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RE: Annoucing Steem Hardfork 18; Keep Up with Latest Updates & Features of Version 0.18.1 [Infographics]

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Not sure why you got to flag me @engagement, if there is any mistake do let me know, in order for me to correct it. I'm not a Steemit Expert but intend to write content that helps educate other individuals, feel like I fucked up big time!


@thecyclist, thanks for the flag guys! 21 year old deserves it, will refrain from posting any Post about Updates now! Have been long enough on Steemit to know what's going on! all I can say there are some who are at your mercy because they are Good content curator, are likely not against your Steemit Agenda. Maybe this was to reduce my Rewards, but i'm hardly making much for Content that really helps educate other about Steemit.

Really don't know why i'm being flag, please let me know so i can rest in peace :)

How to kill Steemit

You can't hardfork idiots

My commiserations, @steemitguide
More than anything else, these whimsical flaggers or bots gone amok will kill @Steemit

Pray, @steemit community does this post require a downvote?

Of course, there may be some errors but, these could be pointed out in the comments section.

@smooth, don't understand why you have to flag me? 3 flags and no explanation. You guys just killed my rewards, thanks guys! appreciate it. knowing you guys are after me, makes me want to leave Steemit ! at least give an explanation. This is content about Steemit only! i know some authors that write about cryptocurrency & art, however they aren't target of your flags. Give me a chance to succeed somewhere in life! been here for already 9 months, earned a total of 1.5 K for all content I made. Obviously most of it is my Steemit Account now. I don't have much to begin with, and i only write content about Steemit. This is not my first flag, i have no idea why i'm being flag.... give me chance. Everyone writing about stuff they like, i'm just trying to learn more about Steemit and to pass my knowledge down. I took @nigelmarkdias survey, disapprove of mass flagging, they can just turn into a Cheetah bot, that seems for me to be Working! Sucks to be Whale investing big money into this platform...

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