all have to get this idea out of our heads:

"It's up to Steemit, Inc. to fix everything"

We are so accustomed to a centralized control structure, that it forms our every thought wave. Even I had this trouble last year. I was mad about Steemit Inc.'s decisions, as I considered my solutions to be superior. It hit me a few months ago, that this kind of thinking is flawed. I have to step up, to take more action, and not rely on any central authority to make the right decisions. In short, I decided that in order for my reality to change, I have to do everything in my power to make things at least better than they were before me.

You see, for once in our lives, we all have been given an opportunity to change things. We have been given free tools, in the form of a digital wallet with zero transaction fees. I can send money to Africa in seconds. We need to remind ourselves of how incredible this is. I forget, and like a dumb human, I take it for granted.

Only in times of illness can we see how amazing it is to breathe normally, to be able to walk, to talk and to think clearly.

It's human nature to begin to take things for granted and abuse what is given to us for free. I see Steemit attracting people who don't care for the inventions, for the possibility that Steemit could change the world. I see scammers, beggars, and spammers. I see people who are very desperate for money.

I need to talk to these people because they are in fact, degrading everything we have built here. This degradation is in fact a mirror of the world, and how it is right now. The world is not a good state, and as more and more people come into Steemit, our little place we've toiled day and night to create, it will continue to be degraded unless we all stop what we're doing and wake up.

After thinking last night about the botnets that have appeared in here, it became obvious that this stuff will actually continue, and we all will need to become more vigilant. I would say that @personz is doing a fantastic job, and also @patrice and @sherlockholmes and all the people working behind the scenes to mitigate the damage. @sadkitten, the little AI kitten has been working tirelessly, combatting the fraudulent, spam comments. These people are doing a service to us. Without @patrice for example, this place would be terribly ugly with spam and fraud.

The botnets are way more of an issue that the human "follow 4 follow" desperation. Because if the botnets are funded, or gain some huge SP, they will be harder to control. So @personz is doing the right thing by attacking this problem before it gets out of hand....I think it has become out of control recently, as I started looking into the matter yesterday.

What can we do?

We can wake up our minds to the reality that we can make this thing work and not starve to death anymore.
We can support @spaminator and take more actions ourselves. If you notice something super fishy, you can report it to @sherlockholmes in Steemit Chat. There is an action group forming to get this spam under control, and it will be run by the @spaminator account. More coming soon on this development. If you want to take an active role in reducing the amount of spam on Steemit, comment below.

I want to clarify, I am not talking about content moderation, but clear abuse of Steemit like: written or image plagiarism, identity theft, comment upvote botnets, any kind of automated botnet activity that is created to drain rewards.....

Carry on,

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Great post. thanks for sharing.

What stage am i at if i spent far to long watching the man fall into an endless supply of cauliflower?

I've recently emerged from the long dark tunnel of giving a shit with regards to the $ next to my post. Now i just write a bit, go find some cool readings and comment a bit, and now, stare at the cauliflower a bit.

I decided to upvote one comment at full strength and i chose yours. It cracked me up! Your bluntness was really refreshing....I"m going to check out your blog now....

Thank very much, am happy to get a laugh out of you, and anyone really!

My blogs need a little work but I think I'm slowly improving. I should take one from your blog ideas list and give that a go...

Thanks again, Asher

That made me laugh, I was too hypnotised by what I now know is cauliflower lol

Could be smoke? Naaa, cauliflower!


it was funny lol good post @stellabelle. I'm a newbie, I am glad I stumbled on this post. Cheers see ya on the steem boards.

Hi @brad-saunders, what are steem boards, just curious. I'm also a newbie. Have a wonderful day, following you!

He must be talking about the Discord Channels.

Yeah I bet he is. Just curious, how did you get into comics illustrations? I hope you have a wonderful day, following you!

Hi, sorry for the LATE reply. I haven't been very active lately.

