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Basically, my friends are really popular and I want to be too I try to hang out with them but I get rejected and feel unwanted and there's this other girl who thinks we r best friends but she is really mean to other people except me I want to be popular but all the boys like all the girls except me how can I fit in. I know they like me because the most popular girls text me and we r good friends but at school I don't know where to stand or what to do to be "cool" HELP PLEASE I really want to be popular and my best friend is and she wants me to be popular I just don't know how HELP.....!!!!


I think been popular isn't so important as been a kind person. And you don't have to be good looking. But to youth it seems important.
What makes a person popular is been an interesting confident person. That means knowing your own worth without boasting.
Don't do all the talking and `hold the floor'. Be a good listener, and give honest praise to those who have talented skills. That mean observing what they do, for something you can give praise on. People appreciate your interest in them.

Don't talk on and on, or be boring. Know what you're talking about and make it interesting, without been a `know it all, clever Dick'.
Been interesting, is doing fascinating things that others would like to do. All the while set good behaviour examples. And saying things no one else knows about or have heard before.
Like a newspaper, first give it a headline before you start, so people know what to expect. Express it with enthusiasm, and tell it somewhat like it was a story. Add interesting facts or leave the punchline till last.
And people will think you a show-off if you speak too long. Keep what you have to say as short as possible. Remember fame isn't all about you!

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