I'm Looking For Unknown Writers For My Auto Vote Bot: Yes, I'm Building A Bot!

in steemit •  3 years ago

I'm looking for good writers, posters, of any kind on Steemit that I don't know. I'm looking for face-melting awesome, new writers!

And yes, I'm finally going to use a bot to vote. I never thought I'd want a bot, but that day has now arrived.

Please post links in the comments below to the BEST posts you've ever read from writers who very few know about. I will read each one that is submitted.

Thank you!


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Neat post Stellabelle. I'm also looking into getting my voting automated as well in order to help out folks that deserve it.

I haven't got enough time in the day anymore to do all that needs done.. Bots will hopefully make life less of a rat race. :D


yep, I have a writing gig for a startup so I don't have as much time on here. Plus, doing some other things.......like being a parent.......etc.


you're definitely on my list.....I do enjoy your stuff, because it's so unique. There's only one of you!


I try to balance my time between developing stuff, policing STEEM as our Sheriff and creating whacky and amusing doodles for everyone because they really seem to dig them!

Thank you Stellabelle for your kind words. You worked your ass off to get into the position you are today on STEEM and you noticing my work and even going as far as to call it unique does sort of give me "them feels" you know?

thank's for making my day a bit brighter.

Am I allowed to put a link to my own writing here? Or does it have to be someone else?


you're allowed to put your own. give me your best post


Thanks. Hmmm... my best post. That's hard, and subjective.
Ok, I'll try with this one:

It didn't get the most votes, but I really like the story , and enjoyed writing it.
Thanks for doing this. I hope your bot project goes well ;-)

Dear stellabelle,
some weeks ago I made a 0.5 BTC Powerup Competition here on steemit.
In this post https://steemit.com/steemit/@freiheit50/0-5-btc-powerup-competition-finale-voting-of-the-jury
the winner @pollux.one was found. The jury had 6 members.
His winning contribution was this one:
I suggest to put @pollux.one on your list.
I don't like to make advertisement for myself. It's more honest to make recommendations for someeone else.
Good idea to search for good writers. Upvoted and resteemed.

Hello stellabelle,
A friend told me of you, so I thought I would submit my name to the pot for the bot. I have only posted two pieces, but will have many more. If you are interested, links to my posts are below.
Thank you for considering me.

Hi @stellabelle, I am going to do something which is not terribly elegant, namely promoting my own writing, because I do care about your feedback on what I write...
This is the latest short novel I wrote, trying to merge fiction with science, WITHOUT falling into what's called science fiction :-) In other words, the science bits are real science.... https://steemit.com/science/@claudiop63/cern-chronicles-3-sexy-rock-n-roll
I haven't written in a while - I will resume if I get some encouragement :-)

There are quite a few good but struggling photographers here, could they qualify as well?
Anyway, for what it is worth, here's a (probably incomplete!) list of people whose photos I like:
allmonitors, avtzis.petros, bkkshadow, daveks, ddschteinn, dek, dexter-k, dreamstream, englishtchrivy, haphazard-hstead, ivet, lordemau, makdac, movievertigo, nords, realmeandi, shaka, shieha, steemokto, sulev, sunscape, svetlanaodarenko, tolmachova1981, unhorsepower777, yetaras, yzomri.
My apologies to those I forgot to mention.


That's a great list. There are some great photographers here on Steemit. I've been sorry to see some others disappear from here, too.


Yes, a great shame.

Hi, stellabelle. For good writters in the (rather small) spanish comunity I'll point out: @jgcastrillo19, @wartrapa, @dresden, @nelyp and @gargon. If you want some art, you could follow @titin (classic piano player) and @anritco (amazing concept ilustrator).


make sure to use steemvoter bot.

A small collection of the profiles that I like and often resteem. Some emphasis on pictural posts. I have tried to hit round about lower steem middleclass...

I probably forgot some - but these were the ones that came to mind...


i have a fairly specific (and fun) use for steemit. it lets me get creative content out for evaluation/review/criticism, so in a small way it's like living out a fantasies of what your life would be like if you had chosen a different career (especially if your current one is decidedly uncreative -_-). because of that, my content is pretty varied, and will continue to expand and change as i take on new interests and hobbies (and live out more alternate lives).

so far, i've done some writing (mostly rants exposing globalist agendas/SJWs/censorship/etc. and non-fiction topics--usually on finance/economics/politics/liberty, but sometimes math/science/"weird woowoo" stuff), photography (right now i'm into macro, travel, and timelapse photography), poetry, how-to stuff, and random bloggy stuff from my life when i'm bored. hoping to add gear reviews, original 8-bit music and some kind of series involving the violin (not sure about the format yet though).

anyway, i've had an arbitrary goal of reaching 100 followers since i started steemit, so i'll take any help i can get. i'm guessing you're busy if you need a bot, but if you ever have time maybe you could actually read/see/hear some of my content :) thanks

if you like poetry, i recommend @abarefootpoet (featured here--obvously i recommend anyone on that list, but i think @mindhunter [extremely prolific poster] @lifeworship [teacher of alternative/esoteric stuff] @skeptic [anti-SJW] are pretty well-known?)
for cool and beautiful photography, @shieha (probably my personal favorite)
if you like illustrations, check out @nekromarinist (his stuff is so sickkk)
for movie reviews of better-than-hollywood movies, @mandibil (he said he's going to focus indie and foreign stuff i think)


Awesome! I read the bee story, it was fun :D Upvoted (my vote is not worth much, I'm sorry to say) and now I'm following @ddschteinn.