I've always drawn since I was a kid. And when you draw characters soon you'll get the need to see them doing something more than just stand there. And that's when you start wanting to tell stories through your drawings. I think that's how I got into it.

good article .. i like it . need your support and blessings

Do not know why I am feeling a bit dizzy :D

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment
  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

I was about to comment almost the same thing... instead, I'll just upvote your comment instead! lol

It is a really cool hypnotic "trippy" pic though, think I'll add it to WhaleBoT's "trippy" repertoire!

Thanks Alex! Remember not to stare too long :)

Funniest comment I've read! I laughed far too long. LOL

😁 thanks! (Does look like a cauliflower though eh?!)

It does! It does! LMAO

It is cauliflower tho! I know because I spend large amounts of time peering into cauliflower IRL :D

This was indeed hilarious @abh12345. Have a wonderful day, following you!

Thanks and you too! Expensive and cauliflower are two words I didn't think I'd see joined together, still cheap in Spain as the locals live off meat and olive oil!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The price pretty much went quintipled. Restaurants here even make pizza bases out of cauliflower now. You have to pay more, but it is huge. We are very fat nation, so the diet has caught on like wildfire.

The results are amazing, although some doctors and dieticians warn against it. They say it has serious side effects for your heart. But hard to say if that's because they are lobbied by pharmaceutical companies to say that.

Where in Spain are you from? Meat and olive oil sounds good to me...

Thank you so much for this. Following you. I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!

I like the sound of a cauliflower pizza base, sometimes the dough is just awful and the worst part.

I'm living in Valencia, but i'm English - here for the sunshine and to escape politics (its easier when you don't speak the local lingo very well!)

Have a good day too!

It tastes better than flour dough in my opinion. That is if they do it right. Skill is required. Where is Valencia?

Yes it does sound better, if the chef knows what they are doing.

Valencia is east coast of Spain, plenty of sun and the city is by the sea :)

Well, yeah they better know or they shall be fired.

Sounds like a fun place to live. Why do people love Mallorca so much?

Hahhaa ! Amazing and oh do I relate and continue to stare at the cauliflower with you.
Meanwhile I colour my days.
What's your PinkISPunk?

Hi @mammasitta!

I've read your blog, it's a very open message - I'll add my pink and comment when I reach the laptop later today :)

haha nice post!

Cauliflower is getting expensive here in South Africa because of the new low carb hi fat diet craze.

I think I got hypnotized for few minutes! no more cauliflower for me!

I'm still not past that stage yet, but at least I'm focusing on and posting content which I strongly believe in.👌

That is rhe right attitude to have!

Haha, always good to read your view point..Point!!!!

But.. but.. Where can I find this endless stream of cauliflower?! I must know!!

Ag no man. Lol, the gif only loaded after I made my comment! :D

ha ha!

how do you do that?

I haz cauliflower... (vacant stare... drool...)

I had spinach and peas, but there's a cauliflower in the fridge that's been starring at me for a week or two now :)

lol, you guys are funny! poor cauliflower, when is she going to get her peace! I won't be buying one in while

let's be part of the future, keep fighting, that's the spirit.. better than nothing , right ?

goto to get more follower and upvote as well.

Thanks for this. Following you. Have a WONDERFUL day!!!

Dear Steemit Users..nice to see you have started earning here.. my sincere request is to have a look at following post and share (help/support) the least share a portion of income from the earning at will be contributing in developing children's future..

Thanks for this. Following you, have a WONDERFUL DAY!

Tribes! That's exactly how I see the future as well, tribes that develop their own culture but make peaceful relationships with other tribes in order to coexist in a pleasant fashion. I am also looking for a tribe here. I've found a few great people and I'm trying to get them together outside of this scheming, bot driven, crypto trading mode of talking to each other in the Be Awesome discord channel which is linked in all my posts.

