My second Steemiversary!

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On 2nd August 2016 I joined a new site I'd heard about called Steemit. I was actually a little reluctant as I was just getting over Tsu being shut down. That was also a site that paid users, but it was based on sharing ad revenue. I was there about 20 months and made a few hundred dollars, which I didn't think was too bad. I had played with other paying sites like Bitlanders and Minds, but they lacked much community for me. Tsu was actually pretty good that way and people there did a lot of good work for charities that could have verified accounts. In the end their investors pulled out and it became non-viable.

I heard about Steemit from @the-bitcoin-dood who had been on Tsu. Once I checked it out I was intrigued. Here was a platform that didn't need advertisers. It was open source and decentralised. I could see big potential for it.


I was user 44,459. This was my first post. As you can see it made a mighty 2c! I think I did a better introduction with a photo or video. A lot of my early posts made little or nothing. Minnow votes did a lot less back then. I can remember working out your needed about 1000 SP to give 1c and it took me a while to get there (about 2 months). As the community was smaller you had a better chance of being noticed by a whale, but I never got a really massive vote. This was a time when some posts made many thousands and there wasn't the vote selling that goes on now. It depended on who you knew.

The Steem price had been several dollars before I joined, but it may have been my presence that caused it to fall over the next year or so. By March 2017 it was down to about 6c, but I kept on posting. I was having fun making connections and discussing fun stuff, including the potential of Steem and Steemit. In early 2018 the price zoomed up and my account was worth almost $100k! That didn't last and I couldn't have powered down fast enough to really take advantage. BTW do you know the power down period was originally 2 years?

In late 2017 I did power down a bit to take out a chunk of Steem. I did this using my Bitwala debit card that has since lost that facility. I used some of the money to go to Steemfest in Lisbon. Guess who I met there...

Steve and Ned

I met lots of other cool people and was amazed by how many knew who I was. It was a wonderful experience and I fully intend to get to Krakow this year. That may involve powering down again. I have a different card from Wirex now that will let me spend my crypto.

Around that time I also bought a cool Taylor guitar with my Steem. I don't regret that at all.


Steemit has certainly changed in these two years. The community has grown a lot, but it's still short of what I would have hoped for. I think Steem Inc are holding back on marketing it until they sort out a few issues. I really hope this can happen soon as other platforms are snapping at their heels.

I've almost got to 5000 followers and my rep is creeping up to 71. I hit 70 almost a year ago, so you can see how hard it is to get to each new level. You can also see that I have posted a lot. That's about 30 posts/comments each day. That may be why so many people know me.


I've been to various meetups including one in Birmingham and a couple in London. There are still no other Steemians in my home town that I know of, but I hope to see that change.

I've been part of various competitions and challenges along the way. Some of these have made me good rewards, but they are also fun. I've entered the Open Mic contest 58 times so far and I met the founder @luzcypher in Lisbon. I haven't gotten so involved with groups that require you to vote in specific ways. It's just not my thing. I have used voting trails and auto-votes, but it's just about all manual these days.

It's hard to imagine what the next two years will bring. There will be a lot of challenges. The world is still trying to understand what cryptocurrency is and whether it's beneficial. I see it as a way to give back some power to individuals. Governments are trying to work out how to tax it. I would hope that Steem as a platform can have millions of active users across the various apps that have appeared here. There really is something for everyone.

Feel free to ask me anything about my journey, but I probably can't give you the answers to instant riches.

Steem on and on and on!

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.

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Happy Steemiversary! I hope you celebrate more years in steemit.

Awesome,I also joined in August 2016. Remember you since day one,congrats trully!


Good to see you are still around. I hope it's going well for you too.


Oh yes posting every day

Congratulations @steevc for the next milestone. You are a community role model.

Happy Steemiversary

Happy 2nd Anniversary. :) The 3rd is on its way starting tomorrow.
Think of all the milestones you have crossed. Keep going. :)


We both came from Tsu and so did a few others. That gave us a ready-made community, but Steem has worked out much better


I agree with you.
For you, this is a much better place. There are some things I miss and people I miss.


Maybe those people will come here eventually.

@ned looks a lot happier than you appear to be in that picture, perhaps you weren't sharing your beer with him (is that a silver pitcher?).

I can personally attest that you are not as goofy as indicated in your caricature on your debut post too.

You didn't expect a simple congratulations post from me did you? :)

Well.. OK then Congratulations on 2 years.


It's not my best shot. I'm not great at this selfie lark. The beers were very cold.


Congrats I am glad I have made my way to steemit too.
There are few of us that care.
Maybe if we can get past the SMT and HF20 all will be well.
There some serious coding issues that need to be resolved.
The question is are the minds available to get that work done?
Glad I met you and that we are friends and can have a discussion with mutual respect.
Maybe someday we will be able to enjoy a steemfest beer.

Had to edit it and say beautiful guitar. I just bought the wife two Martins one LXM little Martin and Martin HD-35 it is a work of art.


I really hope we can meet some day. There are challenges for the team. Getting blockchain stuff right is really hard

Merry Steemmas @steevc and thank you for introducing me to the site. Like most things I’ve not got that involved but am enjoying it all the same.


Glad you came along. I hope to see much more of your photography and maybe some music...


I have been playing a little more recently - even contemplated the odd VLOG. Mrs Stav and the girls are going away for a few days soon so I may attempt some recording then.

Happy Steemversary @steevc! You're definitely among the ranks of "Steemit Originals." You're definitely one of the rare loyal folks around here... I have seen your comments everywhere, and I can't say I've ever seen you "rage quit" which is great (nor have I).

