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RE: No more Bid-Bots for me, I’m Reputation (55), Target Achieved!

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You earn some extra vote from me for this stance. I was fortunate to get in on steemit early, so I didn't have to buy votes to get this far, but it's been a lot of work. There seems to be a movement against them now, so maybe we will see changes. As long as there's a profit to be had they will keep going.


Thanks @steevc, you may remember me stating this to you at the @steemcamp in Birmingham, so I'm sticking with my plans.

I can't simply refuse to advocate these as this would make me a hypocrite, but I won't use them anymore. I just moved some SBD to STEEM but will keep a little in reserve for purchases, such as @steemmonsters!

There are a couple of free voting services I will still use though, one is on the Peace, Abundance, Liberty and gives you a free vote every 48 hours + one from @pharesim sometimes, and the other is from @yehey on the SteemChat discord server.

In the latter case you donate $0.1SBD as a one time thing and then you can gain a vote every 8hours. @yehey is a witness who I support as I believe he's doing good things for the platform.

I know you wont be interested in these, but some of the other guys who see this may find the info useful.

Thank you for the mention and support @slobberchops.

In my humble opinion, many are still learning on how to use steemit and many more needs support. I started from nothing just like everybody else and I know it's hard, but I never stop.

Using bid bots is not a long time solutions, is there to assist. Bid less than 1 SBD/STEEM to get an extra boost and increase reputation, don't be GREEDY so everyone can share the rewards. Just like @slobberchops, when you reach your comfort level, it's time to move up and do more exciting projects to empower the community.

I will continue to upvote, upvote and upvote authors with good content. This is one way of helping other authors out there.

Cheers to everyone and keep steeming for a better future.

I do remember you saying this and it's great you reached your goal. I get a few automatic votes, so I'm not worried about getting more.

We each set our own rules and others can decide what they think of what we do.