You know I marked you for a potential tribe mate early on, but it's always hard to get the attention of popular people. It'd be great to get you in our chat. We have language practice rooms as well, だから、いつでもどうぞ。

Even if you don't make it over there and fail to see and upvote all my awesome undervalued posts, I know it's because you are spread quite thin. I still appreciate your presence on steemit X-D. At the very least your comment section has proved very helpful in the search for tribemates whenever you talk of a gift economy and community and tribes and everything else.

Keep being you!

(Your assessment of the different stage at steemit remind me of Maslow's hierarchy of needs)

I have noticed you very often, and I am interested in getting to know people better....nihongo o hanasu koto ga dekimasu ka?

Steemit.chatで話したことあるじゃん! 覚えてないね、Stellaちゃん ;-)

i have a very bad memory with people.
Meaning, i cannot tell or remember conversations....facts i can remember, but people elude me.....I always feel bad about this trait, it makes awkward moments.

It's ok, I don't take things personally or feel awkward. The more attention You get, the harder it becomes to distinguish people, especially on the internet.

Make a bigger effort with the people you appreciate most and I think you are already doing a good job, that's what I tell myself anyway. I'm the same as you sometimes.

i am focused on trying to bring Steemit to my city and meet as many people face to face as possible...time to come out of the cave!

If I ever get a chance to go do a road trip around my home country, I will for sure make a stop a stop at your cave X-D steemit world tour!

This is our chat , a bit more relaxing than, for talking about #deepshit , including language study.
Be Awesome discord channel

Where are you from?


今日本に住んでないけど、戻りたい。僕としゃべって練習していいよ。 僕は毎日be awesome - deep shit discord channel にいる。 いつでもどうぞ :-)

Be Awesome discord channel

Hi stellabelle I am trying to figure out what whales want, I am blogging on shipping.

glancing over your blog, i believe you need to post twice per day.

Duuuuude this stuff drains me! I try to dig deep, if I posted twice a day I'd just be writing about picking my nose.

I know what you mean. I did then posts the other day about articles I read.

I'm with you, brother/sister.

This platform has hooked me, hard. And while I see that anything of value will end up being gamed, I still get rather indignant and upset at people exploiting it for short-term gains.

Humans making messy human decisions to weed out the abusers can work, but its hard to scale that expertise into something that can combat a large automated force.

I don't know what the ultimate solution is. By having something worth stealing, people are going to do their best to take it.

On the flip side, there will also be people that enrich the platform because of the potential for rewards above and beyond validation and adulation from their followers.

The only partial answer I have is flagging down any accounts that are harvesting self-votes and making spammy nonsensical comments. But again, human judgement is needed.

Thanks for your post, gave me a lot to think about. Maybe a solution will present itself in time.

Amen! Steemians vs Bots (Part I).
"Steemians! What is your profession!?"

Spartans do not ask How many is the enemy? but Where are they?

I need make more photos. :)

wow nyc

Maybe it really comes down to culling bots somehow?

Just don't upvote their content.

Easier said than done!

and spammers. So many. Just go to the New section, 1 out of every 2 posts is someone posting a photo they found on the internet. No comments or anything of content. Just a picture.

Posts like that do nothing to benefit anyone. They are the equivalent of a begger on the side of a street asking for money just because they know you have some.

the bot farms harvesting steem is my main focus.

@sherlockholmes research into this is horrifying. It is a tsunami that cannot be met by users, but has to be dealt with on programming level. It also calls into question the supposed "manual" approval process for new users.

Great comment and great post @stellabelle this is mad food for thought ... Its amazing that steemit can act as an income conduit into the 3rd world ... but the downside is its feeling like an app for panhandlers =-p

I think we will be fine, humans make the bots, so we can make anti-bots. Following you, have a wonderful day!!!

Im at stage 0. Just started using steemit. Feeling anxious and excited at the same time.

Stick with it. It takes time to acclimate. Don't spend too much time in the "new" section, there's a lot of chaos there. Look at people and see who follows whom. Its a good start to populating your feed.

Thanks for the tips.

