Recruiting Blockchain Soldiers: Make STEEM a Better Place!

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Today I'm going to spread awareness on multiple ways you can fight for STEEM.

We are all in STEEM together, and we benefit from the growth of the blockchain, so I believe everyone should be invested in improving this platform.

Having that said, there are ways to help the blockchain, improve its health, improve steem price, improve brand awareness etc...

Throughout this post I'll be sharing the easiest ways for you to help Steem.

If you want to help the platform, this is the post to read.

(A Post with even more effective ways, but HARDER ways, will be done in a couple of days, this post is for everyone and anyone to help the blockchain if he/she so wishes).

Improve STEEM's Visibility: My Expert Rundown!

As some of you know, I make my living through mainstream blogging.

That is partially the reason for my growth speed here. With that career choice came a LOT of SEO research and background.

SEO is the art of getting on top of the Google searches.

Getting STEEM to top the most amount of searches is the sureshot way to increase its visibility, but how would you do it?

Well, here is how you can do it yourself:

Pre-Post: Research!

When you think about creating a post on something, visit a site called:

Type your topic on the search bar and the site will instantly show you questions, prepositions and sentences that people "Google" for.

Use those terms on your piece.

While Writing: SEO Pointers

To ensure your article has the best chance to rank on Google, here are a few pointers:

  • Make the Article 1000-2500 words in lenght (not too short, not too long)
  • Ensure your title and first paragraph have the sentence or question you chose to focus your article on.
  • Use at least one image, but one image per each 300 words is the best choice.
  • Don't quote and don't copy / paste, as duplicate content will halve your chances of getting ranked.

After Writing: Link and Share

After writing, share your article on your social media, and if you have any blog or site, link to it. This will add "power" to the steemit root domain, and therefore boost visibility of the steemit inc. frontend and of the blockchain by proximity.

This is one way you can help, but there are many more, the next one being the easiest.

Burn STEEM: Introducing Burn Post - What Does It Do?

Another very easy way to help those who hold STEEM and the STEEM token's price is to burn Steem.

Burning Steem will take tokens out of circulation, decreasing the supply.

By decreasing the supply, you're not only valuing the tokens that exist because of the law of supply and demand, you're also kind of countering inflation, at least in practice since it will happen anyway.

If there are 10 tokens in existence, and you burn one, the other 9 will be more valuable. This is the same principle here.

It's the same reason "rare" stuff is more valuable than "common".

How do you burn steem?

Send it to @null or access @burnpost where you can find the latest "BURN POST" and vote on it - the rewards will be burned and therefore supply gets reduced.

NOTE: There are people on the blockchain with millions in SP, and some with tens of thousands too. Having said that, most of you can only afford to burn a few couple of steem.

The effects are minimal, but every token destroyed reduces supply. Now, some think that is good, others don't, this can be the most debatable tip.

However, it seems like a good thing to me, so I'm sharing it. (Would be good if whales would do some work on this end)

Vote for Witnesses Who Care:

This one can require a bit of "study" time, since there are hundreds of people on the blockchain who still don't understand what witnesses do.

Well, when you do know what they do, try to vote for witnesses who care.

For instances, a good proof that the witnesses care is if they are running full nodes.

@berniesanders recently wrote about this, and @yabapmatt added to the discussion.

Here is @berniesanders post:

Here's what @yabapmatt added, a suggestion I also don't oppose:

Of course, being involved in projects that benefit the blockchain is a plus, but you cannot forget that "tech stuff" is vital here, as their job is to guarantee stability and support the whole chain.

Sometimes I find posts telling people how to choose witnesses and specs, servers and variables like that are never mentioned, which is wrong.

Network Online and Offline:

Steem is all about networking, since we all depend on each other, but it has one major flaw:

  • Most people get in to make money, not to engage or read.

Having said that, engagement is low, and the place is full of writers and doesn't have enough readers and commenters.

Try to add engagement to the platform, the more engagement the platform has, the more compelled others get to participate as well.

On the other hand, networking offline is important too - and this brings the "invites" to the table.

