Steemfest, the selfie post

in steemit •  2 years ago 

I'm not really a selfie guy, but I can't really miss the opportunity to get a few with the folk at Steemfest. Everyone is so approachable, from minnow, to whale. I might not have recognised since of these people if it wasn't for their badges as avatars are not always clear.

Of course everyone knows @ned. He's been busy talking to everyone here. I had to get this shot. This was when we all went to a snooker club last night. Actually it was mostly pool.


Here's big guy @exyle and @jerrybanfield


German beer fan and beer Saturday organiser @detlev


@eroche from Ireland.


@kevinwong from Malaysia and @voronoi from NYC


There may well be more photo opportunities today. Stay tuned and Steem on!

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It's nice seeing all those faces! Looks like you all had a great time!

Nice 👍 selfie action and great to meet you

Great to see you are enjoying yourself and also great to be introduced to some of the faces! Blessings!

I'm just amazed how many of them knew who I am. It's a great experience

We are going to have a photo together before leaving, aren't we? :)

Of course!

Hey @steevc
I hope that you had a great time on the steemfest!
One of your selfies turned into a modern artwork ;)
Click here to see it:

We wish you safe traveling and greetings from the future

Cheers. I acquired some art at Steemfest. I love supporting the artists

Awesome! We would have loved to go the the steemfest but sadly we where and still are too busy with building up this project.

Would you like to share the art? Im sure all here would happy to see even more of the steemfest.

Good set of selfies there for the family album...

We now get to see some of the faces behind those accounts..😂
Having a good time i see.
Expecting more selfies...;-)

Kind of jealous you got to meet @ned 😲

I think he's actually quite shy. We didn't talk much, but I chatted with some of the developers

Oh my 😍 I think I have a bit of a crush on him! And hes sooooo not my normal type 😬🙈

It is awesome to meet lots of people.

nice photos! have a good time there!

Thx for sharing

one of a kind memories

i wish I could come for the steemfest.... wonderful photo.

Waw its good to see all of you... @ned @kevinwong, @voronoi, detlev and all these amazing steemians. @steevc you did wwll at sharing these pictures with us.

Thanks for sharing. I got to know who's who behind those accounts! Wonderful... ^^