Up early for Steemfest 2

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Yesterday was great. My mind started working when I awoke and I can't get back to sleep.


Almost the first people I met here were @paolobeneforti and @silviabeneforti. We went for coffee and Paolo gave me some guitar picks.


The registration was busy. I got to meet @ned there as well as @hilarski and his wife.


I didn't make it to the hackathon, so there was time to kill before the evening drinks. I went and sat in the park with @shla-rafia, @felixxx and some other Germans. That was an opportunity to practise my German.


Then I went with new friends @basilmarples, Alan and Miguel to find some food. We found a great little restaurant with awesome seafood, then got some beers and discussed steemit in a square.


The evening drinks was awesome. It was like meeting all your favourite TV stars and finding they know you too. I had so many people say 'you're Steve!'. There's too many to name them all, but I met @lukestokes, @teamhumble, @surfermarly, @steembirds, @opheliafu, @kevinwong and many more.


I took my ukulele along and jammed with open mic organiser @luzcypher and @ballinconscious.


Today there are lots of talks. I expect lots more great conversations. There will be more pictures soon.

Steem on!

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Looks like a really fun event, and it must be a strange feeling being temporarily famous!


Who said it's temporary? ;) Blockchain is forever! It's great to talk to everyone here

I am so happy for you that you can attend. Have a great time and I love the t shirt. I'll be watching the stream.

It was great to meet you in person!!! :)

Wow! This looks fantastic. Looks like you're having fun too! Wish I was there.


I wish you were here too

Congratulations, Steemfest Resteem!

Snooker time now! Ready? :)

This is what real community is all about. a platform that has connected people virtually and than in real life has so much value in the future. Hope you have a great time at SF2

How was it talk German again? Would you consider making a vlog partially German?


Maybe. I'm a bit rusty

Cool, you got me in the third picture down in the red t-shirt! Catch you later!

It's great you already have things with the new Steemit logo. And how are copyrights? Or did I miss something?


Apparently this logo has copyright. I expect there will be discussions about this

Looks like great fun i didn't know @ned would be there, will he be doing a talk about the future of Steem?


He's talking now. There's a livestream somewhere

Very reminiscent of #oggcamp I actually felt a tinge of jealousy for a moment. :-D

That's awesome @stevc !! Thanks for sharing what its like with us that couldn't make it !! Gives me even more incentive to save up for steemfest #3 !! Haha , get my passport first all ready , then save !! Enjoy your timer my friend !!

Yeah, it was a great night ;)

That's so great that you can be there at SteemFest2! It looks like a big crowd. And you got some guitar picks, so it's already a successful event, lol!

Man, I'm following your SteemFest story for sure. You've already managed to connect with so many of my favorite Steemians. Very cool to see you all in action, living it up. Much love to you, and also @luzcypher, @teamhumble, and @basilmarples.

keep up the good work.best of luck @steevc,,,, very very nice photo and great photography.
thanks for sharing.

Awesome! Make us proud, for the one who couldn't make it! :D

a very amazing event, I really hope to be able to attend this event

Nice report. Looking forward to some highlights in the next one.

Sounds fun!

Great update, @steevc. Keep the enjoyment rolling. @greatness96

Hi @steevc thank you for this wonderful experience, its great when you meet friends personally... its interesting that they're some who ask "are you steve? wow... :) thank you brother for sharing this...

It seems that you guys have a wonderful time there! Wish you all the best! :-)

Good morning to Lisbon .... I wish you all a wonderful day with many positive impressions!

Thanks for the update! Reading posts like this is a nice reminder that Steemit truly IS a community.

Thank For sharing


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