Interesting times for Steemit

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The cryptocurrency world in general is going through some bumpy air at the moment. Bitcoin has been bouncing around due to events in China and everyone else gets hit by the turbulence. The Steem price had taken a slight hit and has now hit its lowest in a while. That may also be affected by a whale selling off a big chunk. That could be an opportunity for others to buy in at a low price. We need more whales and dolphins to even out the voting.

@mynameisbrian did another of his comics about the latest developments and @ned commented saying it's time to bring in more Steemians and:

I'm particularly excited for businesses to appear from a combination of sub communities and arbitrary reward splits. Steemit and the sub communities will be incentivized to work together to grow each other. And with sub communities we get to focus very clearly on niche users to bring them to the platform.

We already have some niche communities forming and having a better way to keep them together will certainly help. I just wonder if we will see a specific effort to recruit users. What form should that take?

My regular check of the Steemit web stats shows that the slow decline in visitors continues. It was getting over 30,000 daily visitors at the end of last year and is now down to 24,100. We know Steemit ranks well on Google, so we need to keep getting good posts that people will discover and come to check out the site. A few of those may sign up.


When you visit a Steemit post and are not logged in you get the following below the post. Visiting the home page doesn't tell you much about what Steemit is. Should there be a more prominent message that would encourage people to take the time to sign up?

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As well as getting people to sign up you need to ease them into using the site and then keep them coming back. I know there are plans to show some hints to indicate what people should be doing here. The Steemit site has a few concepts you need to grasp and they can be tricky to explain. I know there are some good videos and posts by users that will help. The community could help to provide the introduction for new users. We have lots of talented people who can do that and it should also be in different languages to help out the non-English speakers.

I'm excited to see what happens in the next few months.

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Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Interesting post, I like Steemit, it's like Medium, but you can get financial reward from your posts.

I don't like seeing that it seems to be losing ground, I really do see myself staying here for a while, so would like to see it thrive, as I think it has much more to offer than traditional 'social media' sites etc.

Lets hope the price recovers, and so does the new users/user retention/sit visitors! :)


I'm not losing hope yet. The Steemit platform has great technology and people are making money despite the low price. I just do this for fun and I've made around $700! I'd never make that on any other site. I'm choosing to keep it powered up rather than taking it out. I think Steemit just needs to reach some sort of critical mass to go viral.


I have not made much (yet) but have not posted much (yet).

I also plan to keep it all powered up, in anticipation for a wage of signups and activity.

I also really do like the openness of it all. It's not abstracted away like facebook and twitter.

Am quiety excited at the prospects it has to offer, just need to write some posts damnit!

Great post. I wish someone would track and post the "traffic" and do a post about it once a week or so. :)


That would be cool. Someone must have access to the actual stats for the site. Hypestat can only estimate them, but it shows trends. Of course we have other sites like Busy now and some may using apps like esteem. The blockchain stats only show what logged in users do.