I'm glad you found a new writer that you liked. I like their style of humor, too.


perfect use your power for good.

I don't know about being unknown, but I'd like to be on your list.

No one has ever heard of me before!


I have -- and I'll recommend you, too. I enjoy your posts.


Thanks! I'll recommend yours as well. I like reading about the weeds I could be eating. Heads-up @stellabelle! (fuck I feel dirty now.... lol!)


That's what happens when you get too much in the weeds!


ha HA! Well played!


i have


I should probably say. I was only being sarcastic. People have heard of me. Now I just sound arrogant. This is quite the predicament. I'll take all the help I can get though. Now I just sound selfish. Truth is, I got laid off from my job. Now I just sound needy. As long as the decision is based on what I do here, then I'm fine with it.


you're nuts. that's why you're on my list.


I knew this looney bin brain would come in handy some day! I'm so glad I didn't go for the transplant. I really didn't think I'd be able to sit in front of the tv for that many years.... :)

Thank you @stellabelle. I do one quality post per day so you won't have to worry about voting power abuse from this one.

I am not a big fan of bot voting, but I agree that in the case where one has to chose between bot-voting or not voting at all, this may be good for helping new users.

I'm new-ish.
I write (mostly) gritty poetry but I only post once or twice a week because grit doesn't flow like saccharin ;)

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A great idea @stellabelle. I don't think I qualify so I'll just say good luck :D


That name makes you qualified for any thing!


hehehe nice one :D

I would love a bot...
I cannot point to one post and say it's my best - I tend to believe all of mine are pretty good - as I post mostly my art and music - so just take 5 seconds of your time and have a look at my page: https://steemit.com/@dailybitcoinnews

I think they are improving, too.

Congrats on your writing gig - glad to see some people are doing well and getting work.

I'm now following you.

I don't think I'd be a good candidate, as I write a lot of nonfiction stuff here, but since you asked about a story, I thought to share one :)


I post about all different kinds of things! And if your looking to add someone who at times enters contests or the food category, heres one where I won 10.00 SD in the Culinary Challenge! I like to do what I can to help out the comunity in different chalenges! Heres a link if you want to check it out: https://steemit.com/food/@karenmckersie/steemit-culinary-challenge-1-venison-slow-cooker-spicy-soup-contest Thanks , STEEM ON! ♨🖒👍♨
Heres one more , i tend to write shorter blogs which i found out is something @dantheman is wanting to see more of , with all original content and photos! If you have time to check it out! Thanks @stellabelle ! https://steemit.com/blog/@karenmckersie/what-are-your-guilty-pleasures

Thanks, @stellabelle - I really appreciate what you're doing here! ;) :)

This is a remarkable story by @johnjgeddes and I hope it gets the attention it deserves! Thank You, Dear!

I'll put in a shameless plug for myself, because I'm trying to build up the Foraging community here on Steemit. Here are three posts. Note the first one got 233 upvotes for a total of 50 cents, lol. So I'm trolling for a little more consistent oomph on those upvotes.

The Slippery Jack Sandwich - A Sustainable Wild Mushroom Treat!
Tulips: For Spring Food and Beauty, Plant in the Fall
How to Eat Hedgehogs -- Wild Hedgehog Mushrooms


I can vouch for this one. Some of my art can even be seen on this blog and I'm given credit. Very honest.


Thanks, @nonameslefttouse. (I like your new avatar, too.)


If you look closely, it will tell you what you are doing. :)


Yes, the haphazard one is a good one for your list.


Thanks, @ocrdu. Better to be the haphazard than simply a hazard. ; )


@haphazard-hstead I third the motion for you :)


Thanks, @englishtchrivy. I appreciate all the encouragement you've given me.

I can write...

Here's one of my own post hopes it helps
Link: https://steemit.com/story/@oppaidaisuke69/is-there-more-to-undertale

Love Remains @johnjgeddes - altho he writes a lot of other great short stories this one was my favorite
also worth mentioning because it's different and scary

Only if you are a fan of cybersecurity trends, events, analysis, and opinions... https://steemit.com/security/@mrosenquist/where-hackers-take-their-money-casinos-cryptocurrency-and-virtual-worlds

I'll be forward enough to suggest myself. I do the Steemit Ramble and I do some other writing .. my most recent was today. Small Town Ontario Remembers, November 11, 2016

You are on my @steemvoter list :)

I'm not certain if you're looking for fiction, helpful tips...I even include short bits with my art because the blog has to have something redeeming about it, even if you took the art away.