I think we will be fine, humans make the bots, so we can make anti-bots. Following you, have a wonderful day!!!

This is really draining my brain! I wish I don't know how to read!

Whoa... SHINY! I got momentarily distracted by the concept of Colonel Sanders falling face first into an eternally receding ocean of cauliflower...

OK, so brilliant and true... and yes, Steemit is a test, and a microcosmic social experiment in which we can build a better alternative reality around this whole idea of decentralization. As I read I realized you just pinpointed something HUGE, that lies at the heart of the problems (or "growing pains," if you will) we're looking at:

"It's up to Steemit, Inc. to fix everything"

We have had centuries of training in believing there is always a "they" at whose feet we can lay ultimate accountability.

In the brave new world of Steemit, the old Hopi saying is the truth "WE'RE the ones we've been waiting for!"

Yes. Yes, we are. And that also means ALL of us get to step into personal accountability; to step up and "be the ones" who flag spam and plagiarism when we see it. Because there's no "they" standing by to fix the problems, which makes this place uniquely beautiful AND uniquely challenging.

hopefully you support who deserve as much as you flag spammers . there lots of people struggling out there they're not spammers they publish quality original content but unfortunately they're newbies in a place there is no place for minnows. if you truly want steemit a better place you can do anything to those who leave steemit everyday because of they got no attention at all and I don't mean upvotes I mean any kind of attention comments views . minnows vote for whales whales vote for whales . there many ways you could help the community grow but you guys choose war @denmarkguy

@mostafa1, I am actually a fairly active curator, and that includes "minnow content," and I especially believe in supporting those who sincerely want to become community members and contribute here.

When we talk about "the war on spam" we're talking about the many people who go around and copy-paste the SAME comment on 100s of posts. Some... have little interest in learning, sadly. Either they never come back to read helpful comments, or they simply don't care. And we are also talking about those (UNlike yourself) who just copy content from around the web and pretend it's their own.

I agree with you am just realize its roo hard to get attention in this loaded feed. What should i do? Do i have to post thousands of times to get noticed! Why there no project like resteembot wgich the whales follow to see the original content and flag the spammers @denmarkguy

And it will get much harder than it is now.

I agree. @stellabelle I think the only way to really get far on this is to build a true loyal human following. But look, we are once again debating bots LOL. Not that this is not interesting hehe.

true and scary

or uplifting if faced correctly

but scary as shit to this bait-fish

I do. just ask around.

Well said, especially like the reminder of the Hopi quote, "WE'RE the ones we've been waiting for!" ~ljl~

I'm still pretty new on Steem. How does one flag spam or plagiarism? As long as I'm reading stuff I'd like to pick up the trash when I see it.

I am new to Steemit and this is my very first comment on a post. Within this post, I found advice and recommendations on how we are all responsible for maintaining the integrity of this new community. Your passion is what has inspired my first comment. I wholeheartedly agree with you and believe in the concept of freedom through decentralization and self-regulation. I admit that I originally joined Steemit with the lure of monetary gain but reading posts like yours has shifted that focus. Thank you for this and please keep writing.

This is excellent @stellabelle I love thats you're relating this whole place to a shift in mindset, which it really is. I really enjoy reading your articles.

A really good article for newbies (like myself) to read. I've been blogging on the net for almost 10 years now and I have been looking for another place to blog, which is why I'm on Steemit. But you're right - there is so much good stuff, world-changing articles, magnificent photography, articles that educate, and so on, in amongst the "dire mire". We just need to stick to our principles and be active in weeding out the abusers - I'm all for that!

That's one of the things I hope to find, like you called it a tribe, but I want to say it's a community, where we have unspoken rules but everyone knows how and why to comply with them. We are the ones who create the value for others. Teachers and, well, executioners when we just don't think some work is worth our time. I hope to read more from you.

I was excited to point numo.2 of your second stage explanation. I though that many people need more income by joining this blockcoin one based on SocMed. But I agree with your statement. For me, I am a writing addict, and I keep writing on Steemit. I will write, I post it, and I am happy.

