Steemit: Where does the future lie?

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This post was inspired by this piece by @dunstuff. It's a bit of a rant about the state of Steemit. He (I'm assuming it's he) has been here a year, but is considering leaving. That's always sad to hear. In his case it may be partly driven by what he's seen whilst curating as part of the @SteemFlagRewards efforts to clean up Steemit. It's not hard to find people just exploiting the platform for pure greed. You can see it at all levels from the top of the trending page to minnows 'circle-jerking' junk posts.

We have to accept that it's not a 'fair' system in that not everyone can get the big rewards. A lot depends on who you know who will support you and what means you are willing to use. It's much like the world in general where the rich look after themselves and their friends when they could be helping many others.

A lot of the big accounts were built up in the early days of Steem. Some people mined Steem when that was possible and others invested considerable sums. I can appreciate that the investors want a return, but it depends on whether they want it now or are willing to help Steemit grow and possibly make a lot more in a year or more. We need good people to stick around rather than being driven away by seeing too much abuse of the system.

I tend to look for the good in all things. I believe most people are good, but their personal circumstances may drive them to desperate measures. A few just don't care and will exploit the system for maximum profit. There's little I can do about them, but I can support those I see doing good.

Examples of good work are:

  • Open Mic is a contest that has been running for 100 weeks. There are some nice prizes to be won, but it is also a place for musicians to get exposure to a wider audience. The organiser, @luzcypher, has had to add some extra rules as people tried to cheat by using videos from other people. That means the judges have to do some extra checking and they are not making much from doing that.
  • @adollaraday was set up by @pennsif to help good causes. He is putting in the work to check they are for real.
  • @promo-steem promote this platform around the world. I saw them in action at the London Crypto Show. Several of them had travelled long distances to be there.

There are plenty of others who are helping build the community and encouraging new users. I think we can do more to emphasise these positive aspects and we should support those involved. I know there are lots of other efforts on a regional level. Feel free to promote them in the comments.

The freedom we have here means that people can do whatever they like. If they have enough Steem Power then there's little we can do to stop them, but we can all still earn something and help others who do deserve it. Use your vote to make a difference. Also, support the witnesses whose work you think improves the platform.

I don't see many other platforms with so much potential to do good and I've not seen a community to match what we have.

If you want to get involved with the @SteemFlagRewards curation then it's probably best to go to the Discord channel to chat with the team. You can earn something from helping out, but it can be stressful. I know some of them put in a lot of work and you risk getting retaliation. A lot of my posts are being flagged by someone we dealt with who feels it was unfair. We're just trying to raise the quality of Steemit in a small way. It's not about attacking minnows. If they are adding value to the platform then they definitely deserve rewards. Plagiarism, spam and 'vote farming' are not the way.

Let's not let the bad actors get us down. Let's be positive and do what we can to make Steemit a better, friendlier place that helps those who deserve it. All liquid rewards from this post will go to @adollaraday.

Steem on!

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.

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The freedom we have here means that people can do whatever they like. If they have enough Steem Power then there's little we can do to stop them, but we can all still earn something and help others who do deserve it. Use your vote to make a difference. Also, support the witnesses whose work you think improves the platform.

That’s well said @stevec

  • Should @Steemit have a statutory warning that while one should have a tender heart, one must also have a thick skin?
  • What does a newbie, at reputation 25, do when his reputation is flagged negative?

I looked at the post you linked to - and the saddest thing was that he got 127 votes (including one from me) and they amounted to just £1.96.

And that's because nobody big was willing to give him a 100% vote. Minnows like me can only deliver a cent with our vote, even voting 100%, so it needs the bigger players to deliver big votes.

Instead they all seem to be casting tiny votes. They might think this is "fair" because they are spreading it around, but often these tiny votes don't even add up to a 2 cent payout, so you see posts with dozens of votes sitting on a big fat zero.

Realistically if everyone is limiting their vote to a cent, you would need 1000 votes just to earn a tenner - and that's not likely given there is not that many people who log in to read. Yet a lot of the whales and dolphins are acting like it's possible which is why they are limiting their votes.

That slider has destroyed the platform more than anything else. It would be better if people gave out 10 full votes a day instead of a 100 tiny votes that never pay out. Try it and see the results.


I gave him a 100% vote that's not quite worthless. You have to remember that only 1% of active users are at Minnow level (>500SP), and there's only just over 1000 dolphins if i read the article correctly. I have to limit my votes like anyone else, but I have to agree with you somewhat about the use of the slider at less than 500SP.

There are a lot of useless votes due to this, but that's just the way it is. The curation trails look good but don't really deliver a lot besides many votes, but I'll take that over nothing.


I get a load of 'dust' votes on each post from some trail. I don't really see the point as I don't get much and neither will they. I use the slider to adjust my vote so I can spread it more, but my voting power is right down. I think votes of $100 or more from vote sellers are bad as they could benefit more people.

"I don't see many other platforms with so much potential to do good and I've not seen a community to match what we have."

Neither have I. Steemit is simply a less-manipulated reflection of the world at large, and the folks here are the same as the folks out there. But there is actually more relating and understanding in the Steem eco-system, than out there, because the likelihood of different folks meeting each other and mixing it up here is higher. The chances of actually learning something, rather than being caught in a feedback loop, are higher.

