GOOD NEWS FOR STEEMERS! Self-Employed People Happier and More Engaged at Work, 5,000 Person Study Finds

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Self-employed people are happier and more engaged in their work than those in any other profession, according to a new scientific study of 5,000 workers.

A new scientific study found that although often working longer days and having less "job security," self-employed people were happier with more freedom and control over their work life.

Researchers analyzed data collected from workers across a number of industries including retail, IT, health, finance, and education.

The study further examined employees across four job grades: non-managerial workers, middle managers, supervisors, and senior managers, and directors.

The self-employed people who took part in the study worked in a range of industries, including management, education, financial services, retail, insurance, and real estate.

The study reported that workers in companies with non-managerial jobs had the lowest levels of satisfaction and engagement. Researchers recorded that both satisfaction and engagement improved with each increase in job grade.

Personal Note

I think a lot of self-selection would be involved in a study like this. It is possible the people who are happier working longer hours for themselves are more likely to be self-employed. Generally speaking, it takes a certain kind of person to become an entrepreneur. There are people who don't even want to work for themselves, quite obviously. I'm still unsure about the accuracy of this statement.

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I think its only natural that we would put our effort into doing something that we are interested in. The majority of people who are self-employed were doing something that they were interested in. Take it gamers and Twitch streamers for example. To keep up the endurance, without passion, we can't just do it. People who are being employed by companies or institution have to comply with specific rules or they can get fired so some of the things that we have to do might not really what we would like doing.

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