The Best 10 Steemit Tools You Can Use to Grow Faster

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I created this account a few weeks ago and I didn't post everyday but now I started to be more concerned about the quality than the quantity of my posts.

In order to improve my activity and to increase my growth on steemit I started to use several tools which I want to share with you. is probably the most complete tool on the market with the most features. I'm using to see the how much I miss to the next level of reputation and to the the earning distribution for each post. is another tool I'm using to see which is the current voting power, how much my vote values. It also has a nice calculator to see how much voting power you would have for a specific steem power.


Steem.Supply gives you the best information about the rewards your are getting and the times when they are supposed to be released. is another tool displaying a feed with the latest actions related to an account. However, the best information is the one in the sidebar. You can see the voting weight, power along with all the other parameters associated to an account.


SteemDB is to some extent similar to


You can use Steem.Cool to find out the most important parameters of a steem account: Reputation, Vested Power and Voting Power

Steem Most Valuable Player is one of the most valuable tools when you want to grow your account, because it allows you to discover which are the users which contributed the most to your reputation.

Steem Followers by makerwannabe

This tool can be used to see how many followers you gained everyday.

Steem Dead Followers

Steem Dead Followers can be really useful if you want to see how many active followers you really have.

If you want to see which are the top whales on steemit you can see it here:

Use to see which whales are powering down and how big is their payout. Some numbers could blow your mind...

It's getting harder and harder to get upvoted by a whale. is trying to show when is the best moment to post and when whales are around, in order to catch a whale upvote. provides a few reports which are really useful(via @steevc post):

  • Top Voters - displays who is voting most for your content, and which of your articles are most popular.
  • Votes Graphs - Investigate voting activity within your networks, and discover self-voters.
  • Transfers Graphs - Investigate Steem currency transfers, and follow the money through related accounts.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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im a newbies in steemit thank you so much for this great informative post:)
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thanks for putting the most interesting in a post :)

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thanks for the summary,great to have them in one post

Very nice, I like it
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So many in one place, definitely useful.

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I've been using all of these tools except for catch a whale and steem cool.
I'll start using them and see if it makes any difference to the popularity of my posts haha.
Thanks a lot for helping our new people and myself @steem-buzz

Great informations !

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Really great and usefull information :0)
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great info, thank you

Great overview! Thanks

Great post. I think i will use the Steem Dead followers and SteemStats 1st. I want to take my time to learning each though.

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Cool!!! This is very important tool
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