A Milestone Achieved By Steemexchanger With A heart Of Gratitude To Our Supporters

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It's been 26 long days since we launched this great platform steemexchanger.ng; a site that allows steemians convert their sbd to naira, recharge their mobile lines and purchase steem with local currency (naira) for power up... steemexchanger.ng has had some great special persons that has supported its vision in different ways and at different times. We want to use this medium to appreciate these few individuals who have greatly impacted steemexchanger.ng in the little way they can out of their busy schedule. it's our great pleasure to bring to public notice the identities of these persons and thank them specially for their support.

Teamsteem @teamsteem:

His name is Guillaume Cardinal aka @teamsteem. He is a French Canadian Steemian who is also a witness. he has given us his support from the very first day this project came to existence, he has advised us and given us detailed steps to take to ensure acceptance into the platform. He accepted us when no one else had even heard of steemexchanger.ng and believed in our vision. He trusted that we are capable of delivering a service that has and will continue to bring in more investors to the steemit community, for this we are very grateful .

Ausbitbank @ausbitbank:

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He is also a witness that has supported the vision behind steemexchanger.ng, he has helped increase the visibility of our posts and given us a chance to a larger audience. He is a Witness, Father, Developer, Psychonaut Trader, Researcher, Curator and we've always had his genuine support and for that we are overly grateful.

Lukestokes @lukestokes:

He is also a witness that has supported our vision in his own special way. Luke Stokes is a father, husband, business owner, programmer, STEEM witness, and voluntaryist who wants to help create a world we all want to live in.

Aggreod @aggreod:

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Special thanks to you for your kind words of encouragement and support of which have made us strive to be better and stronger to accommodate more transactions. We also want thank you for giving us the opportunity to feature in the MSP-WAVES on this date 2/11/18.


Fisteganos @fisteganos:

He is a very active Nigerian curator in charge of @onequality. He has given us advice on serveral occasions on how the service could get better,and he has also been using the platform because he believes in us. He has also helped us with visibility and we are grateful for the earnest support he has given us so far.

Ejemai @ejemai/ @stach

He is a mentor, a very active Nigerian curator in charge of Steem Accelerator Hub @stach. He has given us advice on serveral occasions on how the service could get better. He has also helped us with visibility and we are grateful for the earnest support he has given us so far. He has been doing a lot of great things for the steemit community in Nigeria.

Ehiboss @ehiboss:

He is a Nigerian curator who believes in our project and has given us reasons to work harder and improve on our services, he uses the steemexchanger.ng for his trades and has helped us by his steady evangelism of steemexchanger.ng and for this we are overly grateful.

Eturnerx @eturnerx:

Photo Unavailable

He is one of the few international steemian that has actually used steemexchanger.ng, he has a kind heart and holds the Nigerian community close to his heart, he has steadily strived to help the Nigerian community in ways he can and we are overly grateful

Nairadaddy @nairadaddy

He is a kindhearted user who believes in our project. He uses the steemexchanger.ng for his trades and has helped us by his steady evangelism of steemexchanger.ng and for this we are overly grateful.

We appreciate everyone that is supporting and will continue to support this project in one way or the other. We obviously can't mention the name of everyone now but subsequently we hope to appreciate you all as time goes on. Your support has been very warm and motivates us to keep achieveing our lofty goal of enlisting Africa in the steem blockchain.

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This is amazing!! I look forward to more announcements like this!! One of the biggest problems with STEEM is its limited limited number of exchanges, with something like 80% of volume from a Korean exchange. The more doors in we can get the better! Thanks for the post!!

Great work guy! This project is one of the most exciting I've seen!


Thanks for the support!!!

I registered into the platform few days ago, but unfortunately, it didn't respond for an intended transaction about two days ago, but I received an alert from SteemX claiming that I can now perform my transaction(s).
Perhaps, I'll give it a trial on my next transaction(s) with the hope that it serves my well.
Question: Is there a 100% guarantee of all time successful transaction? But if otherwise in an exceptional situation, is there any customer care line to contact?


Transactions are 100% guaranteed and you can create a support ticket from the site. Users satisfaction is our priority. Thanks!!!

Awesome work!! Keep it up!!

That is great news. It still amazes me what people are doing on here with the steem blockchain. I sometimes have a hard time wraping my head around it. Thank you all for everything you do.


We hope to do more. Thanks

Great accomplishments - cool to see utility function of SBD in recharging mobile phones!


We hope to do more, thanks!!!

Awesome guys I have just send this post to a friend of mine in Nigeria. I am trying to get him for a long time on steemit so I hope this post will do it's magic and he will join soon.
Have a nice day LOVE&LIGHT :)))


We hope to see him soon, thanks.

No doubt it was a great project I try using the phatform to exchange some amount of sbd to naria account it was a smooth success thanks for such avenue @steemexchanger


Glad you liked he service, thanks for the feedback.

Good job on this project. The site seems to get better by ever passing day.

I like the fact that customers are always updated on recent events. I have gotten a couple of SMS which made me feel important...

Good job guys


We are here to serve you better. We appreciate your feedback.

Great work, everyone! Projects like this which bring cryptocurrency to the unbanked is why I've been passionate about this space improving the world since early 2013. I'll resteem this to further spread the word about the work you're doing.


Thanks for believing in us!!!

I am personally very happy with this development that I had to write the way I feel. Here is part of the article.
I found steemexchanger here on steemit and I decided to give them a try. Now I wasn't too sure about how they work so head over to https://steemexchanger.ng and registered. I found the user interface very simple which is good for people who don't know their way around the internet or a payment system. I followed the instructions on the website on how to deposit SBD or STEEM into the wallet and how to convert it into my local currency. I did that and I got my money exchanged into my local currency.
the rest is at this link.

Please it should be better you work on the exchanger like steemconnect but the transaction will only require memo or keys and I just made a transfer without the memo I don't know and my steemexchanger account have not be updated I need you guys to look into this issue please thank you

Can we buy steem and sbd from you too with Naira?

This is awesome, I have one word for you..bravo

Awesome Project. I am a witness of its quality service. Keep growing

great job!!! but a question please..... is the exchange covers all local bank in Nigeria or is only Gtbank?

Wau, wau, wau!
Big up folks! This is huge. How I wish it could come to Rwanda today