Here's to many more!

Congrats! Very nice story!
I need just 10 months more to catch you

Congrats! Quite the accomplishment. I too hope to be able to head to Krakow. Still figuring it out but hope to see ya there.

Also Beautiful guitar!!!

Happy Steem birthday, Steve!

I'm in London watching Heathers the Musical, and I have to say you've made Steemit seem a lot friendlier than high school lol.

That's why everyone knows and remembers you. Cos you're nice to people.

Interval ending, as Aha's "Take on me" plays. Good song, good memories.

Hopefully we'll all make some new ones the next two years.

Interval ending. Again, Happy Steemit birthday! :D


Enjoy the show. Maybe we'll meet up some day


For better or worse, I think that's inevitable, assuming one or other of us doesn't suffer an untimely demise.

After all, you've already come to London a couple of times, and as Samuel Jonson said, it's easier to be tired of life than tired of London.

In fact, Steemfest should come to London, surely, after our US cousins have a turn (only fair).

So yes, if you come London way, let me know. :)

Nb: The show was great. I'm a big fan of the Christian Slater eighties movie, and the musical gets right just about everything that was great about the film.

Congratulations on your two years anniversary @steevc.

It's certainly is very different nowadays form what you and others have described.

It's taken me seven and a half months, posting four times most days to reach 1000 Steem Power with no powering down! 😱

And I think it's even harder now than it was when I joined.


It is harder to get noticed, which is why some people may take the shortcut of buying votes. I think the long slog pays off better in the long run as you get mmore genuine followers. I realise that most of my followers are inactive or don't actually look at my posts. It's just a number.


I think the long slog pays off better in the long run

I hope you're right @steevc. Only time will tell. 😊

What a ride. You have really invested something here that no crypto investor could do - time and passion. Steemit would not live and breath if it weren't for you I :)


I've maybe been a bit over enthusiastic, but I'm just having fun. Your art has been just part of that


Nothing wrong in enthusiasm :) If this place sucked I wouldn't be here. Minds didn't really appeal to me, neither did Twitter and others.

But we have to keep fighting for more quality content. In my opinion it is what hold Steemit together.

Was great reading about your journey, and I look forward to find out what my account and life on Steemit will look like after two years.

Happy anniversary to you once again, and hope you will play a nice happy birthday song to yourself with that beautiful guitar of yours!


Cheers. It's been fun even though there has been drama along the way. I don't let that spoil it.

2 Years! What a milestone, thanks for staying and fighting abuse with us. I see there's already one comment flagged hehehe

I will celebrate my 2nd year February 2019. I hope I'll be at 70 rep by then.

Shocked at 2 years of power down. I guess the 13 weeks isn't bad then compared to 104 weeks.

And that guitar is beautiful, esp that it's paid with STEEM. Sweet...


Actually the spam isn't as bad as I expected by now. It's being dealt with by various people. We can guide them to a more productive path.

Congrats. I hope your having fun here will last.

Well Steve, it's been an interesting couple of years! I wonder what the next 2 will bring? (including a little trip to Kraków hopefully)

Great post and congrats on your anniversary! That is impressive how much Steemit has changed over the past two years. I can't wait to see what it is like in another two years. I have only been on 7 months, but it is still exciting to see all of the apps and add-ons that have been developed in the past couple of months.

Wahoo! Congrats on the anniversary :)

Happy 2nd Steeiversary :)

I really wish I could have joined sooner but yet better late than never ! Hope your journey gets to be a lot greater in the coming days !

Happy 2nd Anniversary!


Cheers. I hope steemit is treating you well

Congrats man! Yesterday @coruscate completed her first year and I mentioned your open mic entries to her (on her open mic entry). Didn't even know that today you'll complete your second year as well. Sweet coincidence!

PS: Nice sketch on your first post :-)

Congratulations for your aniversary @steevc. I heard about that card wirex, it's a link between the present and the future we have with crypto. Unfortunately for me my country is too behind in that regard and I cant get one of those yet.

Congratulations in achieving a new milestone sir! I wish that I discovered this platform earlier. I enjoy reading what other people post compared to all the drama in facebook. it's also fun to interact with people here they are always kind enough to reply. Anyway Thank you for sharing us your journey and inspiring us. I hope that the steemit community will still grow and people will accept crypto. Have a great day ahead!

Congrats Steve i recently had my 1 year Steemiversary, you was actually one of; if not the first person i started interacting with, it is great to get a glimpse of your journey and wow was it really 2 years to power down lol, thanks for everything Steve i hope to achieve even half of what you have done. Upvoted and Resteemed.

Happy 2nd Steemiversary dude

Congrats !

Congratulations for your two years here at steemit

I’m coming up on my one year and time has just absolutely flown by. I’m sure I’ll be at 2 soon enough

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Happy steem anniversary Steve....I am also the dude on steemit from my village..It takes time to grow in steemit community .. A moneygreedy people can't excel here ...You need patience and desire to share some genuine good things ..Have great steemit life ahead.

Congratulations and Happy Steemversary sir @steevc
I hope you achieve your goals and have a blessed life.
Stay Blessed

everyone certainly has an interesting story about his introduction to steemit as well as you.
to survive in steemit we must have smart stamina because the unpredictable price of steem can step on and come down suddenly.
the best way to survive in steemit is to keep working and continue to interact with other steemans, sharing views and curations

hopefully follow your footsteps

Congratulations and thanks for your service @steevc

Congratulations Man!! Two years is very much in Steemit. Greetings from Venezuela. Your guitar is cool.