SEED is Mooning: I Told You, Did You Listen?

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SEED is Mooning: I Told You, Did You Listen?

Hello there,

So, throughout my posts in the past you probably spot this on my signature:

Well, that was promoting the project, because I knew it would be great.

Now that the game is launched, the token is mooning, of course, and those who got it through the airdrop can see some really cool profits!

It has been going up consistently, and I see no reason for it to stop.

But why?

Here's why it isn't too late to grab a slice.

People Are Building Their Farms:

With the game launched, even those who just sign up for the game and have no SEED whatsoever are getting 12 fields they can sow.

They need SEED for it, of course, so if they want to earn by playing they need to get some SEED to plant.

This means that as the game just recently launched, the whole playerbase is going to stock up on SEED, buying a lot of it and pumping up the price.

This is one of the reasons that'll take the price up, and one of the reasons on why it's the token rising faster in my whole portfolio.

It's As Early As Can Be:

Another reason for the price surge is that the game is still launching and it is still being translated.

So far, it's only half way towards the english version, but you can play it already - the main things appear in English, but there are still a lot of text banners in Chinese.

Being there early is really paying out to those who signed up under me, and those sign ups also gave me free tokens I can now use to grow my farm and get even more SEED.

Tokenization Strikes Again:

Society is becoming tokenized, and it's only a matter of time until more and more activities get tokenized, being these activities professional or leisure.

Even simple games will have meaningful rewards, because people care about these games and those who add value to this sphere are adding value to society - hence getting meaningful rewards.

Steem rewards you for blogging, Seed for playing this farm game, Sweat by working out, and more tokens will follow.

In Conclusion

Just wanted to leave everyone who signed up under me an alert for them to check their tokens' price.

It's going up and I'm glad if you got a good airdrop phase, because now they're starting to really pump.

Cheers and thank you!

Gifts: Anonymous Donor - 5 SBD | @foxyspirit - 3 SBD
Have to Cash Out: 51 SBD
Cashed Out: 1260 USD
Total Wedding Cost: 20,000 USD

Still Missing: 18,740 USD

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Yay, I haven't checked the price since the day I noticed it was in my Bitshares wallet! Thanks for the heads up!


Hope you got tons :D

I Told You, Did You Listen? yes but a did not jump on. :( to many boats out there


Hehehe. It's easy to get lost in the middle of so many coins I know.

Thanks for the update. I would have missed it otherwise. I should go check how many Seed I collected during the airdrop...


Over 2500 here :D

I haven't even played yet! I signed up under you, I should really check it out.
Thanks for the reminder ♡


No problem!

"Society is becoming tokenized" ... yes indeed!
Is this a dangerous development?


No it's not, at least in my opinion.... It's the best thing that happened to everyone but the gatekeepers (middlemen like notaries and etc....)

I have downloaded the game, and after some trouble managed to transfer 20 of my seeds to the game. I can't however seem to plant them, which is unfortunate. Got any tips? Should I actually play the game, or just hodl?


No Idea, I've been holding mine until the whole thing gets translated... So far there's too much chinese for me to make an informed investment.


Ah good call, that would indeed help a lot haha. Thanks!

It's nice to see that the sees that you've sown in the past, are starting to come to fruition. Now you can enjoy both worms ( I'm referring to your other recent post) and growing plants.

C ya around buddy! :>)


Smart commenting! Indeed, I'll see you around, although Coimbra is north from where I'm at already.


I'm aware of that
But no worries, I plan to be around (here) for a while ;>)