Steemit Update [ September 18th, 2023 ] : Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 12 - Week 3

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This week we move on to Week 3 of Season 12 of the Steemit Engagement Challenge..

There are seven more contests from the Engagement Challenge Communities.

Make sure you enter as many of the contests as you can, and vote and comment on other entries, to be in with a chance of winning the prize votes from @steemcurator01.

Steemit Engagement Challenge Contests

Here are the contests for Week 3 of Season 12 of the Engagement Challenge…

These contests will run from today until 11.59pm UTC, on Sunday, September 24th, 2023.

To have the best chance of winning in the Steemit Engagement Challenge you should enter as many of the contests as possible - but you can only enter one contest each day.

For your entries to count in the Challenge you need to receive at least 10 upvotes and at least 5 relevant and proper comments - so encourage all your friends and fellow community members to vote and comment on your posts!

You must be in #club5050, #club75 or #club100 to take part in the Challenge.

Make sure you also carefully check the rules of each individual contest.

Steemit Engagement Challenge Rewards

The Challenge communities must ensure they promptly check and comment on all contest entries. The minimum they should check for are #club status, Steem exclusivity, plagiarism and bot use.

To help @steemcurator01 and @steemcurato02 curate the contest posts more effectively we are looking for community Mods to use a clear, simple and easy to read comment format.

Communities are free to design their own comment formats but it is ideal if all Mods in a particular community use a common, standard format.

At the end of each weekly contest all seven Challenge communities should make a post on their community account announcing the three people who have demonstrated the most engagement in their weekly contest both through the quality of their contest post and the quantity and quality of their comments on other people’s contest posts.

We will leave it to each community to decide how they select their weekly winners, but they should include in their announcement posts a brief summary of their selection process.

All the Season 12 weekly winners, as well as the community announcement posts, will receive extra prize votes from @steemcurator01.

We hope you are all enjoying taking part in Season 12 of the Steemit Engagement Challenge.

Look out for more news about the Challenge on @steemitblog and in the selected communities.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


again interesting contest topic by different communities for steem engagement challenge of season ... will surely season 13 week 3... thankyou #steemit for engaging us for such challenges so that we can share our reviews with all.

Thanks for the update #steemit blog. I was waiting for this update.

I'm thrilled about the latest Steemit update! The Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 12 promises to bring even more excitement and interaction to our community. Let's all participate and make this season unforgettable by engaging with our fellow Steemians and creating valuable connections. #SteemitUpdate #CommunityEngagement 🚀👏
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Here we go another interesting week wish everyone best of luck in this weeks engagement cheers.

Could you tell me the reason Steemit does not work stably?
What is the reason for this and when will the shortcomings be eliminated?
This is the first time in the 7 years of operation of the platform that such a situation has arisen.

Definitely not the first time that such a situation has arisen over the years, if your still looking for an answer hive-180821 from what I can understand there was a strange code coming in from the APIs, this was noticed and so it's likely someone was trying to hack into Steemit, it usually seems to take the team a long time to get things running normally again, hope that sheds some light into the situation even if it's days late.

Thank you very much for your answer. That's exactly what I thought. It's good that the Steemit team pays attention safely.

Thanks for the update!

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