Me and some of my close friends, have ever felt frustrated at Steemit. We experience this because sometimes, when viewing posts that do not fit and get a lot of pay.

But with the development of time, I see other opportunities, I try to focus on my skills, and the knowledge I have. And the result, this patience is paying off.

As I read this article, I finally realized that a good relationship would pave the way for us. Thanks for sharing. I am very supportive to take a firm action on plagiarism.

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I think your post is much reasonable, and I translated it into Chinese.

and without your permission, I have delete the post which is in Chinese. I think my behavior is illegal and I want to say sorry to you. But I really want my friends in #cn can read your post and think about your opinion. So I'm waiting for your authorization. And I will give all the reward to you. THX~

Many whales and dolphins still do not get their own intellectual and reading needs met.

Got to agree, the best I have been able to do is go to topics I enjoy to read, but even there there is a lot of crap to sift through.

Steem still needs to be about 10x bigger for the topic sections to get there own personality and we the curators will be better able to allow the cream to rise. Looking at usage graphs I am thinking 6 months to a year away. 1 or two big jumps up.

Until then I spend nearly as much time reading reddit as I do steemit even though I get paid to read steemit.

Very interesting

Hello again @stellebelle, im a couple months old. I've noticed myself not wanting to do random posts anymore, instead after 1 bot payout and my love for learning how to make my customized comic book reading at the moment, thats is now my staple. It's a bit ironic but I think I would have done it anyway, although not as fast, the bots did inspire me.
Episodic type blogs are what I like, although not many see my stuff or are not interested it seems I enjoy doing them so i've made a 2year plan and invested into it.
If I make 10cents per 8hrs of work or not I will continue, and along the way may make other great blogs. I more than likely won't put time into any bot system tho, I make content, others can build the community togetherness, my time should be used to create, Nice post!
from @larutanton

As a new user I can confirm your theory really works, and this transaction between stage 1 and stage 2 is something that we all should make a daily effort not only for beeing able to glimpse its potencial of those who are at stage 2 but also the true potencial of steemit when the majority of Steemians will be at this second stage.

So I see that at least as a 2 steps mind oppening, when you get to the stage 2 and when you worry about guiding more people to this second stage. I'm really happy reading this post, it makes me even more sure that focusing at this 2nd stage is the right thing to do.

About being part of it, and contacting people doing a remarkable job here such as @sherlockholmes I've created a growth-proposal by creating the tag #steemit-police to make in order to build another bridge between every one and those amazing users, with the potencial to create a economic
encouragement to guide people into the direction of this second stage

I would love to have your feedback in my post:

Thank you for helping to guide this amazing community to the right direction

I hope being able to find amazing posts like this more often.

Steem on !

That's real though, I hadn't thought about it like that... the bots and things can kind of water down the value of steemit if that's what we make it all about but they still seem like a useful tool at times. Hopefully, It doesn't end up taking away the real power of the platform though.

The potential of this platform is a double edge sword. I too have been struggling with what I'm trying to do with this platform. I stopped using social media because of the mental manipulation. My worth is not defined by how many likes/upvotes I get. However your body does release a crap loadnof endorphins when you see your content get popular. I'm just taking it one day at a time. I'm gonna resteem this!!!

Hey @Stellabelle, Thank you for this post, I joined Steemit today and am glad i went to trending and found this. I think it should be added as part of the orientation material so that the mind set of us newbies is set before we even go too far into steemit, plus I have to confess, I think I was at stage one when i logged into steemit today but I will strive to head over to stage 2 and contribute value to this platform.

Agreed brother... But what I have been propounding for quite some time now is that the mere survival of steemit platform lies purely on circulation of money. Honestly speaking, steemit as a social media platform is currently nowhere near Facebook and Reddit. People only flock here to make some money to start with. Once they become successful in their initial forays then whatever you wrote follows. However all I'm trying to say is that in order to get to the point where people get to pH 2, the initial algorithm of steem which purely is controlled by whales has to be tweaked through a hard fork.

