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The Stats are in

Hello Again everyone! The stats have come in and here is what our community has achieved:

  • Over 150 Unique users have signed up
  • Over 100 SBD in votes have been exchanged by the community
  • Over 500 followers have been gained by our members


New to Steem Engine? It's easy as 1-2-3!

1. Sign up to SteemEngine at

2. Link your Steem account through the website.

This is required so you can vote and follow other users. Use your private posting key, we don't need or want your Active Key! Your private posting key can be found on Steemit:
Steemit -> Wallet -> Permissions -> Show Private key (Posting)

3. Click on Vote or Follow - and begin earning points!

  • The more users you follow the more followers you will get in return
  • The more high quality articles you vote for the more SBD you will earn through votes
  • Make sure to report posts that are spam

Questions or comments?

Please leave your feedback here or join our discord!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Bin dabei

Great stuff ok so check out my posts on steem, btc, xrp etc and we will ride the cryptocurrency rocket to the moon ;)P Also I'm trying to build up my blog and resteem thanks guys and happy new years 2018!!!

gute idee

Its not working 4 me or is there any other settings steem acc @nyein0012

Excellent upvote system.

Great idea

It's a very nice idea

@enharius check this out!

Good plan...😉👍

With that in's my referral link to it hahahah

Gran idea!! Gracias!

thanks for sharing dear

waiting for results to follow.

buenos dias tengo una duda este sistema de SteemEngine trata es de puro dar votos y seguir y ganas $ por eso????



Nice project, do you have an post explaining more about the project?

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