The 5 Filters of Mass Media Manipulation - What's with Social Media and Steemit?

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Just came across Noam Chomsky illustrating how the mass media doesn't actually encourage discussion, but rather form consensus without us realizing or able to change anything...

Here is the video if you want to check it out: On YouTube

What about social media and Steemit?

I know Steemit is far away from being a manipulatable mass media machine, but still is there an option?

What if whales on Steemit one day become part of what Chomsky calls Media Elite? Whales in our Steemir world are able to sometimes decide if you earn $100 with a single like. This decides whether Steemians all around give their attention to a single post.

Steemit Engagement blessing and curse

Even if the reach of Steemit is little the top posts in the Treding section gets a decent amunt of engagement and attention! The average attention and engagement for small dollar post is very low, but highly upvoted ones get a loooooot.

One question left

Then there is only one final question left. What is with other social media platforms? Is it the same as always that a few (social) media outlets have all the control even in our digital world?

I guess for Steemit, the best and most used Front End will finally decide!!!

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