I have only been around for a few weeks and I noticed this from day 1. And it does make me sad because this platform has such huge potential. I would like to help but I am not even a minnow, more like an amoeba, so what I do makes so little impact. WIll keep eyes open and report, seems the only thing I can do!

I just came to the comments section to say the title sounds like "the cake is a lie"...
ok, also, I find very interesting this part:

We have been given free tools, in the form of a digital wallet with zero transaction fees. I can send money to Africa in seconds. We need to remind ourselves of how incredible this is.

We need to look for #charity or #help tag and find some cause to help. Or start our own charity projects. First thing is much easier. I hope we find the way to make a difference =)

I am new to Steemit but posts like this are very helpful, keep up the great work @stellabelle.

100% Upvote, Resteem and Follow from #teemnomad!

it is true posts are easy to understand.

"a petri dish for our minds", thats a pretty good line and great observation. Great advice here in general, especially the stuff on stage 2.

Do you think that Steemit has the ability to draw mainstream away from other places like instagram and facebook?

i've seen so many articles about "will steemit replace such and such website..."?

that answer is: pretty unlikely. each of the sites mentioned provides a different user experience for the people that use them. Steemit is only going to appeal to people who want to actively engage. FB is not necessarily an active engagement type platform the same way Steemit is, and the financial benefit (to say nothing of the concept of cryptocurrency) is still too confusing a concept for a lot of your every day, typical internet users or social media platform users.

and really, what would be the purpose of hoping other platforms are used less (a concept others have floated, not you specifically, @cryptostache) and use Steemit more? each platform gives the users a unique experience that they either enjoy or don't. if the platform doesn't change, people move on to another that does.

will there be a mass migration of the mainstream to Steemit? unless Facebook or Twitter completely shut down for whatever reason, i seriously doubt it. i like Steemit, but I'm still very much using both my FB and IG accounts as much as i was before.

Steemit may remain niche but the Steem blockchain is unprecedented in social media as anyone can develop new social media apps for different purposes all with a shared dataset. Just look at all the Twitter and Instagram clones you can log into with your Steemit info. Much more casual posting and commenting on there, which shows that Steem can be suited for FB / Twitter style posting than Steemit's more Medium / Reddit like interface.

Of course, those are clones and are thus unlikely to be adopted unless they become easier to use and undergo swift strong network effects. It's hard to wrap my mind around it but I also think Steemit will enable new forms of social networks we haven't thought of yet.

oh i don't doubt that it will spark some off-shoots, but i have my doubts about it becoming a more mainstream application for most people.

then again, i've been wrong before. i looked at twitter when it first came about and thought (as a writer)...."140 characters? who the fuck would use that limitation? STUPID." was stupid. a stupid response, anyway. :P

hahahha, yeah you never know what the next big platform is going to be and why....

I thought the same about Snapchat:

"Check out this cool new app called Snapchat!"

"What does it do?"

"You can send pictures to your friends!"

"You mean like I do already with text message? Lol"

BRUH....seriously. my exact reaction too. used it for a little bit and said "nope. this is lame."

but for whatever reason, people eat it up. i must be old or out of touch. i got nothin.

Yeah you make a good point, they do all provide something different, but mass exodus of social media platforms for something new and shiny are not anything new and seem to happen more and more these days.

I wasn't necessary saying completely abandon those platforms, but just be able to draw a mainstream crowd in the same way that isn't early adopters and tech/crypto people.

there's lots of mainstream people already in here...they followed me in.

no no, sorry. i knew that's not what you were saying, i simply wanted to point out that others had said that as the topic kind of circled the same area.

it'll be interesting to see how it appeals to the more standard internet user. at the moment, the people i know personally who have gotten into it are less about the crypto aspect and more about the content aspect, which doesn't surprise me considering who they are. but i think with the continued insertion of ads throughout other platforms, this ad-free idea is something people will certainly be more interested in overall for sure.