Invite people to join Steem, offer people an initial delegation if need be to help them get started. Get your offline network to expand into STEEM.

The upcoming Hardfork will simplify the sign-up process so good news for newcomers.

Inviting people will be much easier after this "update".

Start Good Initiatives:

This is an "addendum" of sorts since I don't know whether this qualifies as easy, but it isn't hard either if you have an idea.

If you think about something that can help improve the blockchain, implement it.

If you don't have the means to do it but you're confident it will improve the STEEM ecosystem, find someone who does have the means.

There are a lot of people with good sized stakes, vast influence and good work ethics who have a big heart and can help implement new projects.

@FullTimeGeek is one of these guys, and @davemccoy is living proof of it. Dave is a relative newbie who came here with nothing and made an impact by building projects he believed would help the blockchain.

@fulltimegeek helped him out as he saw value in Dave's ideas.

If you have an idea, go forward with it, the blockchain will thank you - it thanked Dave generously.

In Conclusion:

These are ways in which you can help the blockchain with minimal and even no work.

You don't need to be that knowledgeable either.

Opt for voting for good witnesses, burn steem, get STEEM to top Google on lots of keywords, get new people in, comment on a daily basis, don't let your Voting Power sit idle by...

...and for those who feel the need to help further, stay tuned for the next post where I'll discuss ways to help the blockchain for those who aren't afraid to work.


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I think engagement should be the number one priority on steemit right now if the so called investors want the system to succeed. Getting a post on google search great, but then what happens when someone actually clicks to go see the post, they see a lot of votes, a dollar amount, and maybe one or two comments. Steemit needs it content creators to go out and comment on post from the people that comment on theirs. At least go out and make a comment on two or three people that left a decent comment. Then when someone finds a post from steemit on their search they are not only going to see the votes, the dollars but also that people liked the post enough to leave a comment.

I found your post because Dave resteemed it, I thought it was a well done one and this is what people need to do, engage, leave a comment.


I highly agree Bashadow, nice to see you around!

Hey Max! Good to see you and happy to see such a great post! And I saw that you made a comment on @friendsofgondor and of course we are still voting you! You are a Steward of Gondor member and hand selected by @fulltimegeek! That is something that hopefully will never go away and as long as there is SP in that account it will upvote you!

This is a very good post and filled with lots of useful information! And I am resteeming it so that others hopefully get this message too!

Good to see you again and hope to see more of you as time goes by :D


Thanks Dave, for the resteem and for being a good case study for this post :D

Welcome back! :) Will you stay for long?

And nice choice of a time to come back on Steem Social Media Blast Day :D

I'll take your advice into account when making new posts. Especially the SEO tips!


Im here for a couple more months I guess.... until I burn out again? Hehehehe

Back to steemrolling those comments.


Glad to see you've recovered... and don't burn out.. its a long game! :D


Plus, had to work overtime to prepare for the wedding :) Now things are less chaotic. I dont burn out easilly, but a wedding is expensive man... was surprised to see how much it costs :P


Ohhh yes I know... Glad my 2 were many years ago... Don't want to go through another one again! Glad to see you made it through it though :P

This is my first time reading your post, and boy did I pick a good one to read. You mentioned that you make a living blogging and it really shows in your end product. I appreciate the knowledge you shared about SEOs. I will try it out on my next couple of posts.


Cool, thanks for stopping by...

Does burning STEEM really make a huge difference if the large stakeholders aren't doing it? If only the smaller accounts do it, then it seems like it only makes the holdings of the wealthy more valuable?


Well, that's what I said whales would have to be on board.... but some of them are, check burnpost... good point.

As a serious blogger since 2008 I really can appreciate this post. Just excellent tips.

Iam bookarking this. Not only that Iam making you a dolphin.gif

What is DSI ( Dolphin Support Intiative ? Check it out HERE


Checking what the initiative is all about now. Thanks

These are some pro tips. I will be very interested in trying out the site to make my blogs more insightful by seeing what people search for in relation to my subject. Thx!