Can you re-Steem too much?

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I see some people here whose re-Steems outnumber their own posts. Some seem to do it almost exclusively. One issue with that is that their own posts may get lost in the noise. If you are re-Steeming the same person a lot then why not write a post to suggest that others follow them (e.g. a variant on my Follow Friday)? If you want to feature certain posts then write a post about them and say why you think they are interesting. A bit of context is generally useful.

That said, I do re-Steem a few posts. They may be some that mention me or just those that I think people really need to see, but I'll try to not let them outnumber my own posts. I know some people are not keen on seeing them. If there's a post by one of the top accounts then people will probably have seen it anyway.

I try to manage the feed I see here by selectively following those who post what I'm interested in. I won't just follow people back to return the favour. It's just not viable for me to follow that many as my reading time is limited. If you re-Steem too much then I may have to un-follow you.

Part of the issue may be all the contests that require you to re-Steem to qualify. Plus I know a lot of people ask you to do it. It is a useful facility, but don't over-use it.

Some other platforms let you add some description above posts you share. That would be better, but may not be supported by the Steemit software.

Just my 2p. Steem on!

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.

I'll buy guitar picks for Steem Dollars

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My big problem is people tend to resteem a lot in a short time, like 3 resteems in 30 mins. A few people do this and your feed is full of posts by people you have not followed.

Maybe it's no big deal but it annoys me.

If can be tempting to share a few posts as you browse your feed. We need to be more selective and consider what others will see

You are right about that and I am now going to take a slightly different approach as far as Resteeming going forward..........

upvoted.. good point I am backing down on that some.. I realized yesterday why did I resteem someone I followed.. doesn't make sense since they are in my feed already ..then some people I follow resteem a lot.. and some of it I am not interested in and it clogs my feed.. good points you made.. minnows are all figuring it out .. I know because I am one. :)

We need to think about what we do here to optimise the experience for everyone. I got a conversation going here

I resteem posts but I post as well. I see some users that have nothing but resteems on their blogs and their account is much bigger than mine and not a post of their own.

Balance is key, in this regard, as in so many others in life. I have seen, especially a number of n00bs, making this error. I have unfollowed folks because of this in the past, and will continue to do so. I try to keep my own resteeming to a minimum, as I think a lot of authors do not consider the fact that they are burying their own content by resteeming everything.

I wish more Steemians took the opportunity to make a weekly (or however often) post about blogs they enjoy. It really makes all the sense to go about it that way.

When I helped close to 20 people onboard a couple of months ago, rather than sharing their posts via resteem, I composed a post about them that included tons of links to their posts from which readers could dive into these authors further. The featured authors had a good followership jump from the post, which to me, just proved that features indeed work, and are beneficial to essentially everyone.

Great post, @steevc. Always enjoy reading your thoughts.

Hi @jessamynorchard, I love the idea of composing a weekly favorite post to point out content that I really believe in. I created a post last week on resteems that is too late to edit. I would have loved to add your comments and @steevc's post to it. So, instead, I will point others to this in my comments. It's always good to have different perspectives. (Now, how do I do that? lol... I'll figure it out!)

By the way, I found this post because @cryptologyx resteemed it and gave it prominence in my feed. :)

I too love this idea, but adds another layer of order, that needs to be created out of my chaos here.

But I suppose a simple text document will suffice, go adding links to it as the week goes on.

thanks for your comment, as I have been tormenting myself a little over this, (resteeming) and have decided to do it far less, and now see a solution.

big hugs

Awesome! I am glad this was able to provide some option and idea in regard to forward movement without having to resteem everything cool! :) Your followers will thank you, and the investment of the time and energy it takes to genuinely curate something good will show to the platform that your interests here are for the overall good of the platform.

Taking that little bit of time out to dedicate your efforts to promoting others will definitely benefit you, your followers, and those you are working to promote mutually.

Love and light to you! Steem on!

Hi @jessamynorchard, I took your advice and went for it with my last post... Pointing people to your comment. I hope they read it. It's so helpful.

My blog is full of resteems lol

My own rule of thumb is one a day is fine, twice you can get away with if they are good, but if anyone does three on my feed they are an instant unfollow.

Until there is a separate tab for resteems, I think they are mostly a bunch of crap cluttering up my feed.

When there is a separate tab I will generally ignore them.

I resteem because I've found that curation of good content is a way to increase my steem power. It's not always a resteem for curation as I also like to think it's a way to help the little guy get more exposure.