I think it already is. We already have some people who only post a link on Facebook, that directs to their Steemit article.

Yeah I do this quite often and have been trying to entice friends to atleast check out Steemit.

It still takes people some time to wrap their heads around cryptocurrency , so if you word it as they can monetize their blogging/comments/articles, that helps. If they are trusting in you, they could blog, and you could help them extract the value out of it(you be the banker until they understand the concepts).

start a school or meetup in your town. people will come

I actually plan on doing this. Lots of friends interested that are not super internet savy.

Hows yours going?

Its drawing me away!

i think it does, if we all become more awake.

@stellabelle Great post.

I had a chuckle when you wrote "money is in the minds of people". I immediately thought, "yeah, my landlord!"

I agree that Steemit is a platform for the evolution of portraying information, though one of the biggest hindrances to the progress is plagarism.

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I am new here, I know it, I feel it when I read about how someone has struggled and evolved within this network to blossom into a new perspective.
I could feel that reading this post, and also how the author had a glance of the future, not with her sight, but with that sense that sometimes I recognize in other people.
About the rest of the post, the spam and such, well, as always, we have to protect our freedom.

I'm with you all. I have a boring FB and Twitter accounts but those never really captured my imagination like Steemit did. I must admit that at first, my interest was piqued by the promise of monetary rewards for my posts, but the more I delved into it, the more I enjoyed the whole package and I was hooked. Interesting and valuable articles like this are what keeps me coming for more. The money is a good perk, but it has taken a back seat to everything else here. I intend to leave whatever is in my wallet for as long as possible. Right now it's not much, but amazingly, it keeps growing...tiny increments here and there, even when days go by without my posting anything. This is definitely something worth fighting for.

wise man said once : "don't chase the money. He will find you"

Great article. I think though...that there are many methods to becoming successful on steem. With each new user comes a unique person that gravitates to their own interest. Its about trying to find the median in that while realising you will still undoubtedly never get everyones attention. Everything is not for everyone but everyone doesny necessarily need to like everything for you to be successful.

I don't know what stage I am in, but since I joined 2 weeks ago, a new world has opened for me. Of course there is spam, of course you find crap, but I have found so much interesting people here with so much good and interesting ideas and information you won't find on other media... I am staying here and if it brings me some money, woohoo, if it doesn't, so be it, I still have the people and their minds to enrich me!

I Agree!! Following you, have a wonderful day!!!

What Steemit newbies need to realize:

Steemit is made up of social fabric. This is not really a commodity culture where the best idea wins. Those Steemians who focus their efforts equally on building social bonds plus thinking in deep ways about things that affect tons of people are the ones who do well on here. It's getting harder by the day to stand out. Early adopters even are struggling to stand out due the massive influx of users. That's why it's important to realize one thing:

Translate to Ind :
Apa yang dibutuhkan para pemula pemula untuk disadari:

Steemit terbuat dari kain sosial. Ini bukan budaya komoditas dimana ide terbaik menang. Orang-orang Steemian yang memusatkan usaha mereka secara setara dalam membangun ikatan sosial dan berpikir dengan mendalam tentang hal-hal yang mempengaruhi banyak orang adalah orang-orang yang melakukannya dengan baik di sini. Semakin sulit hari ini untuk menonjol. Pengadopsi awal bahkan berjuang untuk menonjol karena masuknya pengguna secara besar-besaran. Itulah mengapa penting untuk mewujudkan satu hal:

very good, thanks.

Is that a cauliflower vortex? I cant stop staring at it....

I still haven't seen the famous gif

good to see you are helping to take care of this place.. high five from another quite addicted new guy in town! Nice one Stellabelle!

tried to move your comment up a bit, didn´t go too far though 😢

lol.. time to get some more Steem Power Brother!