Steemit do good payments, but can it be even better?

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Yes, it can. For more then a year i was living from my trading income and now with steemit everything will be even better. Trading isn't luck based, is mathematical! With a few simple steps you can make good trades.

Why trading?

If i didn't got you just by saying it can make steem even better but at least got you curious , let me explain. When looking to a chart, you will search some patterns and ONLY enter in a transaction AFTER confirmation of the new trend, this will avoid loses and it's very simple to confirm in a chart.

I know most of steemiters don't like the idea of selling steem/steemdollars but the idea is to make it temporary. As any company/investment/work, steem will need time to growth, and sometimes the price will go down, and if that happens, you will sell your steem/SBC! And when we see a trend reversal we will buy it again cheaper. So, how to find a trend reversal? Using a few patterns.

"But i don’t like charts, what can i do?"

Trading isn't limited to charts, there are fundamentals too. After some time “playing” in the Market you will learn how it Works and how to find good opportunities, like an update of a coin(buy) or a hack attempt(sell – cof..ETH.. cof..)
A good place to read about the news is(will be..) my own page here in steemit(from now on i’ll be more active posting about the crypto world), or at bitcointalk forum(just dont belive in everything you see there).

Control yourself

That’s the most important topic. We will find good opportunities every day, but we will see false entries too. So calm down and only buy/sell after the confirmation of a pattern/ breaking of a trendline with a specific candle.

Stay tuned for my next tips, will bring more about techniques to find those patterns(like price action), support and resistance, how to avoid false breakouts and hot News about crypto world!

Best regards,

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Looking forward to seeing more of your analysis.

Can't wait to see more about price action and other techniques

thank you! tomorrow i'll bring some more.

I totally love the concept of trading. And I also agree that in any market there will be ups and downs, which is inevitable. In this times we can all make some decent money.