If...well not if...I know I lose followers because of the amount of resteems on my feed. I look at it this way; if I spend hours creating my own original content and it has 6.5 days to to earn very little in the way of new followers and upvotes I'm really wasting my time creating that content and I can't very well pull it back up at some future point when I have a strong following who supports me and my work.

If a follower can't take the time to spend a few extra seconds to skim past the obvious resteems to find original content that interests them and made them follow you then perhaps they really weren't that interested to begin with.

I find my time is much better spent surfing my feed and the feed of others I find interesting. All doors are open here at Steemit and I kinda like that. I got here from my feed and I'd have to go back a few to find exactly how I got here. All I know is it was from a tangent I took when I saw something about a successful couple of Steemians who are now being called out for running ponzi schemes through YouTube and Steemit. Something I never would have found out about had I not decided that feed surfing and leaving my thoughts in the comments section of posts that actually engage my thought process.

Would it be more advantageous for me to just start posting my thousands of photos one at a time? It certainly would take less of my time but then there are those who dislike such content and would unfollow me for that.

No, as a noob, I think this is my best strategy going forward in an effort to gain rep and steem power in order to further reward the content I find in the future. We all have the same six and a half day window to have our content read, appraised, upvoted and hopefully create dialogue in the comments section. And there are many different strategies to playing this game to win.

I do see it is a game and yet I feel no pressure of competition. I remain aware of my place and those handful of true followers who both enjoy my thoughtful comments as well as some of my content when I choose to lay some down. But it's silly for me to think that pouring hours and weeks...even months...of my time not to mention the blood sweat and research involved in putting up decent content would do me any good at this time.

The main objective here is to have fun, first and foremost. The second is to learn new things and meet new people. Thirdly and no less important is to support the community...newbies, dolphins and whales alike.

L O frig'n L I just had a peek at how long this comment is. ~smiles~ Oh well I don't really get the TLDR tribe within the community and they'll certainly never take the time to get me so that's no skin offa my nose. };-)>

So, @steevc I'm curious...and this is not an attempt at getting a response from you...what kinda music does a self professed geeky guitarist like to play? I'll keep my eye out for guitar picks for you in my RL travels.

UVed/ RSed...hahaha...jk...or am I?


                      ~peace ✌️

Wow, this could be one of my longest comments! I just put this thought out there as I see some people re-steeming a lot and it may not help them much. We can each choose our own path here. Keep on having fun

This is what you inspired me to do @steevc and even if you are against all the resteeming going on, surely you don't think it's worse than spam. Or do you?

Happy to have run into your blog today! };-)>

EDIT: yeah I feel just terrible I misspelled your name in the title...I fixed it as soon as I realized the mistake but it seems the blockchain is none too forgiving. :-/

Well Steve is my actual name. I am not against re-steeeming and I do it myself. I do it to help some friends, but I don't want it to take over my feed.

I do understand Steve, and I certainly wouldn't hold it against anyone if they chose not to follow me because of my current propensity for resteeming. To each their long as they do no harm.


I messed up and replied to my first comment by mistake...and no I am not drinking nor am I high on drugs...just a curious minnow who likes to swim away from the learning curve and attention span is a testament to that. See below to the oldest comment in this thread. don't gotta do nuth'n ya don't wanna do. ~smiles~

I get that reaction a lot. Actually It's been mentioned to me more than a few times that some of my comments could stand alone as posts of my own.

So I've been thinking along those lines as I I've been enjoying the posts on your blog. I've decided to put those thoughts to action. I'll return here shortly with a shameless link of self promotion ~smiles~.

I hope you will take the time to see what I'm talking about. Of course you'll be given full credit for the inspiration...good, bad or indifferent. Certainly worth a shot! ✌️

Excellent comment mate!

I have no problem with people who I follow that re-steem a lot. Because, if I followed you then I already know that the content on your blog, be it your own posts or your re-steems, align with topics I'm interested in. Personally, I think I should thank these people even more because, by them re-steeming content, they help me discover content that I will most probably be interested in. Curators are very important and useful.

I resteem what I think is important for people to see. There's a pretty easy way to spot resteemed content:
With that said, I realize that a lot of the content I choose to resteem is a series of posts and that I can probably cut way down by only resteeming one of the posts (assuming the author will link to the other posts in the series).