Thing is, people trying to make money is not wrong, any way you look at it. They are simply using their own stakes, after all, not hurting anybody else. Of course, it is true that by actively helping others, they might see a higher return long term, both financially, since the number of active users would grow, and also personally, since human beings are programmed to be happiest when they help others.

By the same token, people are unhappiest when they bash their heads on brick walls trying to change basic human nature. It is pointless, railing at others for not having empathy for Venezuela. People have feelings and love for people they get to know, not random concepts like "Venezuela." And Steem brings people together, so that they might know each other, so it's part of the solution not the problem.

Of course, Steem would work better if the initial mining had encompassed more people, and of course it would work better if incentives to share stake had been more pressing. But you deal with what you have, not what you wish you had. And where Steem is at right now is still better than where any other platform is at.

This post is an example of the good Steem does, and can do. :)


People talk about 'human nature', but what is that? We're all different, but very few of us want to cause real harm. I know for some a few cents can make a difference, but it can be hard to see the person behind the account and their circumstances. I encountered some guy who is buying a few dollars of votes on each post, but not getting much interaction. He claims he has illnesses and needs the few dollars he makes. I'm ignoring him for now

I kind of feel guilty not having put in more as far as the platform is concerned. I really will try harder, I love it so much. I particularly like seeing into other peoples life and share in their moments of joy or hard times. I really makes it feels like a community and not just some random rubbish as you get on youtube and the like.


I think there's room for all sorts of content, but just recycling stuff from others should not earn anything. Just voting up the good stuff helps, even if your vote is small.


Well man of my word, here is the second post I kept on putting off. I was so busy, but will make time for it. Daily will be difficult, but I have so much content. Never a boring day :)

I've taken a big step back this week @steevc and am also considering leaving.

I've just been through a crappy experience with steemcleaners and have lost faith that even those trying to help are doing so well.

There just seem to be too many vindictive, judgemental people here and, even thought they are in the minority I am weary of it.

I know I take things way more personally than I should but even so, I don't want to be around it.

I really appreciate all the wonderful people I've met and the support I've received the last couple of days but for now, I'm stepping well back.

I'm afraid it's another lesson of how this place reflects the world in general and I've been left wondering who polices the police.


I hope you can stay. Anyone who is driving good people away is crazy. We need them

I think Hardfork 20 is going to improve a lot of things, I can't wait; It'll cut out a lot of abuse.


I hope it helps. Apparently it allows people to post more often, but I wonder if the new bandwidth system could limit spam. We shall see soon enough.


Have you read the part where they are removing the 12-hour cutoff period?


You mean before the payout? That is good. I've had someone flagging me at the last minute, but sometimes he gets it wrong and his flag does nothing :)


Yeah, it'll stop people maliciously downvoting posts at the last minute.


Well, they could still downvote just before payout just like before, but now people will have the chance to upvote it again during the same time frame.


they'll just find a new way

Just like in life here on steemit if we quit we have lost. If you dont quit you can win, but the moment you quit you have lost.

Depending on how much time you have spent on steemit or how much you have invested is how much you lost.

Many don't have a cash investment at all and for them steemit is nothing but a way to make some free money. They get discouraged if the free money goes down or stops. They blame it on everyone but themselves.

If your just here for the free money I say good riddance to those folks. I will not miss them at all.

If your here to invest your time or money and want to wait around until all cards are played, I welcome you to stay and finish the game.

There will always be scammers and cheaters to every opportunity that comes along in life. They hopefully get what they deserve. Sometimes they seem to win, but like this article shows in the end they get what they deserve.

I also would like to point out to all you anon guys, take note about what the DEA agent said about crypto.

“The blockchain actually gives us a lot of tools to be able to identify people. I actually want them to keep using [cryptocurrencies].’’

Good day!

Thank you for the mention of A Dollar A Day Steeve.

And you thank greatly for donating the liquid rewards of this post to A$AD.


A few Steem heading your way now this has paid out.

I know a couple of people now that have left because of the how things have been going. One of them was a pretty substantial account too. It would have been cool if they had stuck around a little longer, but I understand why they left. I think there is always going to be some form of abuse, you just need to push through it and keep doing you I guess.

Future of Steem should be great. There are some problems here. I wrote about those problems in many of my posts but no one took notice. I am here from six months and have invested my money to power up. I have many followers on Facebook but I am not using it after I joined Steem platform. So far I have seen that the posts which I wrote with lot of efforts, didn't pay back me much. This is the problem of 90% users. Only a few are getting a big part of the reward pool. Others are feeding on crumbs. Minnows and plankton can easily be targeted for plagiarism and spamming but no one dares to touch whales. So, this problem will remain. Without changing the reward distribution system this platform cannot grow much.

I'll give @dunstuff a vote. I hate to see people leave, and also some advice. Looking at his blog there's things he could improve if he utilized the incentives on offer.

Yeah it's like the story of hen that laid golden eggs...

You got a plankton sized upvote from @worksinsane because I wanted to revisit you!

During the last 64 days in the life of @worksinsane, your post appeared in the We Curate quality post search tool. Now I decided to come back and I've also included you in my latest post: