Decentralised Web in The Guardian, mentions DTube

in steemit •  2 months ago

I just spotted this article about technologies featured at the Decentralized Web Summit a month ago.


Of course I looked for a mention of Steem/Steemit, but it's not in there. That may be because they didn't have anyone there. However, there is a mention of @dtube. Looking around the summit site I found this video of a talk where Adrien Marie of DTube gave a good talk (from 38:00). Is he @heimindanger? I probably saw him at the last Steemfest, but you don't find out everyone's real names. This post gives a good summary of what is going on with DTube.

I think the general public is still pretty much in the dark over the benefits of decentralisation, even if they have heard of blockchain. Most think you need a company behind everything to ensure it keeps running, but we all know of web sites that have died. Platforms like Steem cannot be totally shut down. I guess if we lost all the witnesses then Steem transactions would not get processed, but the data could still be out there as anyone can get it.

We're in a transitional phase for the internet. A few companies have grown massive, but they are struggling to maintain public confidence. I think there's a place for DApps even if some want to stick with Facebook.

Steem on!

Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.

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Its all about the content, if people see content they want on the Dweb, they will use it; 99% wont care how it works or why its better.

I guess we will need content creators for the Dweb, to be philosophically against the current set of companies, and as early adopters we must be willing to pay and make the Dweb attractive for content creators.


There may be issues with usability. Steem requires you to use multiple keys. A password manager is essential, but a lot of people probably just use the same password everywhere.

This is good for steem blockchain!

Am surprised more mainstream attention still has not hit dtube yet, despite its potential. In time though I guess...enjoying the positive sentiments

People get comfortable but some of us like to explore. More will see the value sooner or later.

It's not happening fast enough for those with skin in the game. But for others it's happening too fast, and they are unsure about it.

But the mere fact that these discussions are happening show that the world is slowly turning. And when it finally gets to the point where what we do now is mainstream, we will all look like gurus hehehe

There's going to be lots of chat about dApps, when I started in Steemit which isnt so long ago, I barely remember there being any.

I probably saw him at the last Steemfest, but you don't find out everyone's real names.

I'm wondering about this, is everyone going to be calling me 'chops'?

Remembering one name is bad enough when you first meet people, but two is probably not doable. What happened in the last one?


Everyone had a badge with their user name. I guess they could write their real name on there if that's what they prefer


No avatar pictures then? Maybe in my case I shouldn't use it ;)


There wasn't last time. Some people don't look as you might expect if you haven't seen them before

Dtube is awesome solution to reward content creater and stop annoying ad of YouTube.