Vlogging with the chickens about Steem

in steemit •  11 months ago

A few thoughts on the state of Steem and Steem Dollar. We truly live in crazy times.

This the post by @dragosroua that I mention.

I did see Steemit mentioned in this run-down of Reddit alternatives. When we have the communities feature then it should be possible to do similar things, with rewards.

The Steemit site is improving on Hypestat. I hope to see it enter the top 2000 sites soon. It may be in the top 400 in Korea soon with all the interest in crypto there.


I really have no idea where this is all going, but I'd like to see things settle down a little. Rampant speculation is likely to end in tears for many.

Steem on!

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.

I'll buy guitar picks for Steem Dollars

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I just sold a few SBD at $13! Madness! Hopefully it will continue for a bit longer. Have you noticed all the Bitcoin articles on BBC News are quite negative e.g always mention how it's a bubble and talking about hacks/connections with criminals


I don't think a lot of the media get it. They are used to 'old money'

haha love the neighbours cat making itself comfotable ready for the snow! lol Yesterday's entertainment for me was sat watching bitcoin go crazy skywards! Really pleased Steem is up, although I wanted to do some trading up of Steem on bittrex but i can't do that at this price tbh. Maybe someone made a lot of money in the btc rise and decided to use it to buy up steem lol interesting times indeed! Tax regs will defo change, especially as the fiat exchanges are announcing that they are adding btc to their portfolios. I think this news also added to the increase in btc price. Go get ready for the snow! :D


Snow is just a hassle. We're never prepared for it

I'm not sure what to think about all this crazyness.

One one hand I'm really annoyed that i sold all my SBD to invest in alt coins that day before this all pumped up. i sold at about 1.80 or so, thinking i had a good deal.

If I had waited....

on the other hand, if people are trading it then it is becoming valuable, noticed, seen, used. That's got to be good in terms of promotion of the platform. if it can stay high and stabilize at say $10 and that becomes the new peg that will add a bunch of kudos to the platform and attract bigger investers.

It may not be what was envisioned in the white paper, but this is the real world now, and it will do real world things.

Just like cats and chickens ;-)


I expect there's some frantic planning going on. No time for regrets :)

I agree that Steam the gaming platform are crazy to cancel BTC payments there will be another platform that will gladly accept BTC

SBD is on the rise right now but it will settle in again when the craze over SBD calms down in Korea. I am liking it right now as It is easy to build your SP right now. I think a good rooster will keep that cat away.


The neighbours might not like a rooster. We just want some eggs to eat. The cat doesn't attack the chickens anyway.


They can be a little noisy! Roosters that is. LOL


“A good rooster will keep the cat away.” LOL thats great. Thats a new saying for me. Thanks for sharing.

Good information. Thanks for sharing.


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Ok Sorry about that. I love the UK and this time of the year can be a winter wonderland in some locations. I like the little town of Market Harbour and Dover. I think steem will go to 50 and then up and down to 500. The crypto scene is the wild west right now so if the ups and downs bother you, it might not be a good fit. I have been following cryptos for a while and Steem has a valuable product and it is only going to increase in value over the next few months.


I just get too many comments that look as if they didn't read the post.

I've no idea where Steem will go, but I want to see it succeed as it could change lives. I'm just having fun.

Wow ! Nice Video.


Hmm, can you say more?


how can you see whole video of duration 6:11 in one minute and comment about it. never do that, first read article and see full video then do related comments otherwise you got downvote.


Mediocre comment :)