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@steem-plus is a browser extension available for Chrome, Opera and Firefox. It enhances Steemit to add extra info and capabilities. You can see below it shows a more accurate value of my reputation and adds some extra menus. You can see who has voted for you, mentions and there are links to other related sites with the currently viewed account name filled in for you.

Extra info

On the wallet page there is a handy Delegate button. The popup shows who you have delegated to already and how much SP they have access to. You can add or remove accounts on there. Note that removing a delegation takes seven days before you get the SP back to prevent double voting. Changing delegation and other financial actions requires your active key, but this is accessed via SteemConnect so the extension does not have access to your key. I advise using a password manager like Lastpass to fill in your keys. It won't do that automatically if you manage to click on a fake link. You can also set two-factor in Lastpass for extra security.


When creating a post it gives you the option to allocate some of the rewards to another account. This is great if you are writing about another Steemian or making use of their content. It's only fair that they should benefit when their work is used. Note that when you share the rewards like this the Steem Plus account gets 10%. That's the only time it takes anything from you. I had that confirmed by developer @stoodkev who was very helpful when I discussed some issues I'd encountered.

You will see you also get a side-by-side preview. This is much easier than scrolling down to check the format.


It also shows how much each vote was worth to you. Note that the post summary bar stays at the bottom of the screen so you don't have to scroll down to find it.


A feature I haven't used much is an alternative Feed page where you can filter by various criteria.


Some of these features were in an extension I used before called Steemit More Info, but that is no longer being developed. I almost forget how Steemit looks without all these extra features and I take them for granted now. I expect the Steemit site will improve in time, but this makes it better right now. Why not give it a try? You can get it from the Chrome appstore.

Steem on!

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.

I'll buy guitar picks for Steem Dollars

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steem-plus is very interesting. I installed it in my browser some time ago. Also, I would like to make some improvements there.

@steevc, I have created a new tool called Custom Feed. Where you can filter posts by reputation, resteems, payout, number of votes, comments, body length, tags, authors, among others.

In this order, it will be more easy for you find the content that you want to read.

Maybe you are interested in it. Details here.


Interesting. I'd like to see a trending page with those who self vote or buy votes. I don't care about those


Hi @steevc, now you have the option of "no upvoting bots" on Custom Feed. Then we could have a better trending page. Check it out:


Hi, I have tested this out several times but I feel it lags a lot, and the vote meter does not give correct value. Love the links that are listed there and all the features that comes with the add on. I use google chrome as browser. Is it something I can do to correct so the site works faster?
Best regards @EveryDayCoachEBFEA38C-4BD4-4430-A376-603BCEE7A1D7.jpeg


There may be some lag, but it's mostly bearable. I just love the features

Already on board. I started using it not long ago.
I like that it lets me vote less than 100% even as plankton.
One thing about delegation though, I'm into my 8th day waiting for some delegation to come back. I figured it would be the 7th day at the same time I edited it down, but now we're past that point. Not much I can do but wait but is there some extra rule for this?


Not sure why it would take longer. It should be in soon. I expect there's some way to check this on Steemd as it's all based on data in the blockchain


Someone had the same question as me 16 days ago apparently.
The answer is if you create an account with delegation it gets locked for 30 days as a 'cool down.'

I have been using Steemit More Info for a long time and greatly value some of the facilities. It was sad that that was no longer developed.

Do you need to uninstall Steemit More Info to add Steem Plus?

Is the side-by-side view optional / togglable? That feature gave me problems in Steemit More Info, especially with the images, but luckily you could turn it off there.


I just disabled the old extension. There have been issues with side by side, but I think Steem Plus fixes a lot of them.

I am aware of this but have been using another browser session with this:
I will get around to using it soon though, the fact I'm using Edge doesn't really help as its not supported.

That side-by-side view looks awesome. I might give this a try.

This is nice. I don't know that such exist until i read this post. Thanks latest info from you

That side by side feature is awesome! I'm using Brave for a browser though, so I guess I'm out of luck for that for a while.

Cheers! Interesting Chrome Extension that is also available for Firefox users. Definitely, giving it a go. Resteemed!

Thank you, I did not know about this extension.

Since this is coming from you and have these features stated. Steem plus here I come. Wasn't aware of this before now

You rock Steve! I hadn't heard of this.

Quite innovative!!!!
New things still flooding into steemit...
The Future is here

I've downloaded this extention about a week now and i have still yet to enable it, with all the phishing that i've been seeing over the past week i was a bit reluctant but i will get around to enabling it, all the new features are so great if only steemit would impliment them on the site.

Well thanks for the heads up buddy !

Steem based contents are being pretty great and I liked the features of it as well .

Steemplus sounds great will look into it !

I love this and will definitely check it out.

Good stuff and thank you for the info! +1

Good information!

nice post, god information


I'm no god ;)