Korea takes the lead

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I have been keeping an eye on the web stats for Steemit almost since I joined over 3 years ago. It has peaked in the top 1000, but has been in decline for some time. It does look to me that the numbers I see on Hypestat are not telling the full story as several countries are not appearing any more including UK, Japan, Spain and Germany. These all had significant numbers of users.

I think that since I started looking it has been USA top, followed by Korea, but today they have swapped places. This is by number of visitors.


India is not far behind and could steal a place. Korea seems to have a dedicated userbase who also tend to move the most Steem on the exchanges. I do not actually see much content from there as a lot is in Korean. There do seem to be some accounts there who make a fair bit, but it can be hard to say if this counts as misuse through collaborative voting. I let others investigate that.

I have also been checking the numbers for Steempeak. Those only list a few countries with Myanmar top by far. I am suspicious of that too as I am sure other countries have significant visitor numbers. The site seems to get over a fifth of the visitors that Steemit gets. In the past it was rare to see any alternative site get over a tenth of the visitors. I still think we need better branding so it is clearer that all these sites are Built on Steem.

In other news I have had people accusing me of being part of some 'elite' who run Steem for their own benefit and are looking to drive others away. That is do untrue in my case. I desperately want it to grow and benefit more people around the world. Reducing the users would only depress the price further and devalue the effort I put in. Not that money is my priority. I promote Steem a lot and will create accounts for those who want them.

If I downvote it is to remove unearned rewards through bot misuse or stolen content. I do not do it in revenge. There are very rare cases where I get abuse in comments and will downvote to reduce their visibility. I always try to be civil, but it can be hard to read the intentions of people just through text comments. My intentions are always to do the best for Steem.

I have to say it is very gratifying when people say they appreciate what I do. They outnumber the haters and trolls.

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Looks like people are moving off to SteemPeak. Excellent.

Glad to see Pakistan is also in the list.

well spotted steev! keep up the good work ;)

I appreciate what you do, man. I feel like you're one of only 3 real people I interact with on this platform!

Cheers. I would love to see more interaction around the site. Have you seen the new Steemit beta with communities? We definitely need a comics community. I think it helps if people can follow topics and not just people. They may get more of a mix that way.

I hadn't checked it out, I'll take a look this week, thanks!

It may not be open to all at the moment. I hope the testing goes well and they make it past of the various front ends soon.

You're doing a great job on Steem Steve, even when it's at a cost to yourself. Hats off to you for everything you do!!!

Cheers. Being flagged is no big deal for me as I am not relying on what I make here. If anything it frees up some rewards for others.

I'm not surprised to see the Korean stat. There are quite a few orcas and borderline orca dolphins presently on the platform. Many of them appear to be regular bloggers, with support from other Korean accounts. This is probably fair enough since we have the same structure in the English speaking part of Steem.

I did, however, find a few accounts that appear to only cut and paste short paragraphs from Wikipedia and translate to Korean. I've found such posts that generate in the double digits.

So basically, there are regular folk, but also spam reward pool rapists, just like in the English speaking realm :/

I've seen some that just paste news articles from elsewhere. I don't know if there is a dedicated Korean abuse fighting group.

As far as I have understood, they seem to encourage it as ROI.

This ROI stuff is bullshit. You can earn from Steem by voting up others and it's supposed to be about the content. I have little sympathy if they get downvoted for it.

Me either. It seems some of the larger ones didn't know what was in the HF at all - know your investment.

You bleeding heart liberal communist!! :)

Power to the people! Eat the rich!

This list is quite interesting. It seems that countries where financial crises have impacted the lives of people a lot are topping the numbers, except maybe Korea. But all the rest... So this means these people aren't really inclined to leave too! Thanks for your work Steve! Keep it up, and talk is cheap, especially on the internet! !trdo

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It is understandable that those people struggling to make anything would come to Steem. It has potential to change lives. I've met and talked to people from Venezuela where I know wages are really low. They should still be looking at ways to add value to the platform.

People love to talk shit especially from behind a screen. Since i've joined i have only seen you do positive things for the community so keep it up. :D

You do great things for the platform brother. Ignore the ignorant.

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Please check my comment on your newest post!

Cheers mate. I can brush most of it off. We need to treat each other with respect and some don't seem to get that.

So they are moving a lot of STEEM around, but not creating content and investing in the platform? That is too bad. I am sure there are some that are using the platform, but it would be cool if it were more.

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