But I would also like to clue you in to @johnjgeddes - he is a very good writer IMO and quite consistent.

jättebra tack



My very first post was a story about myself and what I thought would be my style on Steemit. Well this and two more chapters had me throwing in the towel as to say the reception was lukewarm would be stretching it a bit {smile}... but just for confirmation....

Hey @stellabelle!

Its great to see you take the initiative to start curating for new writers!
I have been in the works with a project that I will be announcing this week about new writers and how to make the link between them and the new technology of blockchain easier accessible and with success over time get them to use Steemit themselves.

If you want we could talk about the details of it on steemit.chat or if you want to wait til the announcement post is up and you can read it yourself. :)

PS. the project and account is called @mainstreem. ;)


ok sounds interesting. make sure and remind me. thanks!

Hello there @stellabelle, well don,t feel so bad for using a bot as actually it does allow your steempower to be available 24hrs a day without need of sleep or coffee and frankly this is a good thing as I see it for the workings of this platform. But remember nothing prevents you from occasionally stepping in and doing a few manual votes for the posts you really love that maybe your hard working little friend has missed !! ) Anyway good luck with all that you do in your life and for this great community !! ) Steem On Sister !


Oh and I'm setting it to vote for writers who I think are actually good, not ones guaranteed to make a lot of rewards. And you know who is on my "never" vote list.....you can imagine....


well if I may suggest a guy that I like very much, namely @sauravrungta. I find his posts really illuminating and I think you might enjoy his stuff too ) https://steemit.com/astronomy/@sauravrungta/how-will-the-universe-end


Well I must confess that no I am not sure, but I hope that its not me at least ) I thought that it was not permitted to suggest our own work. But I take it from a comment above that we can. I would love you to read what I consider to be one of my best posts and maybe you could consider me on your new curation list ? if that could be possible it would be great boost for my motivation here to write more, thanks )

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i always need help! :)

I write humor. A lot of parodies. I don't know what you're looking for. I think people like what I post. Have you read this one? It didn't earn a lot, but the responses were positive! :)


I think most of us feel that we are on our own here. This would benefit a lot of people as I have seen many good posts go to waste. I am also not well known and I think everyone think that their posts are the best, so here goes. Some of us are really committed to Steemit and as you know if you don't get a whale to save you, we just drown:( Here is a link to some of my posts)

Here are two posts that I also think was good. I think we need more of these type of writers on Steemit.

It is a reality to automate things, it will be a shame you will lose contact with the person, which makes this platform wonderful.
Excellent post lady @stellabelle congratulations to continue your success

@sextant, I'm gonna have to go with this post. For full disclosure she's my baby momma #3.

If your looking for someone that usually blogs on the graveyard shift , from my security job check this out where i had a visitor one night !

Do they have to be just writers or can they be other types of posters too? I have found quite a few new ones recently but not sure they all fall into the writing category.


any type of posters!


OK. I will start making a list of good new posters I find:)


great, thanks! You're like the stenographer of Steemit!


Lol. I'm always looking for good content unfortunately my own vote is not worth much.


it will, just wait.

hi @stellabelle can i post more than one or two links? i have two links i want to post here for now: https://steemit.com/steemit/@surpassinggoogle/all-the-evidence-you-need-proving-that-firepower-a-prominent-steemit-member-is-a-really-short-man
2: https://steemit.com/steemit/@surpassinggoogle/12-evidence-proving-that-ned-ceo-of-steemit-never-plays-chess
i got here by starting to read your blog as i wanted to write to inspire you. all postives!


do you mean you came into steemit via my blog here? or something else?


no, i meant, i was looking for the next inspiring person on steemit to inspire with posts simillar to those in the links i left you and was like reading your blogs one by one to study you, so i can write well enough about you. you have too many blogposts tho but i wont give up. i pasted my link as i saw this post and you spoke of you making a votebot, so i left you my best posts

Hey stellebelle, I stumbled upon this post and I am impressed to see you doing this to help support growing writers here on steemit.

sometimes you have said things that I felt were insensitive and uncaring to everyone on steemit. You have said that you speak very emotionally and that is why it comes across that way.

Seeing this now shows me that in the end, you really do care about helping and supporting those here on steemit. Glad to see that what I thought before was just a misconception of your who you really are. Upvoted! ^_^

Hello. I would like for you to consider me. My posts aren't carefully worded, thought provoking articles that took hours to research because that's not my market. My goal is to increase the usage of Steemit by females. I'm trying to accomplish this goal by posting about fashion. Admittedly, It's not as important as global economics or as disruptive as cryptocurrency but every human needs clothes to protect their bodies. My posts are primarily images so they transcend language. Also, I find image based posts create a nice mental break in between reading all of the heavier, more educationally based, articles.