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steemd gives you an inside view of the Steemit data. It's all coming from the blockchain, but the main site only gives you a glimpse.


I don't claim to know what all the numbers mean, but there are some I check. The registered_accounts shows how much it is growing.


To find your own account page just change your steemit URL to point at steemd instead with your profile ID. Here's mine. A hot topic is inability to vote. You can check your Bandwidth Remaining here. I think it needs to be well above zero before you can post, but others are posting about this. You can also see your ID there. I believe this is a sequence according to when you joined. Dan and Ned are 496 and 497. I would have expected them to have lower numbers. Steem is 23. Who here has the lowest number?


Other sites present some of the data in a pettier form. I'd suggest looking at:

There are more in the App Centre. I've not been keeping up with everything new there. I just love that people get to play with the data and create these apps for us.

Steem on!

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.

I'll buy guitar picks for Steem Dollars

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Yeah Im using steemd all the time, I had to look today to find out that my bandwitdth had gone haywire

Steemit is still growing even if the coins are going down. I'm sure steem is going to be up soon and then probably even more people will subscribe. It's funny I just also published a list with the steemit tool I find the most important. I added the first 3 to my list, but I never used the last 2.

I'll give them a try and I'll add them to my list if they fit there...

It should grow, but it needs to be easier to use. Users should not get obscure bandwidth errors. They also need to make account validation automatic. Then it could go viral.

I added to my list, quoting you and your post...

Just used and found out some cool things i was getting error of Bandwidth usage now that too is showing there

I only found out about steemd this morning, from someone else I hasten to add! #ShakesFist

Apparently, some crazy individual voted for me to be a witness. LOL

We need more of the open source crowd to get into Steemit. They could code up more cool tools. I keep meaning to try some stuff myself. There's some Python libraries that make it pretty simple.

They're too busy gearing up to go all corporate. :-D

I responded to a post by Jono Bacon where he called for (Pete crosses himself repeatedly as if he was a Catholic, which he isn't) a standardised package and repo for Linux!

A single standard Linux, the world as we know it has come to an end. Bwahahaha

Yes, but there are people out there who just like to play with stuff. I want to see a few projects on here so I can easily support them. Getting people to pay for FOSS has always been an issue. The Steemit model could help out.

Changing the subject slightly: I've noticed [In my feed] that some of the, less than quality, posts have started to drop off. Having said that, I'm now flooded with crypto posts and what I suspect is Chinese posts that I cannot read. :-(

Can't you just unfollow those people? There's no obligation to follow back. I've stopped following some people to keep my feed under control. There's only so much I can read.

I get very few spam comments, so the system is working well from my viewpoint.

I'm continuing my personal policy of "Freedom of Speech" be it good bad or indifferent. I suspect all the Crypto Speculators will move on soon anyway.

I use Steemwhales to check out the graph of my wallet growth, following growth, and steemd to see what percentage my voting power is at, and also to spy on who's upvoting who! 😜

Steemwhales can be depressing as I get to see when my account value dropped :) I keep going anyway

Useful post for many people. Thanks! They are working on a fix for the bandwidth issue.

Thanks for sharing this @steevc , now i can check out many useful info that i was looking for!
You made it easy for us!

Happy to help

Thanks @steevc i noticed a few new features on steemd too, my id is 191,990

Thanks, using steemd now to check what the hack is with my brandwidsh.

Thanks for the mention Steve!

@null is numero uno btw

Thanks for sharing. A link to your post was included in the wiki page about Steemd. Thanks and good luck again!

I use steemd alot :)

Nice Thanks do you know what happens when bandwidth and voting power reaches 100% i am very near

The bandwidth issue may be fixed. The flood of new users exposed some issues with the code.

Yeah, Steemd is a great tool. I too have to check my bandwidth on a regular basis so I can post again. I appreciate the tool very much.

I'll give them a try and I'll add them to my list if they fit there

This is an old post. I know Steemwhales is not being updated and there are lots of new sites. Have a look here

truly great post