Thanks for getting me to actually think about this @steevc I will keep this in mind going forward.

Thinking is allowed :)

Thinking is allowed

I try to limit, myself to three days a week or fewer, I'm lucky your post was made on one of those days. ;-)

I think my problem is the opposite. I think I resteem a reasonable amount, no more than 1 or 2 posts a day, and usually less. But I don't find enough time to post my own content, so my own stuff still gets buried in resteems on my profile page.

OTOH, I have unfollowed some people for flooding my feed with resteems, so yes, I do think it can be overused.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. i also think about it and why it should be necessary though i think resteeming isn't that necessary unless you find the post so interesting and you wanna voice out their post too

You make a great post here sir, I agree with you... Ironically, I think this post deserves a resteem! XD

LOL! I was afraid of that

I've seen users that do nothing but resteem memes

... such is the reality of all social networks. :-/

that is in fact not a bad idea, au contraire, being able to put a text above your resteem would be awesome!

I believe there are also some users who just don't know the usage of the re-steem button! You will find it mainly with the newcomers, maybe they have been so used to do it on FB , that's why!
In the beginning I was re-steeming quite some posts, then I stopped as my own posts were not getting noticed! Since then, no more re-steem at all and I even decline to participate in contest that force you to re-steem their post!
Now I have a very clean looking page where you can easily find my contents!

I considered doing the same, and have done so on other platforms. But I think the resteem-system is important to get the best posts around. Remember that they only have a week where they are active. The system would get constipation and the newly arrived user would have a much harder time.

I think it is an important part of a social network and other solutions should be considered. I linked to a proposal I made in a comment below.

or below, it would seem. Another thing which is bewildering to the newcomer is the way things jump around in the comments feed when you interact with them.

Big hugs

Yes, everything is moving around according to rewards here.

Just have fun man, like... whatever. If someone spams just unfollow.

I'm just putting this out there. Some may not even realise it's an issue

It's a shame when I want to follow somebody but their feed is 80% reposts. Its like, I didn't want all your favorite posts in my feed! I just want YOUR posts.

But like you said it's cool to resteem sometimes. I try to do it no more than once per day, and often don't do it at all for days at a time. A little resteeming adds variety to the feed and can be fun.

I find a lot of interesting new content that way... new users; well, new to me anyway... Different strokes for different folks..

It would be a nice feature if you could choose to see only the profiles own posts! Some people reshare great things some don't.

We need more options to filter the feed, e.g. exclude re-Steems. Ideally I'd like even more control, e.g. filter out certain tags. This may come in time

I think filtering out certain tags would actually be more useful than filtering out resteems. I personally find a lot of good contenf from resteems in my feed, mostly with people I'm not following. Sometimes I end up following them, sometimes not. It depends on what subjects they post about.

I'm not against re-steems, but with some accounts it's hard to see if they have posted anything themselves. I wouldn't follow accounts that only re-steem. More filters would be good

I concur with you @steevc

Yeah some people resteem way too much. You can barely even find their content because it's filled with resteems. A resteem here and there is OK but too much is annoying.

Totally agree, I've come to the point where I rarely resteem anymore. If I see a bunch of resteems in my feed from the same account, I'm likely to unfollow that person. It can be a bit much.

Totally agree man!! I've seen people who have really good posts but then they resteem like 30 posts a day!! Unfortunately they quickly get an unfollow from me :(

I think that resharing is a vital part of any social network. and in its best manifestations it is a way to heighten the quality and help profiles that need a bigger audience. It does have a lot of problems and I think that on Steemit the biggest problem is that it fills up our own blog, making it difficult for your audience to get an overview of what your own things is about.

I have considered what to do and I reblog quite a lot, with the intention to heighten the quality. It can be a big deal to a new profile. The reblogs from other users in my own stream are mostly interesting posts, so I don't feel bothered by it myself.

But if someone could come up with a method that prevented spamming, and let people choose to see your blog without all the reshares, that would be nice.

I wrote about it here:

New users may do it to fill their feed without realising they do not directly benefit from this. It has a place in discovering content and users, but needs to be used with care.

I immediately wrote a proposal for a webdesign that might help:

The reshare is in many ways a unique thing on the Steemit platform as it is one of the few things that does not promote egocentrism, so I think that it is a very interesting thing that the webdevelopers should consider tweek some more.

I only resteem if it's something I find really intriguing...or something that I wish I had posted myself.